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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 6, No. 3
September, 1928


Page 299

The Cherokee Indians in all their various treaties with the United States, numbering about twenty, obtained provisions whereby the United States was to exclude intruding white persons from their territory. We find, however, as far back as 1819 in their written laws1 where the Cherokees made provision to take care of and authorize intermarriage. Data concerning the Cherokee Indians concerns Oklahoma and, as a number of the laws under which they lived in Indian Territory were formerly passed in the states of Tennessee and Georgia, it would be interesting to follow their intermarriage laws from the first written in the East to those passed in the West up to about the year 1869.

Several of the old Cherokee Laws and Resolutions start with the words, “Whereas, a law has been in existence for many years, but not committed to writing, that if * * * etc.,” This wording is not prefixed to any of the intermarriage laws and it is reasonable to deduct that prior to 1819 there had been no law on the matter.

This first law passed at “New Town, Cherokee Nation, November 2, 1819” follows:

“RESOLVED BY THE NATIONAL COMMITTEE AND COUNSEL, That any white man who shall hereafter take a Cherokee woman to wife be required to marry her legally by a minister of the gospel or other authorized person, after procuring license from the National Clerk for that purpose, before he shall be entitled and admitted to the privileges of citizenship, and in order to avoid imposition on the part of any white man,

RESOLVED, That any white man who shall marry a Cherokee woman the property of the woman so marry, shall not be subject to the disposal of her

Page 300

husband, contrary to her consent, and any white man so married and parting from his wife without just provocation, shall forfeit and pay to his wife such sum or sums, as may be adjudged to her by the National Committee and Council for said breach of marriage, and be deprived of citizenship, and it is also resolved, that it shall not be lawful for any white man to have more than one wife, and it is also recommended that all others should also have but one wife hereafter.
By order of the National Committee.

Jno Ross, Pres’t N. Com.

Approved—Path (his x mark) Killer

Chas R. Hicks,

A. McCoy, Clerk.”

November 11, 1824, at New Town, Cherokee Nation, a law was passed prohibiting intermarriage between negro slaves and Indians, or whites; providing that slave owners who permitted their negro slaves to intermarry with Indians or whites shall be fined fifty dollars and that any male Indian or male white who should break the law shall be punished with fifty-nine stripes on the bare back and that any Indian or white woman so offending shall be given twenty-five stripes on their backs.

November 10, 1825 a law was passed acknowledging the offspring of Cherokee men and white women to be equally entitled to all the immunities and privileges enjoyed by the citizens descending from the Cherokee race, by the mother’s side. Signed by John Ross, Pres. National Committee and Major Ridge, Speaker of Council. On the same date a law amending the law passed November 2, 1819 was passed as follows:

“Resolved by the National Committee and Council, That the section embraced in the law regulating marriages between white men and Cherokee women, and making it unlawful for white men to have more than one wife, and recommending all others, also, to have but one wife, be, and the same is, hereby amended, so that it shall not be lawful hereafter, for any person or persons whatsoever, to have more than one wife.

Jno Ross, Pres’t N. Com.

Major Ridge, Speaker.

Path (his x mark) Killer.

CH. R. Hicks.

A. McCoy, Clerk N. Com.

B. Boudinot, Clerk N. Council.”

At New Echota, Cherokee Nation, Oct. 15, 1829, a

Page 301

law approved by John Ross, Principal Chief, was passed concerning descent and distribution and providing that should a white man’s Indian wife die without children by him, he shall be deprived of citizenship in the Nation; that should he have children by his Cherokee wife he shall enjoy the privileges of citizenship so long as he shall remain single or shall marry any other citizen of the Nation again; and should he marry a white person, even though he should have Cherokee children, he would lose his rights and be considered an intruder and be expelled from the Nation.

At Tahlequah, Cherokee Nation, (now Cherokee County, Oklahoma) on September 28, 1839,2 a law was passed authorizing intermarriage, providing method and authorizing Clerks of Courts, Ministers and Judges to perform ceremony, providing penalties for wife desertion, providing a five dollar license fee and requiring all Clerks to register licenses, and requiring a certificate from persons performing the marriage ceremony which shall be recorder: and that bigamists shall be expelled as intruders.

November 10, 1843, at Tahlequah, Cherokee Nation, an act was passed repealing the act of September 28, 1839, above, insofar as to Clerks of Courts issuing license and providing that a white man should apply for license to marry a Cherokee woman to the National Council and the Clerk of the National Council is authorized to issue said license. Applicant must alienate himself from the laws of all other nations and support the Constitution of the Cherokee Nation after taking an oath to that effect.

From the compiled laws of the Cherokee Nation, “June 21, 1875, at Ft. Gibson, pursuant to act of Union between the Eastern and Western Cherokees as per the Proclamation of Wm. P. Ross;” we find a law on Intermarriage of White men and foreigners. This provided that applicants shall make satisfactory oath on application that he has no surviving wife from whom he is not divorced, that he shall present a certificate of good moral character signed by at least ten respectable Cherokee Citizens by blood who have known him six months or more; that he pay five dollars fee and subscribe to the following oath

“I do solemnly swear, that I will honor, defend and submit to the constitution and laws of the Cherokee Nation, and will neither claim, nor seek, from the United States, or any other Government, or from the Judicial Tribunals thereof, any protection, privilege

Page 302

or redress incompatible with the same, as guaranteed to the Cherokee Nation by the United States in treaty stipulations entered into between them. So help me God.”

In addition it provided that no other form of marriage was legal and providing a fine of One Hundred Dollars upon every person who assists in solemnizing any other form of marriage; that should the wife of any adopted citizen die the survivor shall enjoy the privileges of Citizenship in the Nation, the same applying to a white woman who had married an Indian man and regardless of whether there were children born of the union; for abandonment of his Indian wife or husband an adopted citizen shall forfeit all rights in the Nation and all property to belong to the Cherokee wife, or wife and her children so abandoned; also provided that should any adopted citizen prosecute a Cherokee in the U. S. Court at Fort Smith, for any reason, said adopted citizen would lose his rights in the nation.

During the year 1887 the Principal Chief, pursuant to a Resolution of the National Council, called upon the Clerks of the various District Courts in the Cherokee Nation for a report to be made from their marriage records of the names and dates of marriage of adopted citizens back to 1865. It is unfortunate that in only a few cases was the name of the Cherokee wife given in the reports. The reports available will be given in full, as the remarks of the Clerks are of interest.

No. Name Date License Race Remarks
1 J. F. Right April 28th, 1878 White No petition recorded Living in Goingsnake Dist.
2 R. L. England Sept. 11th, 1880 No petition recd. Resides Del. Dist.
3 John Hunt Sept. 12th, 1880 No pet. RR—Flint D. 4th marriage no license issued
4 J. W. Kelley July 21st, 1883
5 B. T. Chandler Oct. 2nd, 1880 Goingsnake
6 John W. Goss Apr. 29th, 1880 Flint Dist.
7 Charles D. England Dec. 18th, 1880 Del.
8 Cidney C. Ludlow Jan. 24th, 1880 Dead.
9 John P. Panter Sept. 24th, 1881 Flint Dist.
10 Morgan Pyath Jan. 15th, 1878 Tah. Dist
11 William Angel Mar. 21st, 1878 Del.

