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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 16, No. 1
March, 1938
At 2:15 P. M., February 13, 1938

Page 128

The President, Robert L. Williams, called the meeting to order in the auditorium of the Oklahoma Historical Building at 2:15 p. m., February 13, 1938. The following members of the Board of Directors were present: Judge Robert L. Williams, President; Dr. Emma Estill-Harbour, Vice-President; Judge Thomas H. Doyle, President Emeritus; Mrs. Jessie R. Moore, Treasurer; Gov. E. W. Marland, ExOfficio member of the board, Gen. Charles F. Barrett, Judge Harry Campbell, Judge Robert A. Hefner, Mrs. Frank Korn, Mrs. Blanche Lucas, Judge William P. Thompson, Judge Baxter Taylor, and Mrs. John R. Williams. A large number of members of the society and visitors also were present.

As a fitting prelude to the meeting, floral offerings were dropped in front of the Historical Building by the Southwestern Aviators Association in memorial flight under the leadership of Lieut. Jerry B. Sass. On calling the meeting to order, the President presented the Indian Glee club from Mountain View, Oklahoma, who sang "America" after which the invocation was given by Dr. W. R. White, Pastor of the First Baptist Church at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The President then introduced Mr. Moss Patterson, President of the Oklahoma Transportation Company, as chairman of the committee, to unveil and present the busts of the late Will Rogers and Wiley Post. He, accordingly, as the representative of Mr. Frank Phillips of Bartlesville, Oklahoma, the donor, unveiled same. He, referring to Mr. Herbert Adams, the sculptor, who was selected by a committee, approved by the donor and the immediate surviving relatives, also presented and introduced to the Society and audience Mrs. Mae Post and Mrs. W. F. Post, wife and mother of Wiley Post, explaining that Mrs. Sally McSpadden, of Chelsea, Oklahoma, sister of Will Rogers, could not be present on account of serious illness, and also read a telegram from Mrs. Will Rogers commending the thoughtfulness and beneficence of Mr. Phillips. Mr. Patterson stated that Mr. Phillips had requested that his name be kept in the background in these proceedings. The committee members, Mrs. Sally McSpadden, Mrs. Mae Post, Mrs. Will Rogers, Jerry B. Sass, Billy Parker, and James W. Moffitt, Secretary of the Oklahoma Historical Society, as well as the Society, were thanked for their cooperation.

Mr. George Hunt, of Mountain View, Oklahoma, a member of the Kiowa Tribe of Indians, in a brief address, expressed appreciation for the acts of kindness of Will Rogers and Wiley Post toward the Indians of Western Oklahoma.

The President again presented the Indian Glee club, accompanied by Mr. Hunt. The club, after singing, retired in order to catch a bus to return to their homes that afternoon; the President having thanked them and Mr. Hunt on behalf of the Society for their attendance and singing, and the interpretation by the young woman (Miss Lutie Goombi, the granddaughter of Millie Durgan) of the words of the songs in the Kiowa language, an outstanding feature of the program.

The President then introduced Governor E. W. Marland who made an address and accepted the busts on the part of the state. "War-like nations honor their war dead, their war heroes," he said. "But Americans are

Page 129

lovers of peace, and we are gathered here today to honor our peace-time heroes, Will Rogers and Wiley Post."

The President then presented Judge Thomas H. Doyle, President Emeritus, who on behalf of the Society, thanked Mr. Phillips and gave an address appropriate to the occasion.1

The President then presented the Hon. Monroe Osborn, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Oklahoma, a citizen of Garvin County, the place of residence of Wiley Post, who expressed appreciation of the thoughtfulness and beneficence of the modest donor. He also paid tribute to Wiley Post and Will Rogers as pioneers who as great heroes coined the splendid traditions of great heroes. In closing he acknowledged the debt of future ages to them.

The President, on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society, accepted the custody of the two busts with the assurance they would be properly and appropriately placed in the Historical Society and carefully and faithfully preserved. He went on to say that it was the mandatory duty of the Historical Society to preserve busts, paintings, and records to perpetuate the achievements of the departed great. He requested the cooperation of the people of the state by joining as members of the Society and otherwise to cooperate in this laudable work. He also expressed the appreciation of the Board of Directors of the Society to the donor and the committee and thanks to the audience for their presence.

The benediction was then given by Alva R. Hutchinson, Pastor of the Epworth Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Oklahoma City. The meeting then stood adjourned.


JAMES W. MOFFITT, Secretary.

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