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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 14, No. 4
December, 1936

Page 518

Impressive exercises were held upon ground immediately adjoining the old barracks building at historic Ft. Gibson, on Saturday, November 14, 1936. It was the occasion of the unveiling of the Arbuckle memorial recently contributed by the Oklahoma State Society of the United States Daughters of 1812. A seventy-two foot flag pole, from which the National colors fly, was also a gift of the same organization of patriotic ladies. The Historical Society also participated in the exercises and rededicated the old barracks building which has been rehabilitated.

The interesting event was opened by the singing of the National anthem by the girls' glee club from Bacone College, led by Mr. Gordon Berger. The assemblage stood at attention as the beautiful flag, donated by the ladies of this patriotic society, was raised by Miss Zannie May, the young daughter of Mrs. Everett Manning of Tulsa, a former State President of the society. Greetings of welcome were extended by Hon. Q. B. Boydston of Muskogee after which addresses were made by Dr. Grant Foreman and Dr. B. D. Weeks. These two gentlemen carefully reviewed the interesting career of Gen. Matthew Arbuckle and the Seventh U. S. Infantry in the old Indian Territory during those early formative days. A splendid address eulogistic of Gen. Arbuckle was delivered by Mrs. Grover C. Spillers of Tulsa. The exercises were concluded by an impressive address by Mrs. Howard Searcy of Wagoner, who unveiled the memorial.

The memorial is a marble column, eight feet wide and twelve feet high, upon which is inscribed the seal of the organization, being a star over an anchor with the letters "U. S. D. 1812" in the center and the words, "In honor of the Men of the Seventh United States Infantry, and their commander, Gen. Matthew Arbuckle, who founded Ft. Gibson, April 12,


Page 519

1824 and all other Soldiers of they War of 1812 who served and died in the Indian Territory, erected by the National Society United States Daughters of 1812, State of Oklahoma."

It is an imposing memorial and a most worthy contribution by the ladies of this patriotic organization. The ladies of this society, led by Mrs. Howard Searcy, their State President, are entitled to our thanks for this splendid contribution.

The recent restoration of the old Stockade and the old barracks building at Ft. Gibson are most worthy accomplishments undertaken by the Historical Society, under the capable and unselfish leadership of Dr. Grant Foreman. These gestures will preserve the rich historic past of the State. The lines of Byron are so apropos,

                                   "There is given
Unto the things of earth which time hath bent,
A spirit's feeling, and where he hath leant
His hand, but broke his scythe, there is power
And magic in the ruined battlement,
For which the palace of the present hour
Must yield its pomp and wait till ages are its dower."

—J. B. M.

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