Page 303

No. Name Date License Race Remarks
12 James Collins Dec. 2nd, 1868 White I know this party.
13 M. L. Butler Feb. 26th, 1880 I know of this party.
14 W. N. Littlejohn Aug. 11th, 1869 Flint Dist.
15 J. Y. Stokes. There is no license Recorded nor petition, there is a certificate recorded by S. A. Bigbey that he issued license to J. Y. Stokes on the 29th of March, 1879 Flint Dist.
16 Alfred C. Hampton Mar. 22nd, 1879 White Del. Dist. I think.
17 Tomas Angel March 1st, 1879 R. in Del Dist.
18 John W. Chandler Feb. 1879 Flint Dist.
19 Walter Ferguson Oct. 2nd, 1878 Flint Dist.
20 Felix N. Witt May 16th, 1868 Goingsnake Dist.
21 John F. M. Christie Nov. 19th, 1868 Goingsnake Dist.
22 Robt. H. F. Thompson Apr. 1st, 1869 Tah. Dist.
23 Franklin Andrews Apr. 17th, 1869 Goingsnake.
24 Samuel H. Dollahight Nov. 26th, 1869 I dont know where he is.
25 Rufus Allison Mar. 19th, 1870 Flint Dist.
26 D. Wilson Harrison Mar. 15th, 1870 Del. Dist.
27 Hugh Hollan Aug. 21st, 1869 Tah. Dist.
28 Joseph Hunt Nov. 8th, 1870 Del. Dist.
29 John Lemastis Feb. 13th, 1871 Flint Dist.
30 James Cloud Apr. 22nd, 1871 Flint Dist.
31 Sam Schable Feb. 20th, 1871 Tah. Dist.
32 James M. Ralley Feb. 14th, 1871 Sequoyah Dist.
33 Callis Jones Feb. 22nd, 1871 Col. Sequoyah Dist.
34 L. S. Sanders Mar. 18th, 1871 White Flint Dist.
35 Joseph Kincade Mar. 23rd, 1871 Goingsnake Dist.
36 Charles Patterson June 2nd, 1871 Flint Dist.
37 John Holland July 18th, 1871 Flint Dist.
38 Phillip Johnson Nov. 20th, 1873 White Tah. Dist.

Page 304

No. Name Date License Race Remarks
39 James M. Price Nov. 26th, 1873 Sequoyah Dist.
40 Sarah E. Tramble Dec. 16th, 1873 White Female Tahlequah Dist.
41 George Pinley Sept. 1st, 1872 White Dead.
42 R. W. Borck Dec. 28th, 1872 Del. I think.
43 A. B. Hampton Jan. 19th, 1874 Del. Dist.
44 George Bradley Mar. 14th, 1873 I don't (know) any thing of him.
45 Robt. Miller Mar. 30th, 1869 I don't (know) any thing of him.
46 W. P. Winters Mar. 13th, 1877 Dead
47 Isaac Pain Feb. 2nd, 1878 Resides Flint Dist.
48 Lewis Neighbours July 25th, 1878 Died in Del Dist.
49 Robt. Earley June 21st, 1884 Resides Goingsnake Dist.
50 John Price Dec. 16th, 1884 Resides Sequoyah Dist.
51 John L. Johnson Feb. 13th, 1886 Resides Flint Dist.
52 Eliga Johnson June 9th, 1886 Resides Flint Dist.
53 Geo. A. Waters Sept. 10th,1886 Resides Illinois Dist.
54 Homer H. Hines Oct. 5th, 1886 Resides Del. Dist.
55 Geo. Gassiway Oct. 18th, 1885 Resides Flint Dist.
56 John Carden Jan. 29th, 1887 Resides Flint Dist.
57 John W. Hannahs Feb. 16th, 1887 Resides Flint Dist.

I hereby certify that the foregoing (57) fifty seven names on (3) three pages is correct according to Register of the Marriage License in this office.

Given from my hand and seal of office on this the 5th day of November 1889.

(Seal Justice Dist Court. Cherokee Nation).


Clerk, Flint Dist.

C. N.

List of Persons who have obtained marriage licenses under intermarriage law in Delaware District, C. N.

No. Name Date License Race Remarks
Names of wife and of what tribe.
1 S. O. James Feb. 8th, 1884 White Subrena L. Ballard, Cherokee by blood.
2 W. R. Gray Jan. 25th, 1883 Mary Day, Shawney by blood.
3 John T. Davis Nov. 19th, 1886 Lusie Hulderbrand, Cherokee by blood.

Page 305

No. Name Date License Race Remarks
4 James H. Harmon Apr. 22nd, 1887 Flora Jackson.
5 Isaac Shouse Dec. 3rd, 1886 Louisa Woodall, Cherokee by blood.
6 Geo. Jackson Jan. 17th, 1887 Ellender Dawson.
7 S. C. Wallen (Separated) Sept. 17th, 1885 Eliza Woodard, Cherokee by blood.
8 Riley Dixon Sept. 5th, 1885 Susie Hendrix.
9 John Sulliven July 16th, 1885 Addie Love.
10 Willis Battles Mar. 25th, 1884 Emily J. Clark.
11 Willard Rentfro May 16th, 1884 Carie Hoff.
12 Allen Blevens Mar. 26th, 1884 Laura Ward, Cherokee by blood.
13 A. J. Smith (Deserted) Aug. 2nd, 1885 Nancy Silverhale, Shawney by blood.
14 W. M. Rosebud Feb. 24th, 1885 Lucy G. Ballard, Cherokee by blood.
15 Andrew Snider Nov. 27th, 1886 Syntha Muskrat, Cherokee by blood.
16 W. H. Fora June 2nd, 1886 M.W. Willis, Cherokee by blood.
17 B. M. Cox Nov. 1st, 1885 R.J. Duncan, Cherokee by blood.
18 Bert Coal Aug. 30th, 1884 Lucy Riley.
19 S. W. Bond Oct. 11th, 1884 Eller Brown, Cherokee by blood.
20 W. H. Whitney Nov. 8th, 1884 .L E. Foreman, Cherokee by blood.
21 Elias Jenkins July 13th, 1885 Mandy Esyton, Cherokee by blood.
22 Henry Kufer Feb. 17th, 1885 Sarah Hawkins, Cherokee by blood.
23 Jacob Duboys Mar. 14, 1885 Mary Thornton, Cherokee by blood.
24 L. D. Donnell (Divorced) Aug. 28th, 1885 Rebecca Dooley.
25 R. L. Payne July 16th, 1887 A.M. Clark, Cherokee by blood.
26 Henry Bradcliff Nov. 5th, 1885 White Lucy Hilderbrand Cherokee by blood.
27 John S. Thomason June 5th, 1886 R. F. Nidiffer Cherokee by blood.
28 Jason Stilly Nov. 22nd, 1885 L. A. Daniel Cherokee by blood.
29 A. J. Smith Dec. 16th, 1885 Ellen Miller.
30 William Smith Jan. 6th, 1886 M. J. Foreman Cherokee by blood.
31 G. E. Gantson Jan. 14th, 1886 Allice Purcell
32 J. R. Wheeler Dec. 1901, 1885 Allis Wheeler.
33 H. T. Richardson July 10th, 1886 Seller Dawson.

