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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 14, No. 2
June, 1936

APRIL 23, 1936

Page 258

The regular quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society convened in the Historical building, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, April 23, 1936, at 10:00 A. M., with Judge Thomas H. Doyle, President, presiding.

The Secretary called the roll which showed the following members present: Gen. Charles F. Barrett, Judge Harry Campbell, Dr. E. E. Dale, Judge Thomas H. Doyle, Judge Thomas A. Edwards, Dr. Grant Foreman, Mr. James H. Gardner, Dr. Emma Estill-Harbour, Judge Samuel W. Hayes, General William S. Key, Mrs. Frank Korn, Col. A. N. Leecraft, Mrs. Blanche Lucas, Mr. John B. Meserve, Mrs. Jessie E. Moore, Mr. Jasper Sipes, Judge Baxter Taylor, Dr. Joseph B. Thoburn, Judge William P. Thompson, Mrs. John R. Williams, and Judge R. L. Williams.

Mr. George H. Evans, Mrs. Roberta C. Lawson and Judge Robert A. Hefner had reported their inability to attend this meeting, and upon motion of Col. A. N. Leecraft, duly seconded, the excuses offered for absence were accepted.

The Secretary presented the minutes of the Board meeting held January 23, 1936, and upon motion of Mr. John B. Meserve, duly seconded, the reading of the minutes was dispensed with at this time.

The Secretary read his report on the activities of the Society for the first quarter of the year.

Judge R. L. Williams presented to the Society for its archives a typewritten copy of an address delivered by the Hon. Jefferson Davis before the Phi Sigman and Hermean Societies of the University of Mississippi, July 15, 1852, and an early day picture of the town of Tulsa and also a letter dated May 20, 1895, written by Mrs. J. S. Murrow to her sister.

Dr. Grant Foreman moved that these donations be accepted and the donor thanked for same. Motion was seconded and carried.

Judge Harry Campbell was asked to verify the picture of Tulsa before it was placed in the archives of the Society.

Judge R. L. Williams reported on the acquisition of the Sequoyah homesite as a public park, the title for the State to run in the name of the Oklahoma Historical Society.

Judge R. L. Williams presented a bill with vouchers for expenses incurred by John E. Tidwell in connection with solicitation of funds for the Sequoyah Memorial, to the amount of $9.88 and moved that it be allowed and paid out of the private funds of the Society. Motion was seconded and carried.

Mr. DeLaughter presented the request of Major Geo. B. Black, member of the Texas Centennial Commission, for the loan of certain museum material to be placed on exhibition at the Texas Centennial Exposition at Dallas, Texas, opening June 6, to run for five months.

This was discussed by Mrs. John R. Williams, Gen. Charles F. Barrett, Judge R. L. Williams, Judge Thomas A. Edwards, Judge William P.

Page 259

Thompson and Judge Samuel W. Hayes, and portions of the constitution relating to such matters were read.

Judge Thomas A. Edwards moved that the Society make a temporary display for educational purposes at the Texas Centennial Exposition, at Dallas, Texas, of the articles enumerated in this request. Motion was seconded by Mrs. Jessie E. Moore.

Judge R. L. Williams moved to amend by adding that any contract we make for such purpose be made subject to the approval of the Attorney General. The amendment was accepted.

Judge R. L. Williams moved to further amend by adding that owners of articles, which were loaned to the Society, first give their approval in writing before being included in such display, to which Judge Edwards objected, but upon motion it was voted to accept the amendment as a part of the original motion, and the motion as amended was carried.

Dr. Grant Foreman reported on the WPA project and explained that a number of small publications or newspapers had been preserved by being tied into small bundles, and Judge R. L. Williams moved that these be bound, but not necessarily in separate volumes. The motion was seconded and carried.

Dr. Grant Foreman, chairman of the Fort Gibson Stockade Commission, made a report on the work that had been done there and explained the necessity of having a custodian live in the barracks building.

