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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 11, No. 4
December, 1933

October 26, 1933

Page 1121

The regular quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society convened in the Historical building, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, October 26, 1933, at 10:00 A. M., with Mr. Charles F. Colcord, the President, presiding.

The Secretary called the roll which showed the following members present: Gen. R. A. Suped, Judge Thos. H. Doyle, Judge W. A. Ledbetter, Judge R. L. Williams, Mr. Charles F. Colcord, Dr. Grant Foreman, Gen. William S. Key, Judge Harry Campbell, Judge Baxter Taylor, Judge Thos. A. Edwards, Judge Wm P. Thompson, Dr. Emma EstillHarbour, Dr. Joseph B. Thoburn, Mr. George H. Evans and Dan W. Peery, the Secretary.

*  *  *  *

The Secretary read the minutes of the Board meeting held July 27, 1933, which stood approved as read.

Board meeting October 26, 1933.

Pursuant to action taken at the Board meeting held October 27, 1932, the file of the Confederate Veteran has been completed with the aid of the Daughters of the Confederacy, and has been bound in good substantial binding. Judge R. L. Williams offered the following resolution which was unanimously adopted:

Resolved that this Board of Directors express its thanks and appreciation to the committee and to Mrs. N. R. Nowlin for their efforts in the bringing about the binding of the 40 volumes of the Confederate Veteran, and that a copy of this resolution be furnished to each member of the committee and Mrs. Nowlin.

In the absence of the Treasurer, her report was read by the Chief Clerk, which upon motion was ordered received and filed.

The Secretary read the following list of applicants for membership in the Society:

ANNUAL: J. S. Arnote, McAlester; Corbett Edmond Chouteau, Oklahoma City; Harry G. Davis, Muskogee; W. E. Denney, Loco; Dr. Lon H. Eakes, Vinita; C. E. Foley, Eufaula; Charles P. Gotwals, Muskogee; Joseph William Hayes, Ada; Maon Hester, Enid; Olin Vincent Holmes, Muskogee; Cary H. Howard, Tulsa; Elizabeth Jones, Muskogee; Olin Welborn .Tones, Tulsa; Herbert Raymond Jordan, Phoenix, Arizona; R. W. Mann, Ponca City; Margaret McVean, Oklahoma City; Charles M. Mitchell, Monroe, La.; William B. Moore, Muskogee; Mrs. Vera G. Olive, Oklahoma City; W. B. Oliverson, Oklahoma City; John Cleveland Pitts, Cleveland; Mrs. Walton C. Poole, East Chicago, III.; Cecil K. Reiff, Oklahoma City; Pearl R. Scales, Oklahoma City; Mrs. J. W. Simpson, Broken Bow; Frank A. Stuart, Oklahoma City; C. A. Summers, Muskogee; Jettie Steckelberg, Henryetta; Sister Mary Teresa, Chickasha; Mrs. C. H. Tully, Eufaula; Hardy Watson, Jr., Oklahoma City.

Page 1122

Dr. Grant Foreman moved that they be received as members of the Society, which motion was seconded and carried.

Judge R .L. Williams presented to the Society the following material:

1. Photostat of printed pamphlet entitled, "The Petition of a People for Relief. The Convention of the People of The Indian Territory, held at South M'Alester, Feb. 22 and 23, 1900. Its Proceedings, Resolutions and Memorial." 40 pp.

2. Diary of Rev. Willis F. Folsom, Choctaw, dating from 1856 to 1863; also fourteen (14) receipts for sums indicated received from Willis Folsom by parties indicated; letter dated Dec. 4, 1871, from Edmund McCurtain, Trustee, Mosholatubbee District, Choctaw Nation, to Mr. Folsom, advising he has selected Folsom's daughter, Serena, to enter New Hope School; and miscel. pages in Choctaw language.

3. Typewritten copy of No. 2. 43 pp. of said diary.

4. Sampson Lanier, Clerk, Macon Circuit Court, State of Alabama. To Sheriff of Tallipoosa County. Writ of Process dated March 31, 1836, that Ho po eath le Yo ho to Co Sar Tustunnuckeee alias Mad Blue Tuckabatcha Micco and Micco pockar alias Old King, if found in Tallipoosa County, be held and brought before Judge of Macon Circuit Court on 4th Monday of April 1836, to answer Zackariah McGirth in a plea of trespass on the case. D. S. 2 pp.

5. 1878 March 6. Charles Thompson, Principal Chief, Cherokee Nation, Tahlequah, I. T. To C. C. Lipe, Clerk, Cooweescoowee District, Cherokee Nation, Claremore, I. T.

