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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 5, No. 1
March, 1927

Page 105

The Oklahoma Historical Society convened at 10:00 a. m., Tuesday, February 1, 1927. In the absence of the president, Judge Thomas H. Doyle, vice-president, presided.

Invocation by Rev. William Meyer.

Minutes of the last annual meeting, held February 2, 1926, were read by the secretary.

The Secretary read his report, which included the names of persons making application for membership in the Society as follows:

LIFE: Dewey Bickel, Tonkawa; B. B. Blakeney, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Grant Foreman, Muskogee; Levi B. Gritts, Muskogee; Roy Hoffman, Oklahoma City; William Shaffer Key, McAlester; and Mrs. R. C. Rochelle, Oklahoma City.

ANNUAL: S. Y. Allgood, Norman; Mrs. Gladys Anderson, Oklahoma City; Mrs. John Barry, El Reno; Dr. George F. Border, Mangum; Charles Edward Bush, Tulsa; Ben J. Clardy, Shawnee; John L. Coffey, Stillwater; J. Carl Connor, Oklahoma City; George Ade Davis, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Lavinia P. Dennis, Oklahoma City; James Clarence Denton, Tulsa; Frank P. Douglass, Okemah; Ralph Vernon Downing, Norman; C. L. Ellis, Muskogee; Walter J. Fessler, Norman; Sam Flint, Lamont; Elmo Denton Flynt, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Susie M. Frazier, McLoud; John A. Gardner, Pawhuska; Felix Gibson, Duncan; James D. Gibson, Muskogee; N. J. Gubser, Tulsa; Mrs. L. V. Hanon, Tecumseh; Mrs. G. E. Hartshorne, Tulsa; George N. Harward, Shawnee; Fred W. Hunter, Oklahoma City; John A. Jacobs, Holdenville; Charles D. Keller, Oklahoma City; Tom F. King, Muskogee; John D. Klapp, Tecumseh; Fred B. Koontz, Tulsa; Harvey M. Lee, Oklahoma City; Mrs. E. F. Lester, Oklahoma City; (Harry Lyon, M’uskogee; Mrs. Francis Mead. Calera: Mrs. Ermina F. McSpadden, Vinita; Charles L. Rogers, Tahlequah; P. O. Rogers, Clinton; Mrs. Sue A. Rosebush, Tecumseh; H. L. Sadler, Oklahoma City: Mary A. Selken, Oklahoma City; C, C. Stanford, Holdenville; Raymond A. Tolbert, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Rush L. Wright, Talihina.

Page 106

Annual Corresponding: Mrs. A. B. Griggs, Topeka, Kansas.

Buck Campbell moved that those making application for life membership be accepted. Motion carried.

Buck Campbell moved that those making application for annual membership be accepted. Motion carried.

William P. Thompson moved that the report of the secretary be received and filed. Motion carried.

D. W. Peery introduced Rev. Josiah Butler, of Clinton, who read a paper on reminiscences of his early life in western Oklahoma.

J. Y. Bryce introduced Rev. J. J. Methvin, of Anadarko, who read a paper on reminiscences of his work among the wild tribes of Indians.

D. W. Peery introduced Mr. Andres Martinez, of Anadarko, who gave a brief account of his life as a captive among the Indians.

Meeting adjourned until 1:30 o’clock p. m.

Meeting called to order at 1:30 p. m. by vice-president, Thomas H. Doyle, in the absence of the president.

Miss Anna Lewis, head of the history department of the Oklahoma College for Women, Chickasha, addressed the meeting on the history of the Southwest.

Phil D. Brewer introduced Mr. Grant Foreman, of Muskogee, who read a paper on Some of the Sources of Oklahoma History.

Members of the Five Civilized Tribes who were present arose and thanked Mr. Foreman for the fairness with which he had treated the part that the Five Civilized Tribes played in the early history of Oklahoma.

William P. Thompson, on behalf of Mrs. Earl Fleming and Mr. John W. Stapler, of Houston, Texas, presented to the Society the oil portraits of John Ross and his wife, Cherokees.

Robert L. Williams responded in acceptance of the portraits.

