Chronicles of Oklahoma

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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 4, No. 2
June, 1926
"APRIL 22, 1889."


Page 200

Upon achievement’s sun-lit hill they stand
And note the march of progress, through the years,
The pioneers, who wrought a commonwealth
With courage rare and sacrifice and tears.

They glimpsed horizons we can never see
Of plains unbroken rising to the blue;
No spires of stone to touch the bending sky,
Nor frown on simple homes of canvass new.

They note again the coyote in the dusk,
They linger by the camp-fire’s welcome glow,
And, guarded by the stars, they seek repose
Beneath the dingy covered wagon’s bow.

As perils and as hardships they recall,
Once more they thrill to each adventurous day,
The men and women, who in vision grew
With every hard fought mile along the way.

Will our uplifted hands receive the gift
To hold it carelessly? Or will we know
That same white faith, which held in trust for us
The dreams and promises of long ago?

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