Page 306

No. Name Date License Race Remarks
34 James Foust Dec. 21st, 1885 Roseller McGhee, Cherokee by blood.
35 W. T. Adams (Separated) Sept. 3rd, 1886 Jane Torbet Cherokee by blood.
36 Asa Simerson June 14th, 1886 Cora Windfield.
37 J. A. Howe Apr. 30th, 1887 Helia Crone.
38 R. F. Kelly Apr. 25th, 1885 M. Miller Cherokee by blood.
39 H. O. Riggs Apr. 27th, 1885 Miler Martin.
40 W. M. Kelly Dec. 22nd, 1885 Delila Harlin Cherokee by blood.
41 H. H. More Sept. 6th, 1884 Allis Owens (Dec.) Cherokee by blood.
42 Charley More Jan. 17th, 1887 Mollie Dawson.
43 W. Crotzer May 18th, 1886 Emma Vann.
44 Henry H. Curry May 10th, 1880 M. E. Lindsey.
45 C. F. McGinnis Jan. 16th, 1879 Sarah England Cherokee by blood.
46 L. S. Arnel May 23rd, 1877 Josie C. Blyth Cherokee by blood.
47 C. C. Louther Dec. 11th, 1870 Josie Louther.
48 Benjamin Chouteau Mar. 27th, 1880 Maria Shaw.
49 Wm. F. Smith Feb. 25th, 1886 Lucy Dougherty.
50 J. W. Evens Feb. 10th, 1880 Victoria Tibelow, Delaware.
51 J. W. Skinner Sept. 18th, 1876 Lucy Pork, Cherokee by blood.
52 James Cowel Aug. 12th, 1878 M. A. England, Cherokee by blood.
53 Geo. Allen June 9th, 1873 White Rosa Luty.
54 E. D. Brown Sept. 25th, 1876 Lizzee Brown.
55 H. D. Coates Apr. 1st, 1875 Eliza Jane Crugg.
56 J. R. Bivins Apr. 2nd, 1875 Safrona Crugg.
57 Wm. Brown Mar. 29th, 1875 Georgian McGhee, Cherokee by blood.
58 Frank Cowel Mar. 9th, 1879 Jane Conner Cherokee by blood.
59 Wm. Warner (divorced) Apr. 20th, 1880 Mary McNully Cherokee by blood.
60 Patrick Brogan July 25th, 1875 Polly McLaughlin Cherokee by blood.
61 James Brown July 28th, 1875 An Eliza Lucy.
62 Geo. Cox (Deceased) Mar. 1st, 1872 Rebecca Coplan, Cherokee.
63 John T. Caywood Mar. 7th, 1875 Matecin Bryant.

Page 307

No. Name Date License Race Remarks
64 Henry Brown(Deceased) Oct. 23rd, 1878 Eller McGhee, Cherokee by blood.
65 W. H. Curtice Feb. 16th, 1880 Lulie Gunter Cherokee by blood.
66 G. W. More May 18th, 1880 Mary Hickox, Cherokee by blood.
67 A. C. Cormicle Sept. 29th, 1876 Mary Parris.
68 V. L. Benton June 26th, 1879 Mary J. Woodall, Cherokee.
69 John Stivison Dec. 17th, 1876 Cora Polson, Cherokee by blood.
70 Morris Frazer Aug. 7th, 1878 Susie F. Kell, Cherokee by blood.
71 John Weaver Aug, 6th, 1876 Mary Roudell, Cherokee.
72 Patrick Shanaban Feb. 28th, 1879 Charlotte Rudgers.
73 Henry M. Watson May 24th, 1880 Sarah Fields.
74 Francis Fritz Dec. 6th, 1878 Aggy Foster.
75 A. V. Edmondson Feb. 4th, 1874 Nancy Adaire, Cherokee by blood.
76 William Suleven Oct. 15th, 1878
77 John L. Bates Aug. 14th, 1878 Perlina Shelton, Cherokee by blood.
78 Jefferson Lyons (Deceased) Feb. 12th, 1879 Col. Louiza Buffington, Col.
79 K. Hill Aug. 28th, White Elizabeth Earle, Delaware.
80 S. T. Terry Mar. 13th, 1878 White W. N. Large, Cherokee by blood.
81 J. H. Cochee Mar. 20th, 1879 Martha Buffington, Cherokee by blood.
82 H. S. Hill Aug. 28th, 1880 Rubeca Dyal, Cherokee by blood.
83 J. W. Williamson Mar. 15th, 1879 Eliza Fields, Cherokee by blood.
84 G. W. Green Dec. 11th, 1875 Looly Blyth, Cherokee by blood.
85 D. Ferrel Aug. 7th, Mary Bary, Cherokee by blood.
86 J. D. Smith Feb. 7th, 1879 Eliza Fields, Cherokee by blood.
87 James Jolliff (Dec.) Feb. 7th, 1876 Chussey Munroe, Cherokee by blood.
88 Sam Glenn Nov. 13th, 1875 Ancy An Glenn Cherokee by blood.
89 John F. Miller Nov. 23rd, 1880 Nancy H. Cary Cherokee by blood.
90 R. P. Riley July 27th, 1878 Lucy Dyal, Cherokee by blood.
91 Madison Gamble May 31st, 1882 Julie Wheeler, Shawney by blood.
92 W. S. Nance Oct. 9th, 1872 Sarah A. Vann.
93 Thomas Johnson June 9th, 1877 Rebecca Davis.

Page 308

No. Name Date License Race Remarks
94 A.V. Flint July 11th, 1879 Mrs. Tyner.
95 E. N. Radcliff Oct. 19th, 1882 E. E. Radcliff formerly Miss. Foster.
96 Richard Hitcherson Dec. 2nd, 1878
97 Wyly C. Emry (Deceased) June 4th, 1873 Loucender Blevens (Dec.) Cherokee.
98 John Harris Dec. 14th, 1874 Polly Cornwell.
99 J. E. Hanna (Deceased) July 1st, 1874 Johanna McGhee, Cherokee by blood.
100 W. B. Hamford (married out) Jan. 19th, 1875 White Lousa Munroe, (deceased) Cherokee by blood.
101 S. H. Hawkins, deserted, Dec. 13th, 1875 Susan Henderson, Cherokee by blood.
102 Bryant Falling Feb. 7th, 1876 Sarah Fawlin.
103 William Habith Feb. 26th, 1876 Mary Williams.
104 L. O. Flint Aug. 25th, 1876 Delila Ballard, Cherokee by blood.
105 Lewis Fields Sept. 29th, 1876 Sarah Schrimsher.
106 Wm. James, Married out, Nov. 2nd, 1875 Amanda Perry, (Deceased)
107 Garrett James May 8th, 1875 Mary Hudson.
108 W. M. Colwell Apr. 27th, 1881 White Cussey Humphrey, (Deceased) Cherokee by blood.
109 O. P. Bole Nov. 10th, 1877 Lydia Graves.
110 J. C. McSpadden Apr. 4th, 1879 F. E. Hoytt.
111 Dungerfiel Godman Feb. 22nd, 1887 Eliza Buffington.
112 W. J. S. Walls July 2nd, 1881 Martha Countryman.
113 John Evans Sept. 9th, 1882 Martha Johnson.
114 W. D. Ritter Aug. 22nd, 1882 N. E. Wolf.
115 E. W. A. Lynch Jan. 28th, 1876 Jane Rankin.
116 John Thomas Mar. 28th, 1876 Mary Jones.
117 Jas H. Akins June 16th, 1880 Fonerle Poole, Cherokee by blood.
118 Thompson Tarbit (Dec.) Dec. 18th, 1876 Jane McCrayer.
119 L. C. Lunere, married out, Nov. 23rd, 1873 Annie C. Washburn, deceased Cherokee by blood.
120 John W. Lane Feb. 26th, 1874 Mrs. V. Anderson.
121 E. S. Lain Mar. 29th, 1875 Narcissa Luther.
122 J. B. Ladd Apr. 3rd, 1875 Mary Vann.