Relative to buildings on the socalled "Railroad lands" at Vinita, advising that since the Executive Department has decided that no person had a legal right to erect, own or occupy any buildings on said Railroad land, not strictly used for railroad purposes, that any writ of ejectment in the case mentioned would be deemed illegal and arbitrary at this time. A. L. S. 1 p.

6. East Oklahoma Conference Information Blank signed by Theo. F. Brewer, giving his name in full, place and date of birth, date of conversion, when and where licensed to preach, when and where admitted on trial and how received into East Oklahoma Conference. D. S. 1 p.

7. 1880, Jan. 2. Saml. Checote, Principal Chief, Muskogee Nation, Okmulkee, I. T. To D. W. Bushyhead, Principal Chief, Cherokee Nation, Fort Gibson, I. T.

Writ for surrender one Archopar or Nail, residing in Cherokee Nation between Ft. Gibson and Tahlequah, standing charged with theft committed in Eufaula District, Creek Nation and for whom Roley McIntosh, Judge of said district, has issued writ for arrest. A. D. S. 1 p.

8. 1880, Feb. 20. D. W. Bushyhead, Principal Chief, Cherokee Nation, Tahlequah, I. T. Commission of Henry G. Woods, of Tahlequah District, Cherokee Nation, to office of census taker of said district; in red ink across face, "Verbally tendered his resignation Feb. 28/80 before commission was delivered, and was accepted on the same date & Danl. R. Hicks was on the same day appointed & commissioned to fill the vacancy." D. S. 1 p.

9. 1882, Feb. 28. Saml. Checote, Principal Chief, Muskogee Nation, Okmulgee, I. T. To Principal Chief, Cherokee Nation. Writ for surrender

Page 1123

of Bill Clingon and Charley Haynes residing in Cooweescoowee District, Cherokee Nation, and standing charged in Creek Nation with murder of Robt. Jones & Mondy Roberts, to be surrendered to Daniel Miller, Captain of Light Horse Company, Cowetah District, Muskogee Nation. A. D. S. 2 pp.

10. 1880, Sept. 15. Affidavit of Jane Williams, Cowetah District Muskogee Nation, that she was at Aunt Kinney's house on night of July 26, 1880, when a crowd of men came and took Monday Roberts, a citizen of said district, out of said house and his body was found next morning hanging to a tree; that she recognized Bill Clinging, Cherokee citizen, among the crowd. (Copy) 2 pp.

11. 1880, Oct. 19. Affidavit of Kinney Luckey that on the night on which Robert Jones and Monday Roberts were taken out of their houses and hung that she recognized in the crowd, Charley Haynes and Bill Clinging, citizens of Cherokee Nation. (Copy) 1 p.

12. 1882, Feb. 28. Saml. Checote, Principal Chief, Muskogee Nation, Okmulgee, I. T. To D. W. Bushyhead, Principal Chief, Cherokee Nation, I. T.

Writ for surrender of Napoleon Blythe who it is reported has been arrested and is being held in Cooweescoowee District, Cherokee Nation, that he may be delivered to R. C. Hawkins, Captain of Light Horse Company of Muskogee District, Muskogee Nation, said Blythe being charged with murder of Ross Cunningham, Cherokee citizen, in town of Muskogee, Muskogee District, M. N. A. D. S. 2 pp.

13. 1883, Sept. 24. Saml. Checote, Principal Chief, Muskogee Nation, Okmulgee, I. T. To D. W. Bushyhead, (Principal Chief of Cherokee Nation), Tahlequah.

"Your communication of the 20th requesting the bodies of Lewis & Eyi Rid Moore with copy of Indictment against them inclosed therein, has just reached this office,and answering will say that the subject matter will receive my prompt attention, and as soon as the whereabouts of these parties are learned the proper officers will be instructed to arrest and deliver as per your request." A. L. S. 1 p.

14. 1889, Nov. 20. L. C. Perryman, Principal Chief, Muskogee Nation. To all whom it may concern. Certificate that R. B. Harris, of Muskogee, I. T., has never been granted rights and privileges of a citizen of the Muskogee Nation. A. D. S. 1 p.

15. Objections of George W. Harkins, Chickasaw delegate, in Chickasaw language, to H. R. 1277, introduced by W. M. Springer; also translation of same. A. D. 3 pp.

16. Printed pamphlet entitled, "A Brief History of Early Days in North Texas and the Indian Territory," by Joe T. Roff, Roff, Oklahoma. 40 pp.

17. Typewritten sketch of Miss Alice M. Robertson describing incidents of the Civil War, including the flight of her family from Tallahassee Mission to the North, and efforts at reconstruction. 11 pp.

