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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 9, No. 4
December, 1931

Page 481

Held October 29, 1931

The regular quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society met in session October 29, 1931, in the Historical building, Oklahoma City, Okla., at 10:00 a. m. with the following members present: Judge Phil D. Brewer, Vice-President, presiding; Judge R. L. Williams, Mr. Grant Foreman, Mrs. Emma Estill- Harbour, Mrs. Frank Lucas, Mrs. Jessie E. Moore, Judge Wm. P. Thompson, Gen. Charles F. Barrett, Judge Thos. A. Edwards Mrs. John R. Williams and Dan W. Peery, the Secretary.

* * *

Under the report of officers, Mrs. Moore, the treasurer, read her report for the quarter, which was ordered received and filed.

The Secretary gave a verbal report of matters that pertained to the Society in general, and listed the following contributions:

Files of Oklahoma Democrat, 1890, and two years files of the Arapaho Argus, from William A. Clute, El Reno, Okla.

Publications of the New Mexico Historical Society, by Mrs. Henry Woodruff, Elk City, Okla.

The 9th Edition of the Brittanica Encyclopaedia, from the Gilbert Simmons Library, Kenosha, Wis.

Mrs. Jessie Moore presented the Stewart letters to the Society, which letters were used by Muriel H. Wright in her article on Tryphena, published in Chronicles.

Mrs. Harbour moved that the Secretary write to these donors and thank them for their contributions. Motion was seconded and carried.

* * *

Judge Williams presented the request of a representative of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs for desk room for Mr. George C. Wells and stenographer in the Historical Building and moved that Mr. Wells be allowed to have such desk room in the east end of the south basement for such purposes as Federal Inspector of Indian Schools and collections and research in Indian history, and that such space be partitioned off for such purpose, and that the secretary be directed to have such done. Motion was seconded by General Barrett and discussed by various members.

Judge Thompson moved to amend by adding "until such time as the Society needs the space for other purposes." The amendment being accepted by the original mover the motion was carried, with Judge Edwards and Mrs. John R. Williams voting in the negative.

* * *

Mr. Foreman offered for the archives of the Society copies of forty letters from the Alice Robertson collection, and moved that they be accepted and that the Secretary be requested to write a letter of thanks to Mrs. M. B. Moore, Haskell, Okla., a sister of Miss Robertson. Motion was seconded and carried.

Mr. Foreman presented two copies of the LeRoy Reporter, published in Le Roy, Kansas, with an article on "Indian Refugees in Coffey County" and moved that it be filed in the archives of the Society, which motion was seconded and carried.

Page 482

Mr. Foreman tendered to the Board a collection of photographs and miscellaneous papers from the Alice Robertson collection, and moved that they be received and that a letter of thanks be written to Mrs. M. B. Moore, a sister of Miss Robertson. The motion was seconded and carried.

Mr. Foreman discussed the copies of the Cherokee Phoenix in the files of the newspapers, and told of his visit to the British Museum where there is a partial file.

Judge Williams moved that Mr. Foreman be requested to correspond with the British Museum in regard to exchanging photostat copies of this newspaper. Motion was seconded and carried.

* * *

Judge Williams moved that the Board of Editors be requested by this Board to express to Mrs. Grant Foreman our thanks for the preparation of a complete history of the old Choctaw Academy, and that the supplement be printed in one or more issues of the Chronicles of Oklahoma, and that in addition we extend to her our thanks for the literary and scholarly contributions which she has made to the Chronicles. Motion was seconded and unanimously carried.

The question of the time of holding the annual meeting of the Society was discussed and Judge Williams moved that the special committee, consisting of Judge Barry Campbell, chairman, Judge Phil D. Brewer, Mrs. E. B. Lawson, Judge William P. Thompson and Judge R. L. Williams be authorized to fix the date in March or April, 1932, for the annual meeting to be held at Tulsa. Motion was seconded and carried.