Page 309

No. Name Date License Race Remarks
123 E. W. W. Lykins Apr. 9th, 1875 S. A. Burnett.
124 T. B. Lamore Dec. 6th, 1880 And Polly Wicket, Cherokee by blood.
125 Lewis More Betty Goodwin, Cherokee by blood.
126 James Miller Mar. 25th, 1879 Colored Ruth Buzard.
127 Joseph McRandal Apr. 3rd, 1878 Sarah Lauly.
128 James Smith July 8th, 1881 White Sarah E. Ralston.
129 Wm. Toflinire June 6th, 1881 Betty Miller, Cherokee by blood.
139 John Kimbo Apr. 28th, 1879 Hannah Starr.
131 James McCornish Sept. 1st, 1879 Sarah Rankins.
132 Wm. Willis Mar. 27th, 1883 Eliza Woodard, Cherokee by blood.
133 M. A. Allixzander Feb. 18th, 1884 Loundu Cox.
134 John Chandler Jan. 4th, 1883 Rosa Lundey, Delaware.
135 Franklin P. McLane Jan. 13th, 1878 S. V. Prather.
136 Andrew Tyner Feb. 17th, 1877 Asa Beck, Cherokee by blood.
137 J. M. Gossett May 28th, 1879 Macy Thornton, Cherokee by blood.
138 Wm. Patzol Mar. 24th, 1879 Eugenee Davison.

Cherokee Nation

Delaware Dist.

I hereby certify that the foregoing and within list of-------- names are a true list of the names of persons who have obtained marriagelicense in this (Delaware) District under the Intermarriage laws of this Nation as the said list is of record in this office either in the form of Register or memorandum, or of copies, abstracts or notes of the original licenses, on file or belonging to this office. This the 5 day of October, 1887.


Clk. Del. Dist. C. N.

No. Name Date License Race Remarks
139 G. W. Collins Aug. 11th, 1879 White Miss Horne, Cherokee by blood.
140 G. W. Momenger Aug. 22nd, 1876 Sarah Percell.
141 R. P. Palmore May 27th, 1874 Sarah Flutewood, I dont know what she is.
142 S. Phillips Nov. 20th, 1874 Ruth Cornell.
143 Fredrick Flute Mar. 6th, 1878 White Che ne cha, Cherokee by blood.
144 L. J. Kellogg June 2nd, 1877 (Don't know them) Sarah Kellog.
145 W. D. Highsmith Aug. 9th, 1883 White Molly Nidiffer, Cherokee by blood.
146 Fredrick Fluke July 4th, 1877 Eliza Walker.

Page 310

No. Name Date License Race Remarks
147 Thos Hawkins, dec. May 4th, 1879 Sarah C. Brock, Cherokee by blood.
148 John List Mar. 2nd, 1874 Charlotte Rogers.
149 Joseph Rude Mar. 4th, 1874 Jose Chastain.
150 T. S. Remson Feb. 6th, 1875 Esther Monroe, Cherokee by blood.
151 C. H. C. Preston May 7th, 1877 Martha Lamere, Cherokee by blood.
152 W. W. Stuart Oct. 15th, 1873 Manerva Daugherty.
153 Myron Shelton, dec'd, Feb. 19th, 1874 Pelina Shoutou, Cherokee by blood.
154 Enock Southerland Mar. 2nd, 1874 Abell Schrimsher, dec'd, Cherokee by blood.
155 Allen B. Sellers Oct. 22nd, 1874 White Mary Jane White.
156 W. L. Singelton Mar. 3rd, 1881 Anna Sherelough, Shawnee.
157 J. A. Thomas Sept. 5th, 1874 Johanna Williams.
158 J. H. Stafford July 12th, 1877 Amanda Large.
159 P. S. James Sept. 4th, 1877 M. E. Vann.
160 Peter Tovey Sept. 20th, 1877 Susan Martin.
161 E. B. Frayser Dec. 22nd, 1877 Mary Vann, Cherokee by blood.
162 Charley Tyler Jan. 13th, 1882 Ruth Schrimsher.
163 William Little Feb. 4th, 1882 Ressee Little.
164 George Dune Oct. 9th, 1878 Nancy Robin.
165 R. D. Perry Dec. 29th, 1881 Ellen Ward.
166 F. H. Wasson June 23rd, 1873 Mary Vannermon.
167 Warn Williams Oct. 8th, 1873 Mary Daugherty, Shawney.
168 Charley Windfield Feb. 25th, 1875 Alcy Pigeon, Cherokee by blood.
169 James Conwell Mar. 14th, 1879 Miss Rodgers.
170 R. B. Neighbors Aug. 2nd, 1879 Miss Horne.
171 M. McBorn, deserted, July 7th, 1879 Elizabeth Queen, Cherokee by blood.
172 Elexander Main, dec'd, July 26th, 1878 Sophronia Schrimsher, Cherokee by blood.
173 Seth R. Hall Jan. 6th, 1880 Mary J. Fields.
174 B. E. Scott Dec. 8th, 1879 Sabrena Lindsey.
175 S. Edmonson Feb. 9th, 1879 Flourance Williams, Cherokee.

Page 311

No. Name Date License Race Remarks
176 E. A. Grant, dec'd, Feb. 4th, 1880 Susan Enloe, Cherokee.
177 Christoper Young Mar. 29th, 1880 Ced B. Gore.
178 M. L. Frazier June 7th, 1880 Martha Ballard, Cherokee by blood.
179 J. D. Kelly June 27th, 1880 Susan C. Cary, Cherokee by blood.
180 Ole Olson July 29th, 1880 Lidy Hawk, Cherokee by blood.
181 William Miller July 19th, 1880 Ellen Blyth, Cherokee by blood.
182 J. T. Jones, deceased, Aug. 17th, 1880 Karcy McLaughlin, Cherokee by blood.
183 G. O. Roby Nov. 24th, 1880 Martha Dial.
184 Samuel Burns Dec. 24th, 1880 White Eltia Hitchcock, Cherokee by blood.
185 Z. J. Lynch Dec. 27th, 1880 Rebecca Muskrat, Cherokee by blood.
186 R. F. Browning Mar. 28th, 1881 Mary Parks, Cherokee by blood.
187 Theado Kelly June 25th, 1881 Dieus Duncan, deceased.
188 George S. Ford Oct. 10th, 1881 Virginia Parish, Shawney.
189 L. C. Couch Oct. 12th, 1881 Doudiser Parks, Cherokee.
190 U. B. Rains Oct. 22nd, 1881 Josie Ward, Cherokee.
191 J. C. Mayes Jan. 3rd, 1884 Susie Ballard, Cherokee.
192 Joseph Thatsher Oct. 3rd, 1883 Mary L. Ketchum, Delaware.
193 E. M. Arnel Jan. 13th, 1884 Victory Powell, Cherokee.
194 James Hunter Feb. 19th, 1884 Lila A. Willson, Cherokee.
195 John W. Jones June 4th, 1884 Johanna Hanna, Cherokee.
196 Franklin B. Browning June 23rd, 1884 Sarah H. Fields, Cherokee.
197 G. W. Taylor June 27th, 1884 Ellen Scraper, Cherokee.
198 W. Sager, divorced, Oct. 1st, 1882 Mary Ann Chuke, Cherokee.
199 D. Timbrooks Apr. 2nd, 1883 Mollie G. Foreman, Cherokee.
200 William Gamble Feb. 4th, 1884 Louiza Wheeler, Shawney.
201 Elisha Hargis, deserted, Mar. 3rd, 1883 Nancy J. Walker.
202 Anderson Keene Apr. 21st, 1883 Nancy Ann Shornlin, Cherokee.
203 J. D. Massey Oct. 27th, 1884 Rachel McGhee, Cherokee.
204 J. C. Buckhannon Oct. 6th, 1883 Josse England, Cherokee.
205 P. G. Browning Oct. 7th, 1883 Nellie Flint, Shawney.