18. Article copied from scrap book belonging to Miss Alice M. Robertson entitled, "Among the Indians The Peace Commsision at Muscogee," written by the official stenographer. (Typewritten) 12 pp.

19. Post card picture of Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Tahlequah, Oklahoma, corner stone laid August 15, 1888, dedicated by Bishop

Page 1124

Hendrix during Cherokee District Conference in 1890. This was originally Sehon's Chapel erected in 1857 near old Cherokee Female Seminary, the first brick church in Oklahoma.

20. Picture of the first parsonage built in Indian Mission Conference New Hope Chapel Circuit near Stilwell, Oklahoma.

21. One (1) large photograph of V. M. Locke, Sr., a leader in the Locke-Jones War, late of Antlers, Indian Territory.

22. One (1) large photograph of J. Wood Kirk, late of Garvin, I. T.

23. One (1) photograph of the late Rev. W. A. Duncan, a member of the Indian Mission Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, South, and a leader in the Cherokee Nation.

Board Meeting, October 26, 1933:

Dr. Grant Foreman presented to the Society a Choctaw Spelling Book, written in the Choctaw language with an English translation by Alfred Wright and Cyrus Byington, formerly owned by Rev. Cyrus Byington and used by him in connection with his missionary work and teaching in the Choctaw Nation, donated to the Society by Mr. E. S. Byington, of DeQueen, Arkansas, grandson of the late Rev. Cyrus Byington.

Judge R. L. Williams moved that this book be accepted and that the Secretary be instructed to write a letter of thanks to Mr. E. S. Byington and make a written report to this Board of his action. Motion was seconded and carried.

Dr. Grant Foreman presented to the Society the following material:

A manuscript by W. H. Ballentine, deceased, concerning Stand Watie and contemporary life in the Cherokee Nation.

An article on the history of Milledgeville and Baldwin County written by Mrs. J. L. Beeson, Chapter historian of the Nancy Hart Chapter D. A. R. and Georgia Bicentennial.


Some letters by and to David Henry Cox, who lived in Fort Gibson prior to the Civil War, with two pictures of Mr. Cox, donated by his son living in Chicago.

A bound volume of photostated copies of excerpts of the Indian Advocate published at Louisville, Kentucky, 1847 to 1855, the original copies having been loaned by the Library of Congress to the Society to be photostated, the articles photostated pertaining to the Indians of the Southwest.

A picture of the Muskogee Institute, Creek Young Ladies' Seminary, delivered to Mrs. Grant Foreman by Mrs. Augusta R. Moore, Haskell, Oklahoma, and requested that a letter of thanks be written to Mrs. Moore.

Dr. Joseph B. Thoburn moved that the thanks of the Board be extended to Judge R. L. Williams and Dr. Grant Foreman for presentation of this material to the Society, which motion was seconded and unanimously carried.

Page 1125

Gen. William S. Key presented to the Society an old English watch movement made in London between 1800 and 1830, the gift of L. H. Inglis, Lesney Park, Erith, which he received from Mr. F. W. Selfe, a jeweler in England, both members of the Rotary Club, and moved that it be accepted and that the thanks of the Society be conveyed to both the donor and the transmitter, which motion was seconded and carried.

The locating and marking of the grave of Nathaniel Pryor was discussed, and the chair appointed a committee of three consisting of Gen. R. A. Sneed, Dr. Joseph B. Thoburn and Judge Win. P. Thompson to locate the grave with a view of having it properly marked.

The Secretary read several communications from organizations in Muskogee and Fort Gibson, Oklahoma, inviting the Society to hold its annual meeting in 1934 in Muskogee.

Dr. Emma Estill-Harbour moved that the invitation be accepted and that the annual meeting of the Society in 1934 be held in Muskogee. Motion was seconded.

Judge R. L. Williams moved to amend the motion by deferring the date of the 1934 annual meeting, same to be set at the next quarterly meeting of the Board.

The motion as amended was adopted.

The Secretary presented Mrs. Nan Sheets, an artist and Miss Margaret McVean, an attorney for Mr. J. H. Sharp, artist of Taos, New Mexico, who tendered the loan of a collection of Mr. Sharp's paintings for one year to be hung in the art gallery of the Historical building, Mrs. Sheets agreeing to superintend the hanging of the pictures.

Judge R. L. Williams moved that the Society receive them under a written contract by which the Society is not to be held liable for any loss, damage or expense on any ground. Motion was seconded.

Dr. Grant Foreman moved to amend the motion by adding that the thanks of the Society be expressed to Mr. Sharp for the loan of the collection. The motion as amended was carried.

*  *  *  *

The meeting stood adjourned.

Charles F. Colcord, President

Dan W. Peery, Secretary.

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