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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 14

-No. 1-
Report of Grant Foreman to the Board Grant Foreman 3
Chief Coleman Cole John B. Meserve 9
Oklahoma, A Foreordained Commonwealth Dan W. Peery 22
John Hazelton Cotteral A. G. C. Bierer 49
Historical and Archaic Study of the Tuskegee in Florida Edward Davis and H. R. Antle 53
Notes from the Indian Advocate Grant Foreman 67
The Two Cattle Trails H. S. Tennant 84
Minutes   123
Necrology   127
-No. 2-
Resolution on the Death of Gen. R. A. Sneed   133
Reminiscences of an Indian Trader Gen. R. A. Sneed 135
Contributions of the Indian People to Oklahoma Muriel H. Wright 156
Early Advancement Among the Five Civilzed Tribes Prof. Edward Davis 162
The Union Pacific, Southern Branch James D. Morrison 173
Haskell Tells of Two Conventions Paul Nesbit 189
Proceedings in Memory of Smith Corbin Matson   218
Notes   222
Book Review   225
Annual Meeting at Enid   228
Annual Report of Secretary   248
Minutes of the Annual meeting   254
Minutes of the Board of Directors   258
-No. 3-
Frank H. Greer J. B. Thoburn 265
Edward W. Bushyhead and John Rollin Ridge, Cherokee Editors in California Carolyn Thomas Foreman 295
Oklahoma's First College, Old High Gate, Norman O. A. Kinchen 312
Views of a Visitor to the Constitutional Convention   324
The Comanche Indian and His Language W. J. Becker 328
Interpretation of Seminole Relationship Terms H. R. Antle 343
Chief Dennis Wolfe Bushyhead John Bartlett Meserve 349
When the Territory was Young T. E. Beck 360
Resolutions of the Ardmore Bar Association in Regard to William D. Potter   365
Report of the Sequoyah Memorial Committee   369
Report of the WPA Project   374
Minutes   383
Necrology   387
-No. 4-
The Journal of the Proceedings at Our First Treaty With the Wild Indians, 1835 Grant Foreman 393
Chief Wilson Nathaniel Jones John Bartlett Meserve 419
A Federal Experiment in Southern Plains Indian Relations, 1835-1845 C. C. Rister 434
Henry Frieland Buckner E. C. Routh 456
Dissolution of the Iowa Reservation Berlin B. Chapman 467
The International Conflict for the Lands of Creek Confederacy Gerald Forbes 478
Book Reviews   499
Minutes   513
Dedicatory Services at Fort Gibson   518
In Memoriam   520
Necrology   524
Notes   526

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