Page 312

No. Name Date License Race Remarks
206 Farlenton Gray Nov. 2nd, 1883 Joseanna Mange, Cherokee.
207 R. H. Crotzer Aug. 9th, 1883 Fanny Todd, Shawney.
208 J. T. Hardy Feb. 28th, 1883 M. E. Polson, Cherokee.
209 Henry Frelick Jan. 20th, 1885 Mary Elmore.
210 W. R. Smith Dec. 12th, 1884 Eduhah Lundy, Delaware.
211 James D. Yost Sept. 24th, 1872 Virginia Ketchum, Delaware.
212 G. H. Carry Dec. 21st, 1886 White Mary Ann Chuke, Cherokee.
213 Robt. Wann Aug. 6th, 1887 R. L. Lynch, Cherokee
214 Jas Alcorne, dec'd, Nov. 30th, 1868 Mary Daniels, Cherokee.
215 H. Allizander, deserted, July 1st, 1868 Mary Milton, Cherokee.
216 C. Barney, dec'd, Dec. 1st, 1867 Inelanna England, Cherokee.
217 J. B. Bray May 21st, 1868 Sarah Estridge, Cherokee
218 Gilbert Bolin Feb. 17th, 1868 Eliza Chuk, Cherokee by blood.
219 S. D. Brown July 9th, 1868 Lucy Ward, Cherokee by blood.
220 J. H. Bendosa, dec'd, July 21st, 1869 S. J. Ward, Cherokee by blood.
221 W. S. Baryman Nov. 3rd, 1870 Elizabeth Garett.
222 Abe Dyal Feb. 6th, 1878 Lucy Keeton.
223 Jas Duncan Feb. 6th, 1868 Tempy Schrimsher, Cherokee.
224 F. L. Don Collos Sept. 1st, 1869 Allis Hulderbrand, Cherokee.
225 Henry Donelly Oct. 21st, 1869 Emma Daniel, Cherokee.
226 J. B. Dobkins Dec. 29th, 1869 Madora Little, Cherokee.
227 L. H. Duncan Dec. 29th, 1869 Penelolpa Crazy.
228 L. D. Daney Aug. 17th, 1870 Luisa Morris, Cherokee.
229 J. C. Clark July 2nd, 1870 Endosa Were, Cherokee.
230 N. F. Carr Feb. 17th, 1868 Lee Rogers, Cherokee.
231 Geo. Fields Dec. 1st, 1868 Eliza J. McGhee, Cherokee.
232 G. W. Goudy, deserted, Feb. 14th, 1870 C. F. Trott, Cherokee.
233 Wm. H. Haysten Dec. 1st, 1867 L. J. Williams, Cherokee.
234 Wm. Hamilton, deserted, June 16th, 1868 Nancy Ward, Cherokee.

Page 313

No. Name Date License Race Remarks
235 Thos Hickox, deceased, Nov. 19th, 1868 Mary Weire, Cherokee.
236 Wm. Howell Feb. 10th, 1869 Eliza Ballard, Cherokee.
237 Albert Harlin Sept. 23rd, 1870 Matilda Cartice, Cherokee.
238 Solon James Oct. 29th, 1869 Louse Lane.
239 N. B. Lucky June 1st, 1868 White Lucy an Howel, Cherokee by blood.
240 Wm. Luki, deserted, Mar. 1st, 1869 Nansee, McNully.
241 G. W. Luckey June 28th, 1869 Patcy Auther, Cherokee.
242 James Martin Jan. 6th, 1869 Monday Walker.
243 Dr. Jas. Mcduff, dec'd, July 3rd, 1868 Cussey Humphrey, Cherokee.
244 W. S. More Dec. 8th, 1870 L. J. Schrimsher.
245 Robt. Nix Nov. 16th, 1869 Subrena Nidiffer, Cherokee.
246 Andrew Prock, dec'd. Apr. 4th, 1870 Frances McGhee, Cherokee.
247 R. A. Prather Feb. 5th, 1869 Caroline Rogers.
248 John Priest, dec'd, Sept. 17th, 1870 Madora Welch, Cherokee.
249 G. W. Selvidge, dec'd, Dec. 11th, 1867 S. A. Beck, Cherokee.
250 Samuel Smith, dec'd, Apr. 29th, 1868 Louisa Jackson.
251 Isaac Smith, dec'd, Jan. 20th, 1869 Jane Willis, Cherokee.
252 B. F. Sherman, dec'd, Oct. 27th, 1869 Sabro Stover, Cherokee.
253 August Sager Apr. 3rd, 1870 Emoline Little.
254 J. C. Williamson 1870 Mrs. Boolis, Shawnee.
255 L. B. Smith Mar. 22nd, 1870 F. C. Reny.
256 Wm. Tyler Mar 2nd, 1870 Paulliny Dyal.
257 D. M. Little, dec'd, Feb. 8th, 1868 Rose A. Ward.
258 Thomas Whiple Aug. 17th, 1869 Sarah Grimit.
259 Ira Williams, dec'd, Sept. 7th, 1869 Mary Davis, Cherokee.
260 G. W. Williams Sept. 26th, 1870 Malindy Countryman, Cherokee.
261 Jacob Yeargen June 9th, 1870 Laura Fields, Cherokee.
262 J. C. Yeargan Mar. 24th, 1869 Mary Kinny.
263 J. T. Martin Sept. 19th, 1870 Sarah E. Fields, Cherokee.
264 Charles Barney, dec'd, Dec. 19th, 1870 Frances C. McGuire.
265 William Donaldson Feb. 3rd, 1871 Virginia Tibelow, Delaware.

Page 314

No. Name Date License Race Remarks
266 William Blair Jan. 13th, 1872 Cathrine Dial.
267 C. C. Dooley Jan. 3rd, 1872 Elizabeth Malaster.
268 Jack Blevens Aug. 10th, 1871 White Nancy Humphrey, Cherokee by blood.
269 Edmon Carr Mar. 15th, 1871 Chickasaw Susan Parks, Cherokee.
270 J. L. Cushman, deserted, June 13th, 1871 White Mary Alizander, Cherokee.
271 John Charley (left) Feb. 25th, 1871 Peoria Louisa Cumgan, Cherokee.
272 John Clark Dec. 2nd, 1871 White Nancy Hamilton, Cherokee.
273 G. W. Currey Jan. 1st, 1874 Aylcey Prock, Cherokee.
274 Osbin Bird Jan. 9th, 1874 Lucindy Caselough, Shawnee.
275 Abriham Meeks Jan. 10th, 1874 Briller Schrimsher.
276 Isaac Murford, dec'd. June 24th, 1871 Cressy Mcduff, dec'd, Cheroke
277 Issac Mode Dec. 8th, 1872 Sarah Nediffer, Cherokee.
278 Harmon Benson Jan. 17th, 1874 Mariah Squirrel.
279 Wm. Louden Jan. 23rd, 1874 Smithee J. Thomas.
280 Wm. Diston Jan. 23rd, 1874 Sarah Jane Stephens.
281 Wm. Reckner, dec'd, May 27th, 1871 Mary Cricket.
282 John Parks Dec. 28th, 1871 Mollie E. Prather.
283 John Seares, dec'd, Feb. 3rd, 1874 Sabri J. Foster, dec'd, Cheroke
284 John J. Smith July 12th, 1871 Sarah Welch, Cherokee.
285 Geo. Southerlin May 12th, 1873 Tempy Schrimsher, Cherokee.
286 D. D. Thornton Feb. 1st, 1872 Susan Delane, Cherokee.
287 S. C. Cox June 12th, 1873 Rubeca Copeland.
288 O. J. Olney May 17th, 1873 Marget Duncan.
289 H. H. Wasson June 23rd, 1873 Mary Vonnerman, Cherokee.
290 Henry W. Hall Mar. 17th, 1872 Rachel Britton.
291 James Young Apr. 14th, 1872 Elmura Godard.
292 R. L. Conley Apr. 26th, 1872 Suanah Davis.
293 A. T. C. Jennings June 20th, 1872 Jane Landrum, Cherokee.
294 W. T. Davis July 3rd, 1872 F. C. Ballard, Cherokee.

