Chronicles of Oklahoma

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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 4

Editorials   3
An Appreciation—Jasper Sipes   9
Platt National Park Czarina C. Conlan 11
John Young Bryce Edward Everett Dale 14
Life in the Cherokee Nation V. A. Travis 16
A Leaf from a Sketchbook Baxter Taylor 31
A Nearly Forgotten Fragment of Local History Robert L. Ream 34
Gleanings from the By-Ways of Oklahoma Folklore Mable Caldwell 45
Some Legends of Oklahoma Walter R. Smith 50
Rev. Willis F. Folsom Phil D. Brewer 55
A Choctaw Indian’s Diary Rev. W. F. Dunkle 61
Annual Report of Czarina C. Conlan   70
Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Oklahoma Historical Society   74
Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society   78
Report of Treasurer   80
-No. 2-
Editorials   85
No-Man’s-Land Elmer E. Brown 89
A Vanishing Race G. A. Crossett 100
Harley Institute Johnnie Bishop Chisholm 116
The Opening of Oklahoma Hamilton S. Wicks 129
Oklahoma Archaeological Exploration in 1925-26 J. B. Thoburn 143
Some of Our Choctaw Neighborhood Schools Frank E. Parke and J. W. LeFlore 149
Old-Timers Swap Yarns as Part of Celebration Oklahoman 153
Life Among the Choctaw Indians Henry C. Benson 156
Historical Society from a Woman’s Point of View Mrs. Walter Ferguson 162
Pottawatomie County Historical Society Florence Drake 164
The Choctaw Mission of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions W. B. Morrison 166
Perryville at One Time a Regular Military Post J. Y. Bryce 184
Oklahoma Civilization J. Y. Bryce 192
Death of Oak-chi-ah, a Missionary J. Y. Bryce 194
An Ancient Sioux Legend Oklahoma City Times 199
April 22, 1989 Ina Gainer 200
The Oklahoma Pioneer Peter Parnell Duffy 201
First Postoffices in What Is Now the State of Oklahoma J. Y. Bryce 202
Minutes of the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society   205
The Passing of Some of Our Pioneers   207
Book Reviews   210
-No. 3-
Editorials   213
Fort McCulloch W. B. Morrison 216
Hillside Mission Floyd E. Miller 223
Governor Cole V. M. Locke, Jr. 229
Letter from Mrs. Frank Korn   232
Some Notes of Interest Concerning Early-Day Operations in Indian Territory J. Y. Bryce 233
Letter Mrs. G. B. Hester 241
Some of the Pioneers of Pottawatomie County Mrs. J. W. Drake 242
The Keetoowah Society J. W. Duncan 251
The Indian Territory in 1878 Col. William Penn Adair 255
Historical Sketch of Col. Samuel Checote, Once Chief of the Creek Indians O. A. Lambert 275
Proposed Amendments to Constitution   281
Oklahoma’s Only Daughter of the American Revolution Mrs. A. J. Arnote 283
Biography of Captain William Graham Baird Mrs. Logan G. Hysmith 286
Judge Overton Love   288
Necrology   291
An Early-Day Baptist Missionary Baxter Taylor 296
Kiowa Chapter, No. 650 E. S. Mary M. Rogers 298
Book Reviews   302
-No. 4-
Editorials   303
Some Experiences in Sac and Fox Reservation J. Y. Bryce 307
John Rollin Ridge Edward Everett Dale 312
First Oklahoma Oil Produces 1859 Murial H. Wright 322
Sapulpa William A. Sapulpa 329
A Journey Across Oklahoma Ninety Years Ago W. B. Morrison 333
Jones Academy J. N. Kagey 338
David Folsom Mrs. Czarina Conlan 340
Captain Boone’s Report of Survey of Boundary Line Between the Creeks and Cherokees Grant Foreman 356
Book Reviews Mrs. Rosalie Dale 366
A Correction   368
Meeting of Board of Directors Oklahoma Historical Society   370

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