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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 9, No. 3
September, 1931

Page 225

Many of the Schools of the State will receive the June and September issues of the Chronicles in the same mail—for the reason that the schools were not in session at that date, we decided to hold the June number and mail it with the September number to the public schools. It is to be desired that every school that receives the Chronicles will keep them for historical reference as the articles published can be relied upon as authentic history. In the March number there is mailed to every one who receives the magazine a complete index of the four numbers published the previous year. The four numbers should be bound annually including the index furnished by the Society. They make a fine volume of Oklahoma history.


* * * *

At the Quarterly meeting held April 23, 1931, the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society accepted an invitation from the University of Tulsa to hold the next annual meeting of the Society in the City of Tulsa. The invitation from the University was joined in by the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce. This invitation was accepted and committees were appointed to prepare a program and make all necessary arrangements for the meeting at Tulsa. This meeting will be held some time in January 1932, the exact date will be determined at the quarterly meeting to be held in October of this year. We understand that a splendid program is being prepared for this event. We hope that we will be able to announce in the December number of the Chronicles the program and date of this historical meeting in the city of Tulsa.


Page 226

The map of the Cherokee Strip which we are publishing in connection with the story of the Opening of the Cherokee Outlet, contains in its self a great deal of history. It was made by the surveyors employed by the Cherokee Live Stock Association and is for all practical purposes correct. A careful study of the cattle trails and wagon roads designated on this map will go far towards settling the many controversies as to their routes thru the Strip. The Oklahoma Historical Society has the original copy of this map. It is made on a much larger scale than the copy published in this number of the Chronicles, however, the copy published is accurate and lines are distinct. It is a good specimen of the engravers art.


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