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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 13, No. 2
June, 1935

Page 233

The following list of books has been catalogued and placed in the library of the Oklahoma Historical Society since the list published in the December number of Chronicles.

American Book-Prices Current, 1934

American Statesmen Series, 12 vols.

Augusta County, Virginia, First Marriage Records, 1785-1813.

Baker, George E., Works of William H. Seward, 3 vols.

Bass, Sam, Life and Adventures of.

Boatright, Moody C., Tall Tales from Texas Cow Camps.

Boyd, Thomas, Simon Girty, the White Savage.

Bruce, Phillip Alexander, The Virginia Plutarch.

Chronicles of America, 2 vols.

Cabot, Frederick C., Alamo, the Attar of Texas Liberty.

Connelley, Wm. Elsey, Doniphan's Expedition and the Conquest of New Mexico and California, 1846-7.

Cooke, John E., Life of Robert E. Lee, 1875.

Cox, James, The History of St. Louis, Old and New.

Curtis, Francis, The Republican Party, the First 50 Years, 2 vols.

Dalton, Emmett, When the Daltons Rode.

Drumm, Major Andrew, 1828-1919.

Eastman, S., Map of Nebraska and Kansas Territory, showing the Indian Reserves According to the Treaties of 1854.

Edmonds, George, Facts and Falsehoods Concerning the War of the South.

Fagan, W. L., Southern War Songs.

Fitzpatrick, (Broken Hand) Chief of the Mountain Men.

Foote, H. S., War of the Rebellion, 1866.

Greene, George Washington, Life of Nathaniel Greene, 1867, 3 vols.

Gue, Benj. F., History of Iowa up to the 20th Century, 4 vols.

Hildebrand, Samuel S., Autobiography of, (Missouri Bushwhacker)

Page 234

Hodgson, Joseph, The Cradle of the Confederacy.

Howell, Clark, History of Georgia, 4 vols.

Hyde, George E., The Pawnee Indians, part 1, 1500-1680.

Irelan, John R., History of U.S. Administrations, 16 vols.

Lee, The Final Achievement, 1865-1870.

Lewis, Virgil A., History of the Battle of Pleasant Point, W. Va.

Lyman, Robert, The Beecher Island Annual, 62d Anniversary.

Lynch, John H., The Facts of Reconstruction.

Maclean, J. P., Account of the Settlements of Scotch Highlanders in A.

Marquis, Thomas B., A Warrior Who Fought with Custer.

Morton, O. F., History of Rockbridge County, Va.

National Portrait Gallery of Distinguished Americans with biographical Sketches. 4 vols.

Otken, Charles H., The Ills of the South.

Parton, James, The Life of Horace Greely.

Pike, Zebulon Montgomery, Explorations Through the Western Territory of North America.

Pocahontas, Alias Matoka and Her Descendants.

Southwest Historical Series, Vol. 3.

Waddell, Alfred Moore, History of New Hanover County and the Lower Cape Fear Region, 1723-1800.

Waldo, S. Putnam, The Life and Character of Stephens Decatur.

Wood, Edgar, Albemarle County in Virginia.

Books by Oklahoma Authors.

Chambers, Henry T., Young Man's Country.

Conner, Aletha S., Pisces Child.

Fowler, Oscar Presley, The Haskell Regime.

Groseclose, Elgin, Money the Human Conflict.

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