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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 4, No. 4
December, 1926
October 14, 1926

Page 370

The adjourned meeting of the Board of Directors, met October 14, 1926, in room 224 of the Capitol, Oklahoma City, Okla., with the following members present: Phil D. Brewer, (Vice-President presiding), Thomas H. Doyle, Mrs. Frank Korn, Mrs. Jessie R. Moore, Thomas H. Buchanan, Jasper Sipes, Charles F. Barrett, Thomas A. Edwards, and J. Y. Bryce, the Secretary.

The minutes of the first quarterly meeting were read and approved.
The minutes of the meeting of the Executive Committee, held May 18, 1926, were read and approved.
The minutes of the second quarterly meeting, held July 28, 1926, were read and approved.

The Secretary read his report, which was ordered to be placed on file.

Judge Doyle moved that the persons making application for membership be elected. Motion carried and the following were elected to membership:

Life Members: S. W. Brown, Sapulpa; Mrs. Bonnie Maye Cole Doss, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Joseph Huckins, Jr., Oklahoma City; Hierbert K. Linnnger, Oklahoma City.

Annual Members: Charles J. Alexander, Oklahoma City; Albert At-tock-nie, Apache; Tom Benson, Durant; John Bishop, Stillwater; George L. Bowman, Kingfisher; Ezra Brainerd, Jr., Muskogee; Mrs,. Lottie M. Braly, Ada; Joseph Bruner, Sapulpa; D. D. Brunson, Coalgate; M. L. Butler, Muskogee; Runs Chapman, Tishomingo; Mrs. J. B. Chisholm, Tishomingo; Mrs. J. E. Click, Kingston; Mrs. Woosey Deere, Okemah; Mrs. F. B. Erwin, Oklahoma City; Mrs. R. C. Farris, Tulsa; Mrs. Jim, Fleet, Ada; Sweeney Folsom, Poteau; Minnie Forbes, Oklahoma City; Charles W. Garner, Grandfield; Mrs. W. E. Gotcher, McAlester; J. D. Grafa, Okemah; J. M. Harris, Wilburton; M. B. Hickman, Oklahoma City; Claud Hodges, Coalgate; J. C. Hopkins, Kingston; J. W. Hopper, Alma, Ark.; Mrs. A. J. Hudlow, Oklahoma City; L. G. Hysmith, Wilburton; Mrs.

Page 371

Rose E. Hysmith, Wilburton; William James, Olney; Mrs. Howard R. Jarrell, Durant; Andrew Kingkade, Oklahoma City; O. A. Lambert, Okmulgee; Mack Landrum, Vinita; Mrs. Zora -C. Lannon, Bartlesville; Mamie- Lee, Durant; Mrs. Press Lester, McAlester; Mrs. Frank Lewis, Durant; Gordon W. Lillie, Pawnee; Mrs. D. H,. Linebaugh, Muskogee; Mrs. M. A. McAlester, North McAlester; Charles A. McCall, Tishomingo; Mrs. Mary Stone MeClendon, Duncan; Thomas F. Meagher, Tulsa; R. B. Moreland, Vinita; Wyche B. Murphy, Stillwater; Mrs. Warren D. Ownby, Broken Arrow; Mrs. Ida Rockett, Wilburton; Will Rogers, Atoka; J. B. Rounds, Oklahoma City; William A. Sapulpa, Sapulpa; Luther M. Scroggs, Durant; Emma Seberger, Oklahoma City; Tryon M. Shepherd, Ardmore; Mrs. George W. Shippy, Norman; Ben F. Smith, Kenwood ; Gunner Smith, Bennington; Mrs. Lucinda A. Stokes, Bartlesville; William A. Strong, Boise City; Mrs. Lucille Brandt Thomas, Wilburton; Mrs. C. W. Turner, Muskogee; Mrs. R. L. Waggoner, Oklahoma City; William G. Ward, Caddo; William F. Warren, Ardmore; Mrs. H,. B. Wiggs, Madill.

Honorary Members: Rev. J. J. Methvin, Anadarko, and Rev. T. F. Brewer, Tulsa.