Judge Williams presented to the Historical Society miscellaneous copies of papers of the Hon. Robert Al. Jones, who was a representative in the Confederate Congress from the Choctaw Nation, these photostat copies having been made from his original papers now in the custody of J. H. Randell, Esq., of Denison, Texas, who is the uncle of Miss Randell, a granddaughter of Robert M. Jones. Among these papers are photostat copies of letters of Col. Sampson Folsom and Gen. S. B. Maxey, afterwards a United States Senator from Texas, to Robert M. Jones; and correspondence between the said Robert M. Jones and his wife and his children; and various letters and papers pertaining to his political activities and the political activities of others in Choctaw politics and Choctaw affairs immediately following the close of the Civil War. Among these papers are letters from the late Campbell LeFlore, of Oak Lodge, Choctaw Nation, and Fort Smith, Arkansas, and Gov. Peter P. Pitchlynn and Gov. Samuel Garland, David Simpson, of Shawneetown, and Gov. Allen Wright, and other papers. Mr. Foreman moved that these photostat copies be accepted and that the Board extend to Judge Williams the thanks of the Society for same. Motion was seconded and carried.

Judge Williams presented to the Society the portrait of Hon. Milas Lasater, who was a member of the Constitutional Convention for the State of Oklahoma and also State Insurance Commissioner by appointment of Governor Haskell, and asked that Judge Samuel W. Hayes be thanked for same. He also presented the portrait of Rev. J. W. Solomon, who for a number of years resided at Mangum, Oklahoma, and asked that the Secretary be instructed to write to Dr. J. B. Rounds and express to him the thanks of the Society for such portrait, and request him to convey such thanks also to the First Baptist Church of Mangum, which had provided such portrait. Mr. Foreman moved that these portraits be received and that the Secretary be directed to write such letters of thanks as indicated in the presentation and requested by Judge Williams. Motion was seconded and carried.

Page 483

The Secretary presented the following list of applicants for membership in the Society:

Life Members: Frank R. Billingslea, Tulsa, and William H. Lininger, Evanston, Ill.

Annual Members: Mrs. G. C. Anderson, Broken Bow; Vera L. Beelee, Muskogee; Mrs. Etta Biles, Wagoner; Mrs. L. W. Broome, Oklahoma City; Lillie L. Brown, Edmond; Roscoe S. Cate, Muskogee; G. E. Cole, Carnegie; Mrs. Gertrude Cornelius, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Anna B. Crouch, Tuttle; Anna L. Dawes, Pittsfield, Mass.; C. A. Delhotal, Laverne; Mrs. J. S. Ellis, Shawnee; Rosine Fink, Ada; Mrs. Fred Fleming, Muskogee; Ed Granger, Carnegie; Mrs. Jess Grider, Strang; Mrs. H. S. Griffeth, Hugo; Mrs. Josie Harbert, Sasakwa; Grace E. Haynes, Nardin; Mrs. C. M. Holiday, Washington; Herman E. Lautaret, Norman; Miss Louie Le Flore, McAlester; Mrs. Emma N. McAllister, Luther; Fred McCarrel, Edmond; Adran Melton, Chickasha; Mrs. Joseph H. Mitchell, Tulsa; Mrs. Bert Moore, Winfield, Kans.; Paul E. Peeler, Elk City; Ralph E. Randels, Forgan; T. G. Sappington, Cloud Chief; J. W. Savage, Binger; L. W. Seaton, Britton; Mrs. Frank Sherwood, Hugo; Dr. Agustin H. Shi, Stratford; Jesse Raymond Thomas, Roswell, N. Mex.; Coleman Ward, Smithville; Mrs. Howard Wilson, Fairfax and Mrs. Charles L. Yancey, Tulsa.

Judge Edwards moved that they be duly elected to membership and after being seconded the motion was carried.

Meeting stood adjourned.

Judge Phil D. Brewer, Vice-President, Presiding

Dan W. Peery,

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