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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 10, No. 2
June, 1932

Page 293


The annual meeting of the Historical Society convened in Tulsa, Oklahoma, March 31, 1932, as per resolution of the Board or Directors, January 28, 1932.

The meeting was called to order by the President, Mr. Charles F. Colcord. Music was followed by the invocation by Reverend J. W. Storer.

The address of welcome was delivered by Dr. Charles H. Kimbrough, speaking for Chancellor John D. Finlayson, who was absent from the city, which was responded to by Mr. Charles F. Colcord, President of the Board of Directors of the Historical Society.

Judge Williams moved that only that portion of the minutes of the previous annual meeting be read that required action at this meeting. Motion was seconded and carried.

The Secretary read that portion of the minutes of the annual meeting held January 29, 1931, relating to amendments to the constitution and by-laws.

Judge Williams read an amendment to the constitution by adding; Section 4-a to Article 5, as follows: "No member of the Board of Directors shall be eligible to be elected to any office which carries with it a salary, or designation as an employee which carries with it compensation, until six months have expired from the date of the termination of his or her membership in such board," and moved its adoption The motion was seconded and carried.

Judge Williams read an amendment to Article 5 of the constitution by adopting and adding Section 4-b, as follows: "The absence of a member of the Board of Directors from three consecutive regular quarterly meetings of the Board of Directors shall operate to terminate the membership of such director from said board, provided that the attendance of such member at special board meetings during such period shall operate to prevent termination of membership; and provided further, that a written statement from such member that he was reasonably prevented from attending such board meeting may prevent the termination of such membership on such board," and moved its adoption. Motion was seconded and carried.

Judge Williams read an amendment to Article 2 of the constitution, by adding section 9, as follows: "Only such members as have paid their annual membership fees and life members shall be entitled to vote for the election of members of the board of directors, provided further, that a representative of each newspaper in the state of Oklahoma, which exchanges its paper with the Oklahoma Historical Society for the Chronicles of Oklahoma, duly designated as such representative, shall be entitled to vote for the election of members of the board of directors and to participate in and vote on all matters at annual meetings," and moved its adoption. Motion was seconded and carried.

Judge Williams moved that the Board of Directors, at its next regular meeting, make provisions to have the constitution and by-laws compiled and printed, including all amendments. Motion was seconded and carried.

Page 294

Mrs. Moore explained some difficulties that had arisen in the matter of writing the ballots and letter of instruction for the election of members of the board of directors.

Judge Williams moved that the Secretary and Treasurer, when sending out the ballots, include a sample ballot, but the sample ballot is not to contain the names of the persons to be voted for. Mrs. Moore seconded the motion which carried.

The Secretary presented the following list of applicants for membership in the Society:

Life, Mrs. Nannie Miles Cleveland, Anadarko.

Annual: Mrs. Mettie Allen, Marlow; Deane F. Baird, Anadarko; Mrs. B. D. Barclay, Tulsa; Mrs. Emma Barclay, Tulsa; Mrs. C. L. Barton, Carnegie; Imogene Bethel, Oklahoma City; Leslie Edgar Bliss, San Marino, California; John L. Boland, Caddo; Thomas F. Bowler, Okemah; Mrs. G. F. Brigham, Tulsa; U. L. Burdick, Fargo, N. Dakota; Dennis Bushyhead, Claremore; Mrs. Mabel Leon Carson, Pawhuska; O. K. Chandler, Okmulgee; Minnie S. Cheek, Durant; Harry Clay Clark, Polo, Missouri; Mrs. Powell Clayton, Tulsa; Mrs. J. W. Colley, Tulsa; Rufus H. Couch, Tahlequah; Judge Samuel Hess Crossland, Tulsa; Mrs. John Granville Cubage, Oklahoma City; John E. DeLana, El Reno; J. R. Denning, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Archibald Edwards, Oklahoma City; C. E. Ellett, Oklahoma City; Edward E. Ellis, Leedey; Bernice English, Edmond; Mrs. Ada D. Ferguson, Carnegie; Clifford W. Ferguson, Hooker; William Hayes Fuller, McAlester; Robert K. Grantier, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Ida M. Hale, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Mildred Porter Harrison, Tulsa; Mrs. Jane Harnagh, Tulsa; Claude E. Hensley, Oklahoma City; Mrs. W. P. Hicks, Tulsa; Spencer Hilton, Oklahoma City; Gordon Hines, Oklahoma City; John H. Holst, Washington, D. C.; L. B. Hunt, Tahlequah; L. C. Hutson, Chickasha; Mrs. Dee Paradis Jackson, Oklahoma City; J. George Kurtz, Shawnee; Mrs. Clifton M. Mackey, Tulsa; Christian Madsen, Guthrie; Mrs. H. H. McClintock, Bartlesville; Bill McGinty, Ripley; W. E. McIntosh, Miami; Pauline McKinney, Oklahoma City; J. W. Maney, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Mollie C. Moreland, Sulphur; Mrs. J. V. L. Morris, Alva; Mrs. Lottie Mosier, Oklahoma City; Mrs. E. E. Park, Oklahoma City; W. J. Peterson, Okmulgee; Mrs. Camille A. Phelan, Oklahoma City; Welcome D. Pierson, Pawhuska; Mrs. A. C. Porter, Tulsa; Mrs. Leonard Power, Tulsa; Colonel Scudder Ray, Oklahoma City; Mrs. R. J. Ray, Lawton; Prof. A. L. Richards, Tulsa; Lena Robitaille, Wyandotte; Calvin M. Rosser, Edmond; Milton Eddy Rowe, Amarillo, Texas; Campbell Russell, Oklahoma City; Walter Siebert, Muskogee; Earl M. Smith, Santa Fe, N. Mex.; Mrs. Penola Sparks, Anadarko; Lewis Terry, Oklahoma City; Mrs. J. A. Thompson, Chickasha; Mrs. Moody Tidwell, Jr., Miami; William D. Turner, Kansas City, Mo.; Mrs. B. E. Turney, Oklahoma City; Claude Alfred Ward, Blackwell; Dr. Charles Roper Williams, Wetumka; Lois Williams, Tulsa; Mrs. Hattie Wilson, Hugo; C. J. Woodson, Okarche; Mrs. E. N. Wright, Oklahoma City and Mrs. Margaret Yost, Norman.

Judge Brewer moved that these applicants for membership be accepted. Motion was seconded and carried.

Mrs. Harriette B. Westbrook presented the application of Eva Horner for membership, and Judge Campbell moved that she be accepted, which motion was seconded and carried.

The meeting recessed until 1:30 P. M.

The meeting convened at 1:30 P. M. Music was followed by an address by Judge John B. Meserve on the McIntosh Family, the movements of time being illustrated by songs by Mrs. Eugene B. Lawson accompanied by Mrs. C. E. Buckner.

Page 295

Mr. Grant Foreman read a paper on the Salt Plains of Oklahoma, and their relation to the settlement of the different sections.

The meeting recessed until 8:00 P. M. with visits to the home of Mrs. Eugene B. Lawson to view her collection of Indian material, also to the home of Mr. Walter Ferguson, to view his collection of the photographs of early day pioneers.

Meeting convened at 8:00 P. M. at which time the Hon. Charles Hillman Brough, ex-governor of Arkansas delivered an address on Early Days of Arkansas and Indian Territory.

Meeting adjourned.

Charles F. Colcord, President,      

Dan W. Peery, Secretary.

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