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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 9, No. 3
September, 1931

Page 338

Folklore of Romantic Arkansas, by Fred W. Allsopp, of Little Rock, Arkansas, in two volumes of more than 700 pages, published by the Grolier Society of Kansas City, Mo. Historic and legendary tales, and traditions, relating to the mound builders, Indians, explorers, Missionaries, early settlers, and adventurers of Arkansas, and fanciful stories, songs, and anecdotes connected with the mountains, vales, bluffs, and bends of its rivers and noted men and women, enrich the pages of this interesting book. That the state is a region of poetry and romance as well as of opportunity and achievement is apparent.

Many facts narrated concerning the Indians and other matters overlapping the boundaries of Arkansas and extending to territory now embraced within Oklahoma, make the book of special interest to our readers and students.

Mr. Allsopp is also author of an interesting and well received biography of General Albert Pike. Long a resident of Arkansas, aiding in the growth and watching the progress of the state, and traveling among its people, listening to the stories and tales of early days and stirring times and meeting its noted men and accomplished women, he was additionally equipped for this well performed task.

From these sources he has woven romance that interests both old and young.

It is doubtful if any state has a more complete and interesting narrative of the legends, traditions, and sayings of its people.

R. L. Williams.

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