Page 315

No. Name Date License Race Remarks
295 W. L. Laserter July 20th, 1872 Emily Willsen, Delaware.
296 Jacob Hizer Sept. 5th, 1872 Mary E. Tittle.
297 John Clark Sept. 27th, 1872 White Jesephene James.
298 James Hawkins Oct. 5th, 1872 Cathrin Dyle.
299 Henry Fry (separated) Nov. 21st, 1872 Betty Nultire, Cherokee.
300 James H. More Nov. 22nd, 1872 Nancy J. Brown.
301 Jacob Jackson Dec. 5th, 1872 Mary Clifford.
302 S. M. Ramsey, deserted, Dec. 11th, 1872 T. C. Perry, deceased.
303 John Percell Jan. 11th, 1873 Sarah Kelly.
304 John Burnes Jan. 1st, 1873 R. P. Trott, deceased.
305 James Morell Jan. 3rd, 1873 Eliza Hollen.
306 D. C. Finn, deserted, Jan. 13th, 1873 Aceneth Parrish.
307 Jasper Thomas Jan. 14th, 1873 Cathrine King.
308 Geo. Allen June 9th, 1873 Rose Luty.
309 Wm. U. Stewart Oct. 9th, 1873 Horn Dougherty.
309½ Frank Conner Oct. 14th, 1873 Rebecca Swimmer.
310 W. A. Wilkins Feb. 11th, 1874 Bery C. Lankford.

Clerk Office. Delaware District this is to certify by me that the within and foregoing 11 pages are true copy from the Record of marriage licenses issued in Delaware District from the year 1868 to year 1887 except the one issued to one Brough. Which I revoked on the ground that Chasteon was reported not being a Cherokee Citizen neither him nor his wife or his children on this the 5th day of Oct. 1887.


T. J. McGhee,

Clerk Delaware District

C. N.

”To the Executive Department

of the Cherokee Nation.

Dr. Sir.

I will give you the names of the different clerks who had a hand in issuing some of the marriage licens to citizens of the United States to marry women here in Delaware Dist. Cherokee Nation. Whether all those women were Cherokee or not I do not know. The report I sent you under the Head of Remarks you will see operset of the Females name who I have said Cherokee by blood as to some of the other marriage licenses issued by the following named Clerks I can't say what tribe of women they were, I see some names I never heard tell of until I over Rolled this marriage record, towit:

No. of marriage license issued by S. N. Melton as shown by

Record -------------------- 17
No. licens issued by James E. Harlin -------------------- 50

Page 316

No. licens issued by J. T. Cunningham -------------------- 43
No. licens issued by Walker Daniel -------------------- 1
No. licens issued by R. T. Cary -------------------- 42
No. licens issued by H. T. Landrum -------------------- 15
No. licens issued by J. L. Thompson -------------------- 3
No. licens issued by J. C. Trott -------------------- 2
No. licens issued by J. B. Harlin -------------------- 5
Total -------------------- 180


Yours respectfully,

T. J. McGhee,

Clerk Delaware District,

Cherokee Nation.”


Names of persons who have obtained marriage licenses under the Intermarriage Law in Goingsnake Dist., C. N.

No. Name Date License Race Remarks
1 Wm. Quarles Aug. 5th, 1871 White Sarah Morris.
2 Wm. Crowder July 5th, 1869 Polly Foreman.
3 John Rogers Mar. 17th, 1880 Sally Garrett.
4 R. C. Fuller Sept. 15th, 1880 T. M. Steel.
5 J. W. Thomas Oct. 22nd, 1880 M. J. Ward.
6 —Hosey Apr. 10th, 1881
7 R. S. Steward Nov. 7th, 1880
8 George Craig Mar. 26th, 1880
9 B. G. Hollan Jan. 23rd, 1881
10 Wm. H. Snow Feb. 23rd, 1881 Snow is a resident of Cooweeshoo and have been informed he had abandoned his wife but don't know for certain.
11 G. W. Talbert Nov. 22nd, 1876
12 A. J. Kiser Oct. 9th, 1881
13 J. N. Bee Feb. 25th, 1882
14 James McHenry July 29th, 1882
15 Tom Kirk Apr. 17th, 1882 Colored
16 Wm. Whitenhunt Nov. 4th, 1881 White
17 J. H. Scott July 24th, 1882
18 Charles Knoblet Oct. 25th, 1882
19 A. E. Harless Dec. 1st, 1882
20 Mathew Cordry Dec. 16th, 1882

Page 317

No. Name Date License Race Remarks
21 William Knoblet June 8th, 1883
22 J. A. Moreland Feb. 5th, 1883
23 W. S. Smith July 12th, 1883
24 Wm. Rider Aug. 10th, 1883
25 J. T. Murphy Aug. 12th, 1883
26 William Hern Nov. 22nd, 1883
27 J. M. Garrett Oct. 9th, 1883
28 A. E. Holland Feb. 9th, 1884
29 John W. Howeston Apr. 11th, 1884
30 George W. Talbert Oct. 22nd, 1884
31 J. L. Washington Aug. 12th, 1885
32 W. J. T. Smith Aug. 14th, 1885
33 R. J. McCoy Jan. 25th, 1885
34 Charles Pack Jan. 27th, 1885
35 N. L. Martin Jan. 30th, 1885
36 Lee Spears Dec. 1st, 1885
37 Joseph Hins Dec. 17th, 1884
38 Tillman Chance Jan. 22th, 1887
39 W. H. Thomason Jan. 7th, 1887
40 William Grigsby Dec. 11th, 1886
41 R. Green Aug. 25th, 1887
42 Hugh Willis July 27th, 1887
43 J. H. Abbott Sept. 1st, 1874
44 H. N. Adington Sept. 1st, 1874
45 Jessie Roberts Dec. 21st, 1874 White.
46 William Silcott July 17th, 1875
47 William T. Thomas Dec. 23rd, 1875
48 John Scott Mar. 10th, 1875
49 Elijah Stephens Nov. 2nd, 1874

Page 318

No. Name Date License Race Remarks
50 Walter Evens Mar. 18th, 1876
51 W. A. Bell Jan. 17th, 1876
52 L. W. Drake Mar. 24th, 1877
53 James Sloane Mar. 28th, 1878
54 David Newton Feb. 15th, 1879
55 Thomas A. William Sept. 12th, 1877
56 John Rowes Jan. 5th, 1878
57 Joseph Thompson Dec. 30th, 1878
58 Napolien Hannah Mar. 26th, 1879
59 H. L. Winton Mar. 24th, 1879
60 W. L. Morris Feb. 12th, 1879
61 Mike Mullar Oct. 7th, 1878
62 Robert Garett Oct. 29th, 1879
63 J. W. Ellis July 5th, 1879
64 Ashly Norton May 6th, 1878
65 W. M. Taylor Mar. 22nd, 1879
66 Thomas J. Burk Mar. 22nd, 1879
67 James Barnet July 30th, 1879
68 J. W. Thomas Jan. 8th, 1880
69 B. M. Parnell Jan. 10th, 1880
70 Lum Reeves Jan. 15th, 1886
71 Isaac Morris. Don't find any record of marriage license of Isaac Morris, but he is a Cherokee and had proven their rights about the year 1870 from Georgia.
72 John R. Russell -------------- Same remark as to Isaac Morris.
73 John Wilkin. Has never complied with the intermarriage law governing intermarriage with white men and foreigners.
74 —Lindy. Lindy never has complied with the intermarriage law the same as Wilkin.
75 Wm. Ward. Ward and Blackwood had made

Page 319

No. Name Date License Race Remarks
applications to A. H. Beck who is acting Dept Clerk for me, for license.
76 J. W. Blackwood. Their intention was to get them about the last of July so they could vote at the last general election, but, their has beent any report made to this office whether they got them or not. I left blanks with the Dept Clerk to be filled out.
77 Lou Holt. Lou Holt was married before the war. All records made at that time were destroyed.

