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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 3, No. 2
June, 1925
MAY 5, 1925.

Page 167

The Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society convened in regular quarterly session at 1:30 p. m., Tuesday, May 5, 1925, with the following members present

Jasper Sipes (president), Thomas H. Doyle and Paul Nesbitt (vice presidents), Mrs. John R. Williams, Col. R. A. Sneed, Hon. D. W. Peery and Judge Baxter Taylor (directors) and the secretary.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

The following standing committee appointments by the president were announced and, on motion, approved:

Additional Members of the Executive Committee, C. W. Turner and Phil D. Brewer.
Publications : Paul Nesbitt, Grant Foreman, Mrs. Emma Estill, Phil D. Brewer and the Secretary.
Library and Museum: Dr. J. S. Buchanan, Mrs. Frank Korn, Mrs. J. R. Frazier, and Mrs. Eugene B. Lawson.
Program Committee: Grant Foreman, Miss Margaret J. Mitchell, Judge Thomas H. Doyle and the Secretary.
Membership Committee: Mrs. John R. Williams, Mrs. Czarina C. Conlan, Mrs. Frank Lucas, and Mrs. W. A. Roblin.

The following special committees were appointed:

Building: J. W. Kayser, Judge R. L. Williams, D. W. Peery, Thomas H. Doyle and A. N. Leecraft.
Indian Portraits: Judge R. L. Williams, Phil D. Brewer, W. A. Durant, Louis Leflore, Mrs. Czarina C. Conlan and Mrs. Jessie R. Moore.
Marking Historical Spots: Col. R. A. Sneed, Charles F. Colcord, Baxter Taylor, Charles F. Barrett, Roy M. Johnson and Wm. P. Thompson.

The report of the secretary was read and, on motion, was received and ordered to be filed.

Page 168

The financial report covering the period from July 1, 1924 to April 30, 1925, was read and, on motion, was received and ordered to be filed.

The following new members were elected:

Life Members—Mrs. Mary B. McAlester, McAlester, S. J. Soldani, Ponca City, C. E. Morgan, Holdenville and Lewis C. Lawson, Holdenville.

Annual Members—Mrs. A. T. Alcorn, Muskogee; Harry W. Broadbent, Sulphur; Fred A. Bean, Ponca City; Miss Fannie A. Baker, Tahlequah; Mrs. Helen D. Boyden, McAlester; Mrs. Frank M. Blackwell, Heavener; J. H. Cruthis, Talihina; Mrs. James Dyer, Broken Bow; Mrs. Cora D. Echerd, Healdton; Mrs. M. H. Feader, Muskogee; J. E. Freeman, Poteau; Mrs. C. L. Goodale, Tulsa; Mrs. John J. Gerlach, Woodward; Charles N. Gould, Oklahoma City; Miss Jane Patten Hall, Vinita; George B. Hall, Ashland; Mrs. Mabel Heald, Healdton; Miss Vera C. James, Big Canyon; Mrs. M. Joseph, Picher; James A. Jones, Oklahoma City; Dr. Elmer E. Kirkpatrick, Oklahoma City; Miss GazelleLane, Claremore; Mrs. Lilah D. Lindsey, Tulsa; Dr. Wm. B. Morrison, Durant; Rev. William Meyer, Tecumseh; Edgar A. Moore, Spiro; Lyman A. Moore, Spiro; A. H. Murchison, Muskogee; James J. Moore, Strong City; Miss Daisy Nichols, Ardmore; Prentice Price, Jr, Oklahoma City; Harry C. Robertson, Enid; Guy M. Rankin, Edmond; Hamlin W. Sawyer, Enid; Miss Margaret Stinson, Oklahoma City; Frank H. Tibbetts, Spiro; Fenton Wheeler, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Eva E. Warner, Vinita; E. E. Westervelt, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Elizabeth Ward, Wilburton; and C. L. Willis, Hartshorne.

Corresponding (annual) H. Heffner, Leeper, Pennsylvania.

Corresponding (for life) Mrs. Virginia Sutton, Los Angeles, California, and Wiley Britton, Kansas City, Kansas.

The several standing committees reported verbally, through their chairmen or other members.

The matter of the proposed archaeological excavation was approved and referred to the Executive Committee for the purpose of making the necessary arrangements, with full power to act.

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