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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 13

Annual Meeting   5
Resolution—Charles F. Colcord   7
A Tribute to Charles F. Colcord Walter Ferguson 9
Col. Jesse Henry Leavenworth Carolyn Thomas Foreman 14
The Kiowa's Defiance Dan W. Peery 30
Difficulties Encountered in Issuing Cheyenne and Arapaho Subsistence 1861-1870 Martha Buntin 37
Milton W. Reynolds Dan W. Peery 46
Indian Removal Message of President Jackson John B. Meserve 63
Journal of Elijah Hicks Grant Foreman 68
Sons of the American Revolution John Fred Brett 100
Sketch of the Life of Sidney Suggs J. H. Snyder 101
Notes   105
Book Review Muriel H. Wright 108
Minutes   121
Necrology   127
The Old Council House George Riley Hall 133
Chitto Harjo Mace Davis 139
A Young Army Officer's Experience in Indian Territory Caroline B. Sherman 146
The Battle of Honey Springs Charles R. Freeman 154
Reminiscence of Early Days in the Chickasaw Nation Joe T. Roff 169
Report of Archeological Sites H. R. Antle 191
Missionaries of Latter Day Saints of Indian Territory Grant Foreman 196
Supreme Court of the Territory of Oklahoma Judge Thos. H. Doyle 214
Old Day County, Oklahoma Territory D. W. P. 219
Notes   223
Books Recently Added to Library   233
Annual Meeting of Oklahoma Historical Society   235
Minutes of Meeting of Board of Directors, April 25, 1935   238
Necrology   242
Centenary of Printing in Oklahoma   251
Gen. Eli Lundy Huggins Carloyn Thomas Foreman 255
Old Philadelphia Baptist Church W. B. Morrison 266
Colonel Crocker and the Boomer Movement Dan W. Peery 273
The McCurtains John B. Meserve 297
A Bluff Shelter in East Central Oklahoma H. R. Antle 313
History of Camp Holmes and Chouteau's Trading Post Howard F. Van Zandt 316
Gov. Montfort Stokes John B. Meserve 338
Sergeant I-See-O, Kiowa Indian Scout Morris Swett 341
Gen. Hugh L. Scott D. W. P. 355
Book Review   357
Minutes   359
Necrology   363
Five Minute History of Oklahoma Patrick J. Hurley 373
Address in Commemoration of Wiley Post before the Oklahoma State Society of Washington D. C. Paul A. Walker 376
Oklahoma's School Endowment D. W. P. 381
Judge Charles Bismark Ames D. A. Richardson 391
Agusta Robertson Moore: A Sketch of Her Life and Times Carolyn Thomas Foreman 399
Chief John Ross John Bartlett Meserve 421
Captain David L. Payne D. W. P. 438
Oklahoma's First Court Grant Foreman 457
An Unusual Antiquity in Pontotoc County H. R. Antle 470
Oklahoma History Quilt D. W. P. 472
Some Fragments of Oklahoma History   481
Notes   485
Minutes   489
Necrology   494

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