Cherokee Nation. )

Goingsnake Dist. )

I certify that the foregoing and within number of names is correct according to Register or memorandum of marriage license in this office. This 30th, September, 1887.

J. R. Wright

Clerk Goingsnake Dist.



Names of persons who have obtained marriage licenses under the Intermarriage law in Tahlequah District, C. N.

No. Name Date License Race Remarks
1 William Hampton Apr. 6th, 1870 White. Remarks
2 William George May 29th, 1870
3 Daniel Moore July 2nd, 1870
4 Rev. L. Dobson Sept. 12th, 1866 at Philadelphia. Remarried after he returned to the nation.
5 Frank Howard Oct. 7th, 1870
6 Charles Willey Nov. 11th, 1870
7 John F. Lyons Nov. 12th, 1870
8 Manuel Taylor Dec. 6th, 1870 Colored The case referred to the Supreme Court of commission. The Court decided that colored persons married under the above license are not Cherokee Citizens.
9 John B. Edwards Jan. 5th, 1871 White
10 William Jackson Feb. 25th, 1871
11 H. G. Wood Mar. 17th, 1871
12 B. M. Mitchell Nov. 2nd, 1871
13 John Griggs Nov. 6th, 1871
14 A. P. Goodykoontz Oct. 17th, 1871

Page 320

No. Name Date License Race Remarks
15 Dr. Augustus A. Sheets Nov. 9th, 1871
16 John D. Kelly Nov. 10th, 1871
17 D. M. Allen Nov. 30th, 1871
18 Dr. W. A. Reese Oct. 9th, 1871
19 L. P. Isbel Dec. 19th, 1871
20 John P. Drake Dec. 15th, 1871
21 John W. Johnson Jan. 3rd, 1872
22 J. M. Smith Nov. 30th, 1869 Reported M. O. Ghormley & had him tried and convicted at Ft. Smith.
23 M. A. Wallace Jan. 31st, 1872
24 M. A. Phillips
25 James W. McSpadden Apr. 17th, 1872
26 Dr. W. C. Cobb July 12th, 1872
27 Geo. A. Crane Oct. 18th, 1872
28 J. B. Newton Nov. 2nd, 1872
29 John D. Smith Dec. 23rd, 1872
30 A. H. Norwood Dec. 25th, 1872
31 W. M. Nix Oct. 29th, 1872
32 James W. Scott Jan. 8th, 1873
33 J. O. Roland Apr. 14th, 1873
34 John Johnson Jan. 27th, 1873
35 Anderson Bean Apr. 23rd, 1873
36 Wash Smith Apr. 20th, 1873
37 Simeon Garrett Jan. 27th, 1873
38 Wm. Green May 24th, 1873
39 Junius Dennis Aug. 1st, 1873 Col.
40 Wilson Taylor May 24th, 1873 White
41 Henderson Irons Apr. 27th, 1873
42 Lewis Carter Col.
43 Geo. Mitchell Sept. 13th, 1873 White
44 Asa Guinn Sept. 23rd, 1873

Page 321

No. Name Date License Race Remarks
45 Louvinus Pierre Feb. 7th, 1874
46 Jeremiah O'Leary Dec. 23rd, 1873
47 George Miller Apr. 11th, 1874
48 John T. McSpadden July 25th, 1873
49 Joseph Hendricks Aug. 17th. 1874
50 William Milton Mar. 27th, 1875
51 David Tipton Mar. 27th, 1875
52 S. S. Boyles Mar. 29th, 1875
53 Charles Kolpin Mar. 30th, 1875
54 C. E. Johnson July 4th, 1875
55 Elijah Meadows Col.
56 A. J. Lane July 13th, 1875 White
57 John Heisel Aug. 17th, 1875
58 M. H. Cunningham Apr. 19th, 1876
59 Henry Bean July 28th, 1876 Col.
60 G. W. McFarlin Dec. 22nd, 1876 White
61 Robert I. Black Feb. 8th, 1877
62 J. H. Harrison Mar. 14th, 1877
63 W. P. McClellan Nov. 30th, 1879
64 W. F. Rasmus Sept. 4th, 1877
65 S. W. Richie Nov. 19th, 1877
66 M. J. Reagan Nov. 27th, 1877 Decided against by the Court of Commission that his wife was not a Cherokee.
67 Martin Hallen Feb. 4th, 1878
68 Lafayette Guinn Apr. 8th, 1878
69 F. A. Meek Aug. 8th, 1878
70 Dr. L. M. Cravens Nov. 7th, 1878
71 Clinton Scales Dec. 22nd. 1878 Col.
72 Jeremiah Springsted Dec. 29th, 1878 White
73 Joshua Anderson Jan. 5th, 1879
74 Peter McCallister Feb. 8th, 1879
75 Russell Peak Mar. 25th, 1879

Page 322

No. Name Date License Race Remarks
76 Joseph Glad May 29th, 1879
77 Emanuel Spencer July 28th, 1879 Col.
78 Jackson Kelly Sept. 26th, 1879 White
79 Rufus Green Goodwin Mar. 7th, 1879
80 Elijah Creach May 18th, 1880
81 James H. Cobb Sept. 16th, 1880
82 Jefferson Tiner Dec. 12th, 1880
83 Charles Hart Mar. 10th, 1881
84 James Norton Nov. 13th, 1880
85 Lewis Payne May 14th, 1881
86 Dr. Frank Corbin Nov. 18th, 1881
87 D. N. Leerskov Dec. 26th, 1881
88 John Guinn Mar. 7th, 1882
89 James Higginbotham Aug. 10th, 1882
90 George Beavers Jan. 25th, 1883
91 W. A. Westover Feb. 12th, 1883
92 Jack Luther May 3rd, 1883 Col.
93 J. L. Smith Apr. 28th, 1883 White Remarried.
94 John H. Phillips Sept. 12th, 1883
95 J. B. Post July 31st, 1881
96 Alexander West Nov. 11th, 1881
97 J. J. Hallman Dec. 16th, 1883
98 Jacob C. Johnson Dec. 16th, 1883
99 Dennis W. Smith Dec. 25th, 1883
100 Isaac Wilson Nov. 29th, 1883
101 Benton Brown Dec. 26th, 1883
102 W. R. Fortner Feb. 6th, 1884
103 Rollea C. Edgerton Mar. 20th, 1884
104 D. B. Blake July 5th, 1884
105 B. H. Stone July 18th, 1884

Page 323

No. Name Date License Race Remarks
106 H. L. Chubbuck Aug. 15th, 1884
107 Frank M. Rucker Sept. 14th, 1884
108 J. M. Rollins Oct. 25th, 1884
109 William Brown Jan. 27th, 1885
110 William Hinton Mar. 15th, 1885
111 James E. Bell Feb. 17th, 1885
112 Jerry Watts Dec. 29th. 1884
113 Charles Hedrick Aug. 14th, 1886
114 Marion A. Miller Oct. 28th, 1886
115 W. T. Richards Jan. 3rd. 1887
116 John Smith Apr. 30th, 1887
117 A. J. Hooper June 7th, 1887
118 A. G. Robinson July 28th, 1887
119 Thomas Ivey Feb. 16th, 1868
120 J. B. Antoine Feb. 26th, 1868
121 James Mehlin Feb. 25th, 1868 Remarried
122 Wm. K. Hawkins Feb. 17th, 1868
123 John Adkisson June 12th, 1868
124 Murdock McLead Feb. 8th, 1869
125 Thomas W. Lindsey Aug. 14th, 1869
126 R. W. Sevier Mar. 18th, 1869
127 Henry Johnson Mar. 17th, 1869 Col.
128 Henry Bird Mar. 27th, 1869 Col.
129 Wm. Madden Aug. 14th, 1869 Col.