Mrs. Czarina C. Conlan, on behalf of Mrs. Maud Jones, presented the portrait of her mother, Mrs. Alice B. Davis, a Seminole, who was the first woman to be appointed chief of any tribe.

Page 107

Mrs. Jessie R. Moore responded in acceptance of the portrait.

Robert L. Williams moved that the secretary be instructed to extend the thanks of the Society to the donors of these portraits. Motion carried and the chair appointed Phil D. Brewer, William P. Thompson and Robert L. Williams to prepare a statement expressing the thanks of the Society.

Governor Henry S. Johnston was called upon and favored the Society with a few remarks.

Gen. Roy Hoff man made a short talk in regard to the proposed new building for the World War Memorial.

W. A. Durant, secretary of the Oklahoma School Land Commission, gave a proposed plan by which the new building could be financed.

Robert L. Williams moved that we re-memorialize the legislature for the passage of an act providing for the construction of a World War Memorial. Motion carried.

President W. B. Bizzell, of the University of Oklahoma, was called upon and favored the Society with a short talk.

Under the head of the election of directors the following persons were nominated for the ensuing five-year term: Mrs. Frank Korn, Robert A. Hefner, Fred S. Clinton, Jasper Sipes, Charles F. Barrett, W. A. Ledbetter and William S. Key.

The total number of votes cast was 79. The ballot resulted as follows: William S. Key, 76; Mrs. Frank Korn, 58; Robert A. Hefner, 27; Fred S. Clinton, 37; Charles F. Barrett, 64; Jasper Sipes, 72; W. A. Ledbetter, 49 and Louis LeFlore, 9.

William S. Key, Jasper Sipes, Charles F. Barrett, Mrs. Frank Korn and W. A. Ledbetter having each received the majority of the votes cast, were declared to have been duly elected as members of the Board of Direotors for the term ending 1932.

Robert L. Williams read an amendment to section 2 of Article III of the Constitution relating to the election of directors, as proposed by him at the last annual meeting and asked permission to change the words "ten per cent" to "twenty-five." Permission was granted to change the

Page 108

wording as requested. The amendment reads as follows

"Five members of the Board of Directors to serve for a term of five years or until their successors shall have been elected and qualified, shall annually be elected by ballot from the members of the Society in the following manner:

Between the first and tenth of January of each year the secretary and treasurer shall prepare and have printed at the expense of the Society ballots containing all names of the five directors whose terms will expire during that year, unless otherwise directed in writing by such director, and also names of such other members of the Society as may be petitioned thereto in writing to be filed with the secretary by the first day of each year by twenty-five of its members at said time entitled to vote on such matter, such ballot shall be by the secretary duly mailed to the address of each member of said Society, who shall cross or mark out all of the names on such ballot except such as he or she may desire to vote for, not to exceed five, and write his or her name on such ballot on the opposite side and then duly mail same to the secretary of the Historical Society, at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. On the fourth Tuesday in January following or as soon thereafter as practicable the president, vice-presidents, secretary and treasurer shall meet and open said ballots, counting same and retaining the envelopes and ballots in a safe place until the regular annual meeting when the result of said ballots shall be announced, the five receiving the highest vote, provided each receives a majority of all the votes cast to be declared elected by said Society, provided where a majority of those voting has not been received for such place the annual meeting shall proceed to fill such places by balloting as to such two names having received the highest vote for such position, provided further that in instances where only five names are hereunder placed on such ballot same shall not be mailed out but such fact certified jointly by the secretary and treasurer to the next annual meeting, and said five members by such meeting declared elected."

Thomas H. Doyle then asked Phil D. Brewer to pre-

Page 109

side while he made a few remarks on the proposed amendment, after which he resumed the chair.

Vote on the amendment was taken, which resulted 45 for and 21 against. There being the necessary two-thirds majority the amendment was declared passed.

Robert L. Williams moved that two additional members be added to the building committee, to be named 1by the chair. Motion carried, and Thomas A. Edwards and Mrs. Frank Morn were added to the building committee.

Joseph B. Thoburn read an amendment to section 1 of Article VI of the Constitution, relating to the date of the annual meeting, as proposed by him at the last annual meeting of the Society, as follows: The annual meeting of the Society shall be held at the Capitol of the State on the fourth Wednesday in January of each year.

