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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 15

-No. 1-
The Father of Sequoyah: Nathaniel Gist Samuel C. Williams 3
Chief William Potter Ross John Bartlett Meserve 21
How the Cherokees Acquired the Outlet Berlin B. Chapman 30
An Indian Raid into Texas Captain W. S. Nye 50
The Mayes John Bartlett Meserve 56
The Diary of an Eighty-Niner James W. Moffitt 66
Early Life among the Five Civilized Tribes Edward Davis 70
The Origin of the Seminole Indians Gerald Forbes 102
Notes on Archaeology Joseph B. Thoburn 109
Book Reviews   116
Notes   119
Minutes   121
Necrology   125
1937 Annual Meeting   126
-No. 2-
Reverend Erskine Brantly, D. D. R. L. Williams 131
Education among the Chickasaw Indians Carolyn Thomas Foreman 139
The Perrymans John Bartlett Meserve 166
Judge Charles B. Stuart J. R. Keaton 185
Education of White Children in the Indian Territory Frank A. Balyeat 191
Judge James H. Gordon Preston C. West 198
How the Cherokees Acquired and Disposed of the Outlet (Part Two) Berlin B. Chapman 205
The Battle of Wichita Village Captain W. S. Nye 226
Resolution of Respect for and in Appreciation of Honorable Charles B. Stuart   228
Resolution of Respect for and in Appreciation of Honorable James H. Gordon   238
Book Reviews   242
Annual Meeting of the Oklahoma Historical Society   245
Correction   249
-No. 3-
The Principal Chiefs of the Cherokee Nation Gaston L. Litton 253
The Northern Boundry of Oklahoma J. Stanley Clark 271
How the Cherokees Acquired and Disposed of the Outlet, The Fairchild Failure (Part Three) Berlin B. Chapman 291
The Origin of the "Natural" Mounds of Oklahoma and Adjacent States Joseph B. Thoburn 322
Book Reviews   344
Minutes   355
Necrology   359
-No. 4-
Governor Cyrus Harris John Bartlett Meserve 373
Centennial of the Chickasaw Migration Joseph B. Thoburn 387
The Aboriginal Chickasaw Nation Janet Bond 392
Education of the Chickasaws, 1856-1907 Caroline Davis 415
Early Missionaries to the Cherokees E. C. Routh 449
Some Experiences of C. H. Rienhardt in Early Oklahoma Mildred Milam Viles 466
An Address W. W. Hastings 477
Millie Durgan George Hunt 480
Book Reviews   483
Minutes   493
Necrology   498

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