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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 5, No. 4
December, 1927

Page 430

The Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society met in regular quarterly session, at the Capitol, Tuesday, November 1, 1927, with the following members present:

Charles F. Colcord (president), Thomas H. Doyle (vice-president), Mrs. Jessie R. Moore (treasurer), Mrs. John R. Williams, Mrs. Enema Estill-Harbour, Mrs. Frank Korn, Charles F. Barrett, Baxter Taylor, J. S. Buchanan, D. W. Perry, J. Y. Bryce, the secretary, and Joseph B. Thoburn, the curator.

Reports of the secretary, treasurer and curator were read and ordered filed.

Mrs. John R, Williams, chairman of the membership committee, read list of applicants for membership as follows:

LIFE: Mrs. R. P. Carpenter, for Oklahoma City Chapter of Colonial Dames, and Walter A. Lybrand, Oklahoma City.

ANNUAL: Mrs. Lulu D. Anderson, Oklahoma City; W. J. Arthur, Oklahoma City; William E. Baker, Boise City; Mrs. D'elcy Rhoda Baker, Boise City; George G. Barnes, Oklahoma City; S. C. Boswell, Durant; R. H. Byington, Atoka; Hazel Cady, Stillwater; Leon D. Callahan, Oklahoma City; Randell S. Cobb, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Mildred E. Coltharp, Lawton; Mrs. J. T. Courts, Quinton; E. L. Cralle, Norman; Mrs. James C. Cullison, Enid; Mrs. Charles E. Davis, Oklahoma City; Dr.C. R. Day, Oklahoma City; C. B . Dollarhide, Oklahoma City; T. F. Gafford, Oklahoma City; Prof. Gilbert I. Garretson, Oklahoma, City; W. A. Goforth, Tulsa; Charles W. Grant, Pauls Valley; Grant B. Grambine, Oklahoma City; E. W. Hamby, Durant; Mrs. M. E. Hampton, Antlers; Fred J. Hansen, Oklahoma City; Summers Hardy, Tulsa; Walter R. Harris, McAlester; George Harrison, Tulsa; R. P. Harrison, Muskogee; J. W. Hawk, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Lucy Hawkins, Oklahoma City; Clarence L. Henley, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Annie L. Higgins, Sayre; Mont F. Highley, Oklahoma City; Rev. Wm. Forney Hovis, Oklahoma City; Lillie E. Hutchinson, Oklahoma City; R. P. Ironsides, Tulsa; Elizabeth Jackson, Duncan; P. A. Janeway, Oklahoma City; Mrs. A. D. Jones, Sayre; J. R. Keaton, Oklahoma City; Eugene M. Kerr, Muskogee; M. J. Lane, Oklahoma City; T. J. Lucado,

Page 431

Oklahoma City; A. F. Manning, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Agnes Minter, Pocassett; Mrs. Dan Morris, Tulsa; R. J. Ray, Lawton; Mrs. W. E. Roberts, Nowata; Mrs. Mattie Ross, Colbert; C. E. Savage, Tulsa; Leo Sharp, Antlers; Mrs. James C. Thompson, Ardmore; Ruth Woolman, Oklahoma City.

ANNUAL CORESPONDING: J. M. Mashburn, Ontario, California; Fred E. Sutton, Kansas City, Missouri; J. M. Thralls, Wellington, Kansas.

HONORARY: George B. Saunders, Jr., Oklahoma City; T. P. Shepard.

Chas. F. Colcord, President.
J. Y. Bryce, Secretary.

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