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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 10, No. 4
December, 1932

Page 455

Memorial resolution adopted by the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society, October 27, 1932

Since the regular quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society, held on July 28, 1932, Judge Philip Doddridge Brewer, a Director and Vice President of said Society, who was present and participated in that meeting, has passed from the activities of earthly existence, his death occuring at his home in Oklahoma City early Sunday morning, August 28, 1932.

It is not only meet and proper but our inclination on this occasion, the next regular quarterly meeting of said Board, to adopt resolutions expressing our minds and feelings occasioned by this great loss to his family, state, church, society and all organizations with which he came in contact.

Born near Hackett City, in Sebastian County, Arkansas, June 18, 1861, he had passed the seventieth milestone of his earthly existence, it being his privilege to live beyond the span of allotted time. In life the expression of his face was kindly; his eyes clear and unafraid; his manner gentle and every expression candid. He knew how to grow old gracefully with an apparent satisfaction of life in full confidence that he was in the early future going to walk through an open door. As a loving, kind, considerate and devoted husband and foster parent, an active, faithful and useful citizen, and an able lawyer and upright judge, he will be long remembered by the citizenship of this state. As a member of said Board and vice president thereof, his wise counsel in the administration of the affairs of said society and careful and efficient attention given to the duties of

Page 456

same, and his kindly fellowship will long be appreciated and remembered by his associates, with the realization that his place will be difficult to fill.

Now, therefore, on behalf of each and every member of this board to his surviving widow, Mrs. Annie L. Brewer, and his foster daughter, Mrs. Edward P. Allen, and her husband, Dr. Edward P. Allen, and their sons Edward Philip Allen, Robert Allen and Paul Allen, and other relatives, we express our sincerest sympathy on account of the great bereavement occasioned by his death, and direct the secretary to furnish them copies of this resolution.

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