The vote was taken and the chair declared the vote unanimous in favor of changing the date of the annual meeting.

Guy R. Moore presented an amendment to the Constitution providing for Historical Clubs in the various secondary schools of the state.

Robert L. Williams moved that the meeting adjourn and that the Board go into executive session. Motion carried and the meeting stood adjourned.



February 1, 1927

The Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society met immediately after the adjournment of the annual meeting of the Oklahoma Historical Society, in room 224 of the Capitol, Tuesday, February 1, 1927, with the following members present: Vice-presidents, Thomas H. Doyle (presiding) and Phil D. Brewer; Mrs. Jessie R. Moore, treasurer; Governor Henry S. Johnston, R. A. Sneed, A. N. Leecraft, Mrs. J. R. Frazier, Mrs. W. A. Roblin, Robert L. Williams, James S. Buchanan, Grant Foreman, D.

Page 110

W. Peery, Baxter Taylor, Mrs. John R. Williams, W. A. Du-rant, William P. Thompson, Thomas A. Edwards, Mrs. Emma Estill Harbour, Roy Johnson, Charles F. Barrett, Jasper Sipes, Mrs. Frank Korn, W. A. Ledbetter, William S. Key, J. Y. Bryce, the Secretary and Joseph B. Thoburn, the curator.

The secretary read the minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors for the third quarter, which were approved and ordered filed.

Robert L. Williams moved that the sum of $800 of the appropriation for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1927, be used to cover the cost of the March and June issues of Chronicles and that the sum of $800 of the appropriation for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1928, be used to cover the cost of the September and December issues of Chronicles. Motion carried.

Robert L. Williams moved that a committee of two wait on the Governor and invite him to meet with the Board. Phil D. Brewer and J. S. Buchanan were appointed.

The secretary read the application of Mrs. W. B. Godwin for the position as librarian of the Society.

Robert L. Williams moved that W. A. Ledbetter, Phil D. Brewer and Mrs. Jessie R. Moore be appointed as a committee to secure a cataloguer and report at the next meeting. Motion carried.

Grant Foreman presented a resolution which he moved that we adopt, as follows:

WHEREAS, the life of the Five Civilized Tribes is unique on this continent, and forms one of the outstanding features of the history of the State of Oklahoma, and

WHEREAS, a considerable part of the history of these tribes is contained in a large mass of tribal records, documents, laws, council proceedings, reports, and correspondence now forming part of the archives of the office of the Superintendent for the Five Civilized Tribes at Muskogee, and

WHEREAS, the Five -Civilized Tribes have ceased to function any longer as tribes and the period of general supervision over said Indians is drawing to a close; and a large part of the tribal records above mentioned are not necessary to the administration of Indian affairs but do constitute the most important historical source material concerning the State of Oklahoma:

Page 111

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Oklahoma Historical Society in annual meeting assembled that such of said records as are not essential to the administration of Indian affairs would form a valuable addition to the archives of the Oklahoma Historical Society, and should be deposited there where they could be properly arranged and classified and indexed for reference purposes and preserved against loss, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED That the necessary steps be taken to ascertain what part of said records may properly be removed to the archives of the Oklahoma Historical Society at such time as they will be no longer necessary to government administration of Indian Affairs, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED That authority for the removal of such tribal records to the archives of this Society be solicited to be carried into effect when this Society shall. have a fire proof building in which to preserve them, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED That copies ;;f i.-aese resolutions be furnished to the members of the Senate and House of Representatives from the State of Oklahoma with the request that the object of said resolutions may be given effect by said members.

ADOPTED this First day of February, 1927.

Motion carried, full membership voting in the affirmative.

Robert L. Williams moved that we thank the secretary for gathering the data concerning buildings of the various historical societies. Motion carried.

Charles F. Barrett moved that an order on the treasurer be drawn for the expenses of Rev. J. J. Methvin and Rev. Josiah Butler incurred in attending the meeting of the Society. Motion carried.

Robert L. Williams moved that the same employees

Page 112

be continued at the same salaries as passed a year ago. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned.



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