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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 6, No. 2
June, 1928

Page 235

The Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society met in regular quarterly session, at the Capitol, May 1, 1928, with the following members present: Judge Thomas H. Doyle, vice-president, (presiding), Judge R. L. Williams , Mrs. Jessie R. Moore, Mrs. John R. Williams, D. W. Peery, Mrs. Frank Korn, Jasper Sipes, Judge Thomas A. Edwards, Gen. Charles F. Barrett, Dr. J. S. Buchanan, Judge W. A. Ledbetter, Mrs. F. A. Roblin, Col. R. A. Sneed, J. Y. Bryce, the secretary, and Joseph B. Thoburn, the curator.

Judge Williams presented to the Society photostatic copies of the minutes of the Choctaw Mission Conference from August 6, 1836 to 1884, and the Quarterly Conference of the Choctaw District to 1880, the old capitol at Tuskahoma, the court house at Eagletown, a map of the old Cherokee Nation and a writ of summons, which were accepted by the Board of Directors on the part of the Society.

The following were elected to membership:

LIFE: William O. Beall, Tulsa; Jesse Bunch, Centrahoma; Harry Campbell, Tulsa; Mrs. Margaret A. Chaney, Ada; Mrs. Anton H. Classen, Oklahoma City; John K. Cleary, Ponca City; Fred S. Cook, Tulsa; J. F. Darby, Muskogee; Horace H. Hagan, Tulsa; Robert A. Hefner, Sr., Oklahoma City; Robert A. Hefner, Jr., Oklahoma City; William J. Hefner, Oklahoma City; William B. Hudson, Henryetta; E. B. Johnson, Norman; Mrs. Emma B. Kennedy, Okemah; William C. Liedtke, Tulsa; Hayes McCoy, Bartlesville; John Bartlett Meserve, Tulsa; Thomas F. Shea, Tulsa; Chas. R. Taylor, Tulsa; Raymond A. Tolbert, Oklahoma City; Mrs. J. C. Turpin, Oklahoma City.

ANNUAL: Hubert Ambrister, Oklahoma City; Mrs. M. C. Baker, Cherokee; W. H. Ballard, Wewoka; Mrs. John H. Bass, Enid; Clyde T. Bennett, Poteau; L. P. Bobo, Oklahoma City; Mrs. C. A. Border, Tulsa; Prof. B. A. Botkin, Norman; Mrs. H. L. Boyes, Perry; Thomas P. Braidwood, Beaver; Earl A. Brown, Ardmore; Mrs. Joe D.

Page 236

Burris, Oklahoma City; J. M. Coe, Muskogee; John P. Connors, McAlester; Melvin Cornish, McAlester; Scott Cummins, Jr., Freedom; Homer DeGolyer, Oklahoma City; Wesley E. Disney, Tulsa; Mrs. Nora E. Duncan, Forgan; C. Dyer, Durant; Ancel Earp, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Ora N. Eddleman, Hugo; Grover Flanagan, Heavener; William G. Franklin, Tulsa; Cam Galt, Oklahoma City; Robert C. Garner, Okemah; Rev. Gregory Gerrer, Shawnee; Robert Hicks, Vinita; I. K. Huber, Bartlesville; Charles O. Johnson, Durant; Mrs. C. V. Jones, Chickasha; Sol K. Kauffman, Tulsa; Judge L. B. Kyle, Oklahoma City; W. F. Leard, Hugo; Walter F. McDonald, Ft. Towson; R. R. Mills, Ponca City; Herbert M. Moore, Muskogee; O. B. Mothersead, Oklahoma City; Robert M. Mountcastle, Muskogee; Porter Newman, Durant; C. N. Nunn, Porter; Charles O'Connor, Tulsa; Victor C. Phillips, Durant; Mrs. Lena J. Remington, Oklahoma City; Dr. A. W. Roth, Tulsa; Mrs. W. M. Sandefur, Durant; A. R. Swank, Stillwater; P. A. Tankersley, Oklahoma City; Mrs. F. C. Tracy, Beaver; Mrs. Clara C. Waters, Granite; Charles G. Watts, Wagoner; Wilbor Wilson, Ft. Towson; C. D. Watson, Tulsa.

ANNUAL CORRESPONDING: John S. Garner, Lamar, Ark.; Mrs. Ruth G. Huddleston, Conway, Ark.; Mrs. Cecile B. Wallace, Seneca, Mo.; and Isaac Sharp Walker, Seneca, Mo.

CORRESPONDING: Otto J. Wullschleger, Frankfort, Kans.

HONORARY: J. P. Renfrow, Alva, Okla.

On motion G. W. Turner was elected to succeed C. H. Daily as caretaker.

Mrs. Frank Korn was added to the legislative committee.

On motion the historical department of the University of Oklahoma was requested to supervise and collaborate with Peter J. Hudson, Sr., in the preparation of the history of the Choctaws which is to be published in a year book.


J. Y. Bryce,

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