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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 5, No. 4
December, 1927

John C. Best

Page 405

The following is a copy of a letter received by Mr. Charles F. Colcord, President of the Oklahoma Historical Society, written by John C. Best, who is President of the Medicine Lodge Indian Peace Treaty Association, with headquarters at Medicine Lodge, Kansas.

The spirit of the letter is fine; and we publish it in Chronicles of Oklahoma so that you may see the spirit of appreciation and esteem in which they regard Mr. Joseph B. Thoburn, Curator of Oklahoma Historical Society.

J. Y. B.

Medicine. Lodge, Kansas, October 19, 1927.

Mr. Chas. F. Colcord, President,
Oklahoma State Historical Society,
Oklahoma City, Okla.

Dear Mr. Colcord:

On behalf, not merely of this Association but of all the people of this community, I am requested to express the deep appreciation that we feel of the action of your Society in authorizing the co-operation of Mr. J. B. Thoburn in our recent celebration. The Indians which Mr. Thoburn brought up here to establish our Indian Village proved one of the biggest attractions of the entire celebration and were the source of much favorable comment from the thousands of people who attended their evening programmes.

Only those of us who were in close touch with the details of the celebration can have any conception of the amount of work that must have been necessary before Mr. Thoburn could collect the various Indians and their belongings and get them up to Medicine Lodge on schedule. It undoubtedly entailed many weeks of preparation, followed by several days of the hardest kind of physical work and mental strain, and without the aid that Mr. Thoburn gave us we could not have attempted to do this part of the work ourselves.

It is our intention to thank Mr. Thoburn in a fitting manner for his services on this occasion, but we would also wish at this time to bring to the attention of your Society the gratitude that we feel to him for his efforts on our behalf and our thanks to you for permitting him to undertake this work. Mr. Thoburn has placed us under an obligation to

Page 406

him personally as well as to your Society that will not be forgotten by us.

Yours very truly,

John C. Best, President.


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