Chronicles of Oklahoma

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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 5

Editorial J. Y. Bryce 1
Old Boggy Depot Muriel H. Wright 4
Single Versus Double Statehood Thomas H. Doyle 18
Sources of Oklahoma History Grant Foreman 42
The Cherokee Strip Live Stock Association Dr. E. E. Dale 58
Appendix 37—Report of Indian Commissioners   79
Oklahoma Geographic Name Board   95
Necrology   97
Book Review Joseph B. Thoburn 104
Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Oklahoma Historical Society   105
Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society   109
-No. 2-
Editorials   113
Single Versus Double Statehood Thomas H. Doyle 117
Early Telephone History of Oklahoma John M. Noble 149
Reminiscences of Life Among the Indians Rev. J. J. Methvin 166
Some Reminiscences of the Cherokee People Wiley Britton 180
Famous Officers I have Known Christian F. Sommer 185
Extracts from the Diary of Major Sibley   196
Reviving Lost Indian Art New York Herald-Tribune 219
Historic Spots and Actions in the Washita Valley Samuel Y. Allgood 221
Sacred Heart Mission and Abbey John Laracy, O.S.B. 234
Fort Washita W. B. Morrison 251
Necrology   259
Book Review   261
Amendment to Constitution Guy R. Moore 262
-No. 3-
Editorial   263
Single Versus Double Statehood Thomas H. Doyle 266
Southwest’s History Written in Oklahoma’s Boundary Story M. L. Wardell 287
A Version of a Famous Battle F. M. Lockard 297
A Day with Colonel W. F. Cloud Wiley Britton 311
Lynch’s Mill was Spavinaw’s Name in Early Day History Tulsa World 322
Initial Point in Oklahoma Alvin Rucker 328
Report of Captain John Stuart on the Construction of the Road from Fort Smith to Horse Prairie on Red River, with Introduction and Footnotes Carolyn Thomas Foreman 333
Necrology   348
Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors   361
-No. 4-
Editorial   363
Malmaison, Palace in a Wilderness, Home of General Leflore Mrs. Lee J. Langley 371
A Journal Kept by Douglas Cooper, with Introduction and Footnotes Grant Foreman 381
Legend of the Tie-Snakes J. J. Methvin 391
The Peace Council Celebration at Medicine Lodge Joseph B. Thoburn 397
Chickasaw Courts Mrs. Czarina C. Conlan 400
Words of Appreciation John C. Best 405
“Choctaw,” a Poem O. F. Muldrow 406
An Important Archaeological and Historical Discovery Joseph B. Thoburn 407
The Fort Towson Road James Culberson 414
Necrology   422
Book Review   429
Meeting of the Board of Directors   430

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