Moved by Judge Doyle that Miss Slaughter be allowed the month of August as her vacation on full pay. Motion carried.

The Treasurer read her report for the second quarter, which was ordered placed on file.

Mrs. Moore moved that the next quarterly meeting be postponed from the first Tuesday in November until the second Tuesday. Motion carried.

Mrs. Korn moved that the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society be one of the permanent committees for the Oklahoma Day celebration. Motion carried.

Dr. J. S. Buchanan moved that Mrs. Conlan be allowed her usual vacation. Motion carried.

Judge Doyle moved that the meeting adjourn. Motion carried.

Phil D. Brewer,
Vice-President and Acting President.

J. Y. Bryce,

Page 372

The Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society met in room 224, in the Capitol, at 1:30 p. m., Tuesday, November 9, 1926, as per adjournment of meeting held October 14, 1926, with the following members present: Charles F. Colcord, President, presiding, Thomas H. Doyle, Mrs. Jessie R. Moore, Phil D. Brewer, Mrs. John R. Williams, R. A. Sneed, Baxter Taylor, James S. Buchanan, Mrs. W. A,. Rloblin, William P. Thompson, Thomas A. Edwards, Mrs. Frank Korn, J. Y. Bryce, Secretary, and Joseph B. Thoburn, Research Director.

The minutes of the meeting held on October 14, 1926, were read and approved.

The Secretary read his report and a letter from Robert L. Williams. Moved and carried that the report be received and filed.

Judge Doyle moved that the Secretary be granted permission and the hearty accord of the Board given him to write the history of the East Oklahoma Conference. Motion carried.

The Treasurer read her report. Judge Brewer moved that the report be accepted. Motion carried.

Joseph B. Thoburn read his report as Research Director. Mrs. Moore moved that the report be accepted. Motion carried.

Report of Standing Committees.

Thomas A. Edwards, Secretary of the Committee on Library and Museum recommended that the two empty cases in the Museum be turned over to the Secretary for use as he sees fit. Judge Edwards moved that the report be accepted. Motion carried.

Judge Edwards, chairman of the Committee on Outlining Duties of the Employees, read its report.

Judge Doyle moved that the title of the Research Director be changed to Curator and he be designated as the head of the Oklahoma Historical Society in the report of the Committee.

Judge Thompson moved to amend the amendment by inserting the following: "In addition he shall have general superintending control of the working forces of the Society. Amendment accepted by Judge Doyle.

The amendment was seconded and carried.

Page 373

Mrs. Jessie R. Moore moved that the words "or in his absence by the Vice-President" be added to the clause outlining the duties of the treasurer. Motion carried.

Moved and carried that the report of the committee outlining the duties of the employees be accepted as amended. Motion carried.

The following were elected to membership in the Society:

Life: J. H. Hill, Tulsa.

Annual: Rev. A. N. Averytt, McAlester; John Gordell, Holdenville; Prof. Geo. R. Crzssman, Alva; Mabel Dague, Oklahoma City; Thomas Doran, Las Vegas, N. Mex.; Loda Hall, Oklahoma City; Maurine Hoover, Oklahoma City; Marion Hyde, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Emily Johnson, Milo; Maude Owen, Oklahoma City; Raymond Ryder, Oklahoma City; Mrs. A. H. Sturdevant, E1 Reno; Rev. W. Y. Switzer, Durant; and F. W. Whinery, Olklahoma City.

Dean James S. Buchanan gave a report of his work as a member of the committee to raise, an endowment fund for the American Historical Association which has for its object the collection and preservation of history.

Judge Edwards moved that the Society endorse the movement, as outlined by Dean Buchanan. Motion carried.

Joseph B. Thoburn, Research Director, asked for permission to write a history of Oklahoma, in two volumes.

Judge Doyle moved that Mr. Thoburn’s request be granted. Motion carried.

Judge Thompson explained that John W. Stapler and Mrs. Earl Fleming, of Houston. Texas., had offered to furnish the Society with the protraits of Chief John Ross and his wife, and moved that the offer be accepted and that the Secretary be instructed to write these people a letter of thanks. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned.

Charles F. Colcord

J. Y. Bryce,

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