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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 16, No. 1
March, 1938

Page 125

January 27, 1938.

The regular first quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society convened in the Historical building, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, January 27, 1938, at 10:00 A. M., with Judge Thomas H. Doyle, President, presiding.

The Secretary called the roll which showed the following members present: Gen. Charles F. Barrett, Judge Harry Campbell, Judge Thomas H. Doyle, Judge Thomas A. Edwards, Mr. George H. Evans, Dr. Grant Foreman, Dr. Emma Estill-Harbour, Judge Samuel W. Hayes, Judge Robert A. Hefner, Gen. William S. Key, Mrs. Frank Korn, Col. A. N. Leecraft, Mrs. Blanche Lucas, Mr. John B. Meserve, Mrs. Jessie E. Moore, Mr. Jasper Sipes, Judge Baxter Taylor, Dr. Joseph B. Thoburn, Judge William P. Thompson, Mrs. John R. Williams, Judge R. L. Williams and James W. Moffitt, the Secretary.

The following members had reported their inability to attend: Dr. E. E. Dale, Mrs. Roberta C. Lawson and Mr. W. J. Peterson.

The Secretary presented the minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors, held October 28, 1937, and upon motion of Judge R. L. Williams the reading of the minutes was dispensed with, since they were printed in the December, 1937, number of The Chronicles of Oklahoma.

Mrs. Jessie R. Moore, Treasurer, read her report for the fourth quarter, also her annual report of the finances of the Society, which the President ordered received and filed.

Judge R. L. Williams reported that the Robert M. Jones cemetery project had been completed, and that the cornerstone would be laid and dedicated on April 26, 1938; and moved that the money authorized for the purchase of a copper plaque be used either for a copper plaque or marble stone. Motion was seconded and carried.

Judge R. L. Williams reported that the Sequoyah project had been completed with the exception of landscaping the grounds.

Col. A. N. Leecraft moved that $175.00 of the extra help funds be set aside and authorized for payment for an experienced person or a horticulturist to supervise the planting of shrubs, bushes and trees, and necessary landscaping in the Sequoyah Home Park. Motion was seconded and carried.

Dr. Grant Foreman reported on the WPA project sponsored by the Oklahoma Historical Society for cataloguing and indexing newspapers and other periodicals and manuscripts and moved that the project be extended for another six months or less as may be necessary after July 1, 1938, the Society acting as sponsors, and that authority to act be granted to the officers of the Society for such purpose. Motion was seconded and carried.

Dr. Grant Foreman reported on the Indian-Pioneer History project and moved that the Secretary be authorized to execute and do all acts

Page 126

necessary for approval for renewal of the contract for extending the project for another six months from the ending of the present project, or such extension as can be secured. Motion was seconded and carried.

Judge Samuel W. Hayes moved that $150.00 of the private funds of the Society, or as much of this amount as is necessary, be set aside and authorized for payment to carry on the work of the Indian-Pioneer History project. Motion was seconded and carried.

Dr. Grant Foreman discussed ways of inducing a more extended use of the library and other departments of the Historical Society, suggesting that a booklet be prepared describing the various educational features of the Historical Society, to be printed for distribution.

Judge R. A. Hefner moved that Dr. Grant Foreman be requested to prepare the material for such a booklet. Motion was seconded and carried.

Dr. Grant Foreman presented the request of W. Greig Lewis, superintendent of the public schools at Watts, Oklahoma, to have a marker erected at old Fort Wayne.

Judge T. A. Edwards moved that this request be referred to the committee for marking historical spots, of which Mr. James H. Gardner is chairman. Motion was seconded and carried.

A communication was read from Prof. Eula E. Fullerton of the Northeastern State Teachers College in regard to the annual meeting of the Society that is to be held at Tahlequah.

Judge William P. Thompson moved that the Board set the date of the annual meeting as of May 5-6, 1938. Motion was seconded and carried.

Mrs. Jessie E. Moore, chairman of the committee on restoration of the old Chickasaw council house at Tishomingo, reported that the work had not been completed.

Mrs. Jessie E. Moore thanked the members of the Board of Directors for commemorating the 100th anniversary of the coming of the Chickasaws to Oklahoma, and in behalf of the Chickasaws tendered their deep appreciation.

The Secretary read his annual report on the activities of the Society, and his visit to the meeting of the American Historical Association held at Philadelphia, Penna., December 29-31, 1937.

The President presented the claim of the Secretary for traveling expenses incurred in attending the meeting of the American Historical Association at Philadelphia, amounting to $49.98.

Col. A. N. Leecraft moved that the claim be allowed, and voucher be approved for payment of same. Dr. Emma Estill-Harbour seconded the motion which was carried, and the President or any Vice-President is authorized to sign for the Society in approving the voucher.

Mr. Jasper Sipes requested the Secretary to read a letter from Mrs. Frank Phillips announcing the gift of a portrait of Mr. Frank Phillips to be presented to the Society, which was received with an expression of thanks.

On motion of Judge Thomas A. Edwards, duly seconded, the meeting of the Board of Directors was resolved into an executive session to hear the report of the committee on employees and also to elect the officers of the Society.

Page 127

The executive session being ended, the regular order of business was resumed.

Mrs. John R. Williams, Chairman of the membership committee, presented the following list of applicants for annual membership in the Society:

Mrs. George Burris, Ada; Mrs. Lillie Byrd Dickerson, El Paso, Texas; John B. Fink, Oklahoma City; Walter H. Foth, Cordell; E. A. Gourd, Rosedale; William D. Gray, Winter Haven, Florida; Thomas C. Humphry, Jr., Tulsa; Whit Ingram, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Laura Pierce Kendall, Oklahoma City; R. Vinson Lackey, Tulsa; Newton Melville, Arkansas City, Kansas; Oscar E. Payne, Tulsa; Gilbert L. Robinson, Oklahoma City; John W. Ryle, Norman; Mrs. S. J. Soldani, Ponca City; Louise Thomson, Meeker; Thomas Waters, Hennessey; Mrs. Charles Lincoln White, Oklahoma City; John M. Wilson, Tulsa.

Motion was made, seconded and carried that all applicants whose names were presented for membership in the Society be elected.

Judge William P. Thompson, on behalf of Mrs. Al Berger, of Vinita, Oklahoma, presented to the Society three rare volumes and two early commissions. A vote of thanks was extended expressing the appreciation of the Board of Directors therefor.

The term of office of the following members of the Board of Directors was extended for an additional five years by being duly re-elected to succeed themselves, to-wit: Judge Thomas H. Doyle, Mrs. Roberta C. Lawson, Col. A. N. Leecraft, Judge John B. Meserve and Mr. W. J. Peterson.

The meeting stood adjourned.

Judge Thomas H. Doyle, President

James W. Moffitt,

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