Judge R. L. Williams moved that Dr. Foreman be empowered to employ a custodian at the Fort Gibson barracks building, without expense to the Society. Motion was seconded and carried.

Judge Samuel W. Hayes moved that a committee of three be appointed to pass on and approve the contract with the custodian of the Fort Gibson barracks building. Motion was seconded and carried, and the Chair appointed Judge William P. Thompson, Judge Thomas A. Edwards and Judge Baxter Taylor.

Gen. William S. Key reported on the WPA Indian project and turned the correspondence over to a committee consisting of Dr. Foreman, Dr. Dale and Mrs. Moore and asked that they analyze and harmonize the correspondence and submit it within the next thirty days to Gen. William S. Key, Works Progress Administrator for Oklahoma.

Judge R. L. Williams moved that $225.00 out of the private funds of the Society be made available for securing a lease on the Spiro project, a like amount to be appropriated by the friends of Tulsa University, the lease to extend for three years. Motion was seconded.

Judge Samuel W. Hayes moved to amend by substituting for the above amount the sum of $450.00 for a three year lease on this tract, and that James H. Gardner represent the Society at the forthcoming sale. The amendment being accepted, the motion as amended was carried.

The Chair appointed the following committee to handle this matter and make such contract as they deem best: James H. Gardner, Dr. E. E. Dale, Mrs. Blanche Lucas, Dr. Grant Foreman and Judge Samuel W. Hayes.

Mrs. Jessie E. Moore explained that Congressman Rankin of Mississippi had introduced a bill in Congress, which had passed, providing funds to erect a monument to the Chickasaw Nation on the site of the

Page 260

old battlefield of Achia near Tupelo, Mississippi, and the cornerstone is to be laid some time in May, with appropriate ceremonies, and that President Roosevelt had appointed Gov. Douglas H. Johnston to be present to represent the Chickasaw Nation, and Mrs. Moore moved that Dr. J. B. Thoburn be sent as a delegate from the Oklahoma Historical Society. Motion was seconded.

Mrs. Blanche Lucas moved that Mrs. Jessie E. Moore be substituted for Dr. J. B. Thoburn to represent the Historical Society. On motion the amendment was seconded and approved, and the original motion as amended was carried.

Judge R. L. Williams moved that the State Auditor be asked to approve the traveling expenses of Mrs. Moore before the trip is made. Motion was seconded and carried.

At the request of Judge Samuel W. Hayes, the name of Judge R. L. Williams was substituted on the committee to make contract for the Spiro lease.

Dr. E. E. Dale reported that Dr. Merrill, of the University of Nebraska, had asked permission to make copies from the archives and court records of the Five Civilized Tribes, including the written opinions of the Tribal Supreme Court, and moved that this permission be granted. Motion was seconded.

Judge R. L. Williams moved to amend by adding that a committee be appointed to do it on the part of the Historical Society, which amendment was accepted.

The motion as amended was carried, and the Chair appointed Dr. Grant Foreman, Chairman; Mr. John B. Meserve and Dr. Emma EstillHarbour.

The President presented a claim for L. W. Nichols, engineer, for making blue prints for various cases in the museum and additional shelving for the newspaper files.

Judge R. L. Williams moved that Mr. R. R. Owens, the State Engineer, and Mr. L. W. Nichols who did the work, file affidavits that L. W. Nichols does not draw a salary from the State, or compensation from the state covering that period, and in the event Mr. Nichols does not draw such salary or compensation from the state, the claim is to be presented to the President for his approval.

Motion was seconded and carried.

Judge R. L. Williams moved that the President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Society take steps to make the money appropriated for the Spiro lease available at once. Motion was seconded and carried.

Mrs. John R. Williams moved that the furniture in the Women's organization room be wrapped and stored in some safe place while the room is being used by the WPA workers. Motion was seconded and carried.

Mr. James H. Gardner reported on the erection of monuments at the old mission points and highways.

Upon motion, duly seconded, the Board resolved itself into a executive session.


DAN W. PEERY, Secretary.

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