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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 7, No. 4
December, 1929

Page 361


The amended constitution of the Oklahoma Historical Society provides that each member of the Society shall be furnished a ballot upon which is printed the names of the five members of the board of directors whose terms of office expire at the next regular annual meeting of the Society, and also upon the same ballot shall be printed the names of those properly sought to be placed on the ballot by a petition.

One reason for amending the constitution of the Society was that every member of the Society should have an opportunity to vote, though not able to be in attendance at the annual meeting in Oklahoma City, thus giving all who so desire some part in the management of the affairs of the Society.

The amendment provides that you mark or cross out all the names on such ballot except five for whom you wish to vote. Having done this, turn the ballot over and write your name and post office address on such opposite side and mail same to the Secretary of the Oklahoma Historical Society, Oklahoma City, where it will be received and canvassed as provided by the amended constitution. The five names on the ballot not marked out will be counted as the ones for whom you wish to vote.

That you may know where the members of the Board of Directors of the Historical Society live, and who they are, we are running in this editorial the name and residence of each with the date of the expiration of their term of office as director:

Page 362


Ending 1930:
Brewer, Judge Phil. D. ---------------------------- Oklahoma City
Peery, Dan. W. ---------------------------- Carnegie
Taylor, Judge Baxter ---------------------------- Oklahoma City
Williams, Mrs. John R. ---------------------------- Oklahoma City
Durant, W. A. ---------------------------- Oklahoma City
Ending 1931:
Thompson, Judge Wm. P. ---------------------------- Oklahoma City
Edwards, Judge Thos. A. ---------------------------- Oklahoma City
Harbour, Mrs. Emma Estill ---------------------------- Edmond
Moore, Mrs. Jessie R. ---------------------------- Oklahoma City
Johnson, Roy M. ---------------------------- Ardmore
Ending 1932:
Barrett, Gen. Chas. F. ---------------------------- Oklahoma City
Sipes, Jasper ---------------------------- Oklahoma City
Korn, Mrs. Frank ---------------------------- El Reno
Ledbetter, Judge W. A. ---------------------------- Oklahoma City
Key, Gen. Wm. S. ---------------------------- Oklahoma City
Ending 1933:
Sneed, Gen. Richard A. ---------------------------- Oklahoma City
Doyle, Judge Thos. H. ---------------------------- Oklahoma City
Leecraft, Col. Arthur N. ---------------------------- Durant
Frazier, Mrs. John R. ---------------------------- Wilburton
Roblin, Mrs. W. A. ---------------------------- Oklahoma City
Ending 1934:
Williams, Judge Robert L. ---------------------------- Muskogee
Buchanan, Dr. J. S. ---------------------------- Norman
Colcord, Charles F. ---------------------------- Oklahoma City
Foreman, Grant ---------------------------- Muskogee
Lucas, Mrs. Frank ---------------------------- Ponca City

Ex-Officio Member of the Board, Governor of Oklahoma,
W. J. Holloway.

J. Y. B.

One of the most interesting and valuable collections added to the State Historical Society in some time by Mrs. Czarina C. Conlan, Supervisor of the Indian Department, is the “Vinnie Ream Hoxie Memorial Collection.” It was procured in Washington in September, the gift of General and Mrs. Robert L. Hoxie to the State of Oklahoma.

Vinnie Ream Hoxie was an artist of international reputation. Her most noted work is the statue of Lincoln in Statuary Hall, Washington, and the heroic statue of Admiral

Page 363

Farragut that stands in Farragut Square in our National Capitol City.

There was a tender tie between Vinnie Ream Hoxie and Oklahoma, because her only brother had married into the prominent Guy family of the Chickasaw Nation, and reared a family to which she was devoted.

The collection consists of thirty objects, the most outstanding of which is the bust of General Albert Pike, and a bust of Elias C. Boudinot, modeled from life; both were her warm personal friends, and closely allied with the history of Oklahoma; the last picture of Vinnie Ream Hoxie, and many pictures of her different works of art, a small harp that she often played on, books from her private library, and bound volumes of music from her musical library, some of which were composed by her, a study in plaster of Francis C. Willard, the sign of the Vinnie Ream Hoxie Studio, cast in bronze from the propellers of Admiral Farragut's flagship, the Hartford.

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