I hereby certify that the foregoing is a correct number of whites & colored persons who have obtained Licenses to marry in Tahlequah District from 1868 up to the present time 1887. Given under my hand & seal of office.

This 15th day of September, 1887.

Allen Ross, Clerk

Tahlequah District Cherokee

Nation. Ind. Ter.



Names of persons who have obtained marriage licenses under the Intermarriage law in Saline District, C. N.

Page 324

No. Name Date License Race Remarks
No. Name. Date Race.
1 William P. Gray Apr. 12th, 1869 White
2 Joseph Ballard July 5th, 1868
3 Aron W . Madill Feb. 11th, 1869
4 Hueston Smith Apr. 1st, 1868
5 Lenard Bowles Apr. 2nd, 1868 Col.
6 Edward Byrd Dec. 10th, 1868 White
7 Peter Van Norman July 9th, 1869
8 Thomas P. Rodman Oct. 2nd, 1869
9 M. H. McCullough Oct. 1st, 1868
10 Joseph Riley Mar. 20th, 1870
11 Edward Crutchfield Sept. 23rd, 1869 Cher.
12 M. W. Couch Dec. 19th, 1869 White
13 Wm. N. West Sept. 5th, 1880 Cher.
14 Martin E. Payn Aug. 13th, 1872 White
15 Joseph H. Graves Jan. 19th, 1873
16 James Shadle June 9th, 1873
17 George H. Lewis Dec. 9th, 1873
18 George Armstrong Mar. 21st, 1873
19 Robbert Wingfield Mar. 27th, 1873
20 Harris A. Loflin July 14th, 1874
21 John W. Hildbran Sept. 5th, 1874
22 John Kantrell Nov. 19th, 1874
23 George Giboney Dec. 12th, 1874
24 John W. Brock Jan. 13th, 1875
25 Frank Skinner Nov. 27th, 1875
26 Henry M. Harrison Oct. 3rd, 1875
27 George W. Talbert July 22nd, 1876
28 William Arledge Jan. 31st, 1878
29 J. M. Burns July 5th, 1878

Page 325

No. Name Date License Race Remarks
30 J. N. Kepthart Aug. 17th, 1878
31 Alford Campbell Dec. 20th, 1878
32 Johnson Vann Feb. 11th, 1879 Colored
33 Daniel B. Coal Mar. 15th, 1879 White.
34 Wm. R. Fair June 24th, 1879
35 Henry E. Sitzler Oct. 11th, 1879
36 John W. Elliott Sept. 24th, 1879
37 Thos J. C. Thompson June 29th, 1880
38 J. T. Davis Aug. 28th, 1880
39 George H. Warren Sept. 2nd, 1880
40 George W. Taylor Oct. 2nd, 1880
41 J. W. Dodson Aug. 5th, 1882
42 John M. Cole Jan. 20th, 1884 White.
43 W. T. Jones Aug. 24th, 1884
44 Sam Gaylord Feb. 12th, 1885
45 John F. Warren July 24th, 1885
46 John Walburn Oct. 27th, 1885
47 Joseph F. Baker Jan. 13th, 1886
48 Jesse King Feb. 27th, 1886
49 J. P. Beldare Apr. 29th, 1887
50 Lewis Far May 17th. 1887

Cherokee Nation )

Saline District )

I certify that the foregoing and within — number of names is correct according to Register or memorandum of marriage licenses in this office.

J. M. Ross

Clerk Saline District.


This 30th day of September, 1887.


Clerks Office )

Cherokee Nation )

Sequoyah District )

Report of ”Marriage” License that is ”recorded” or on Record in this Office

Hon. D. W. Bushyhead:

Sir :—I have the honor to submit the following as my Report from

Page 326

this office of the above mentioned License that the Record shows of non citizens under the intermarriage law with Cherokee citizen Ladies by blood, and Shawnees and Delawares.

No. Name Date License Race Remarks
1 Joseph H. Alexander Feb. 4th, 1869 White
2 Dr. Bell Feb. 13th, 1881
3 Jacob E. Barrow Dec. 9th, 1875
4 Jasper Chaney Dec. 7th, 1887 Deserted his wife.
5 V. O. Crawford Dec. 27th, 1879
6 J. D. Cheek Nov. 13th, 1885
7 W. B. Cornelius Jan. 26th, 1886
8 Charles H. Evrett June 20th, 1876
9 Joseph C. Grady Oct. 23rd, 1875 White.
10 Jerry Harris June 13th, 1876
11 David Gauff Feb. 3rd, 1884
12 Nathan Melton Mar. 2nd, 1880
13 George King Nov. 2nd, 1883 Creole I recon.
14 Elish Mashus Aug. 29th, 1879 White.
15 Wm. H. Turner Nov. 3rd, 1883
16 B. McCalahan Sept. 14th, 1879
17 B. L. Summerhill Sept. 19th, 1877
18 Charles Norris Mar. 2nd, 1880
19 John W Harris Aug. 6th, 1879
20 A. C. Lessler Oct. 2nd, 1880
21 Hugh Simpson June 12th, 1880
22 H. E. Hope Sept. 3rd, 1881
23 Wyatt McClane Nov. 1st, 1881 Colored
24 J. W. Statler Jan. 3rd, 1882 White
25 Alex Dunn Oct. 26th, 1881
26 W. C. Nelson June 17th, 1883
27 Irvan Marshall June 1st, 1883
28 James A. Stipes Mar. 27th, 1884

Page 327

No. Name Date License Race Remarks
29 John Stokes Sept. 11th, 1878
30 Geo. W. Gant Nov. 14th, 1880
31 Anson Wiltshire Oct. 10th, 1883
32 Wm. Oliver Jan. 16th, 1884
33 F. M. Davis Aug. 4th, 1885
34 Joseph Martindale Dec. 2nd, 1886
35 R. E. Lee Dec. 2nd, 1886
36 J. T. Steward Jan. 15th, 1887
37 Toodle John May 2nd, 1887
28 Joseph Peters Aug. 3rd, 1887 White.
39 Ben A. Jackson Aug. 22nd, 1887
40 Thomas Thomas Feb. 18th, 1876
41 Harrison Lumham Apr. 16th, 1887
42 E. E. Kumpe Mar. — 1878 White.
43 Wm. L. Eaton Aug. 19th, 1887
44 Charles Trammell June 11th, 1887

From under my hand seal of office attached on this the 12th day of October, 1887.

E. E. Adair, Clerk

of Sequoyah District

C. N.


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