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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 14, No. 2
June, 1936

April 30, May 1, 1936.
Enid, Okla.

Page 254

The annual meeting of the Oklahoma Historical Society convened April 30, 1936, at Enid, Oklahoma, as per resolution adopted at the annual meeting held at Okmulgee, Oklahoma, May 10-11, 1935.

At 8:00 A. M. the members assembled at the Youngblood Hotel for registration.

The meeting was called to order by Senator Harry O. Glasser, President of the Cherokee Strip Historical Society, and the following program was rendered:

Invocation by the Rev. Thomas H. McDowell.

Address of welcome, Mr. George Rainey.

Response, Dr. J. B. Thoburn.

At 10:00 A. M. an automobile pilgrimage was made to the Great Salt Plains, in Alfalfa County where Dr. Charles N. Gould, geologist, explained the geological formation. A short stop was made at the Drumm ranch.

At Alva, the members and visitors were given a luncheon at the Bell Hotel, by the faculty of the Northwestern State Teachers College.

Mr. Kent Johnson, Vice President of the Alva Chamber of Commerce, introduced Mr. Chris Mauntel, the toastmaster.

The male quartet from the Northwestern State Teachers College sang two numbers.

Prof. A. G. Vinson, head of the history department of the College, outlined the history of the college from its founding in 1897 to the present time.

Mr. Harry O. Glasser gave a talk on behalf of the visiting group and introduced a number of the guests, including Senator Thomas P. Gore.

Page 255

After luncheon a tour of the buildings of the college was made, including a visit to the Museum.

Stops were made at the Sand Dunes in Wood County and the Gloss Mountain in Major County where talks were made by Dr. Charles N. Gould, an authority on the formation of natural phenomena. The cavalcade then returned to Enid, where dinner was served at the Youngblood hotel.

At 7 :30 P. M. the meeting convened in the First Presbyterian Church, Mr. DeWitt Waller, superintendant of the Enid public schools presiding.

The choir of the First Presbyterian Church gave a musical recital, Marjorie Molter director.

The following historical addresses were delivered.

"The Chisholm Trail" Mr. Oscar Brewster, Crescent, Okla., Secretary of the Cherokee Strip Cowpunchers Association.

"Recollections of David L. Payne," Dr. C. P. Wickmiller, Kingfisher, Oklahoma, former photographer to David L. Payne.

"When printing was a hazardous calling" Mr. Grant Harris, Wagoner, first typesetter in the Cherokee Strip.

"Early Beaver County" Miss Maude Thomas, Beaver, Okla.

"Rambling Retrospection" by Mr. Buck Campbell.

Mr. T. E. Beck, Jefferson, Okla., presented his paper "When the Territory was young" for publication in the Chronicles.

Second day, May 1.

The business session at 10:00 A. M. was presided over by Dr. Emma Estill-Harbour, Vice President, in the absence of the President.

Upon motion the reading of the minutes of the annual meeting held at Okmulgee, May 10-11, 1935 was dispensed with.

The annual report of the Secretary was presented and ordered to be published in Chronicles.

Invitations to hold the next annual meeting of the Society both in Shawnee and Chickasha were read by the presiding officer.

Page 256

Mr. Oscar Brewster moved that these invitations be submitted to the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors for action. Motion was seconded and carried.

The Secretary read the following list of applicants for annual membership in the Society:

E. E. Buckholts, Tulsa; Mrs. L.O.Carlson, Cambridge, Minn.; Mrs. Edith Connelley Clift, Okla. City; Mrs. Aletha Caldwell Conner, Okla. City; Eugene Couch, Okla. City; Mrs. C. Guy Cutlip, Wewoka; Mrs. William Denman, San Francisco, Calif.; George Eubanks, Fairview; Ray S. Fellows, Tulsa; Gerald Forbes, Norman; Mrs. Fred Fordice, Edmond; Mrs. John L. George, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Martha Gilbert, Enid; Mrs. John L. Gleason, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Mayme C. Hallum, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Christine Squire Hill, Norman; Russell V. Johnson, Oklahoma City; Leo Jones, Carnegie; Robert Kirkland, Alva; G. E. E. Lindquist, Lawrence, Kansas; W. R. McCluskey, Kansas City, Missouri; Margurete McGuire, Oklahoma City; J. F. McMaumon, Enid; M. L. McMullin, Tulsa; Hugo Milde, Kaw City; John L. Miller, Enid; L. W. Moore, Alva; Dr. Patrick S. Nagle, Oklahoma City; Dr. C. S. Neer, Vinita; James L. Nelson, Breckenridge; R. R. Owens, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Ruth Rogers Purlee, Tulsa; Mrs. Celene G. Reed, Oklahoma City; Rudolph Ruzek, Jr., Enid; Frank V. Shaw, Fairfax; John Calvin Snyder, Topeka, Kansas; Ed Stinnett, Enid; Kate Willard, Ardmore; Robert H. Wood, Tulsa; W. L. Woodward, Alva; A. B. Wright, Enid.

Upon motion duly seconded they were received into membership.

Dr. J. B. Thoburn moved that J. B. Campbell, Enid, Grant Harris, Wagoner and A. L. Kates, Claremore be elected honorary life members of the society. Motion was seconded and carried.

The Chair appointed Dr. J. B. Thoburn, Chairman of a committee, Mr. Thoburn to select the other two members, to draft resolutions thanking the people of Enid, and Alva.


On the occasion of this, the 43rd annual meeting of the Oklahoma Historical Society, we, the members present, desire to give expression to our sincere and cordial appre-

Page 257

ciation of the spirit of generous hospitality with which we have been greeted and treated by the people of Enid. Especially do we commend the tireless and unsparing efforts of Hon. Harry O. Glasser and Mr. George Rainey, and their determination to make a success of the meeting and its program, in which they were most ably seconded and supported by the people of the community, generally. And we furthermore bear home with us most kindly recollections of our brief visit in the City of Alva and of the gracious and hospitable reception at the hands of its citizenship, including the members of the faculty of the Northwestern Oklahoma State Teachers' College.

Joseph B. Thoburn
Mrs. Anna B. Korn
C. P. Wickmiller.

Mr. J. B. Campbell announced the donation of a French Diary, translated, for the archives of the Society.

Dr. J. B. Thoburn discussed a memorial to the memory of W. P. Campbell, the founder of the Oklahoma Historical Society.

Mrs. Aletha Conner moved that Mrs. Camille Phelan be thanked for exhibiting her historical quilt at this meeting. Motion was second and carried.

The meeting stood adjourned.

Dr. Emma Estill-Harbour, Vice President,

Dan W. Peery, Secretary.

In the afternoon another auto pilgrimage was made to the old Buffalo Springs, at the junction of the Chisholm and Fort Sill trails; and Hennessey where they were entertained at the home of Mrs. Annette B. Ehler, and visited the grave of Pat Hennessey and the monument of Roy Cashion, the first soldier of Oklahoma to lose his life in the Spanish American war; then on to Kingfisher where the private museum of Dr. C. P. Wickmiller was visited.

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