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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 4, No. 2
June, 1926


Page 201

Bards have sung the praises of the men of noble deeds,
And lauded all the heroes to the skies;
In truth the valor of our men and women often needs
The poet’s pen to eulogize.
Yet there’s one deserving praises and honor to his name,
Although his laurel leaves are brown and sere,
A man to whom our country should pay tribute to his name,
The sturdy, Oklahoma pioneer.

In the days of eighty-nine this man was seeking out a home
To eke a livelihood by honest toil;
He left his native heath determined never more to roam
To rear his brood on Oklahoma soil.
He has builded, he has conquered, he has triumphed over all,
History will record his great career,
And emblazon on the tablets so the future may recall
The mighty Oklahoma pioneer.

Thirty-seven years have passed to mark his wonderous skill,
Since this yeoman broke the virgin sod;
He has transformed to a paradise each valley, dale and hill
O’er which the noble redman’s band once trod.
Then teach it to your children of his sacrifice and strife,
Burn it in their minds to e’er revere
And on the walls of fame we’ll hang a picture of his life,
The immortal Oklahoma pioneer.

—The Oklahoma News.

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