Chronicles of Oklahoma

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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 3

Battle of the Washita Paul Nesbitt 3
Journal of the General Council of the Indian Territory   33
Oklahoma as a Part of the Spanish Dominion, 1763-1803 Anna Lewis 45
My Experience with the Cheyenne Indians Henry C. Keeling 59
Early Days in Payne County E. Bee Guthrey 74
Restoration of the Monument at the Initial Point of the Public Land Surveys of Oklahoma   81
James Dwight Lankford   86
Annual Meeting   90
Editorial   94
Early Trails Through Oklahoma Grant Foreman 99
Journal of the General Council of the Indian Territory   120
Report of the Committee on Agriculture   137
Pioneers and Pioneering in Woods County Jesse J. Dunn 141
Diary of Rev. Cyrus Kingsbury W. B. Morrison 152
Keeping the Record Straight Paul Nesbitt 158
Quarterly Meeting   167
Contributors   169
Dragoon Expedition 1834-1835 Fred S. Perrine and Grant Foreman 175
Okmulgee Constitution   216
History of the Construction of the Frisco Railway Lines in Oklahoma James L. Allhands 229
Quarterly Report of the Secretary Joseph B. Thoburn 240
Notice of Amendment Joseph B. Thoburn 249
Reminiscences of a Range Rider James C. Henderson 253
An Incident in the Early History of Dewey County Frank D. Northup 289
Some Corrections of “Life on the Plains” Gen. William B. Hazen 295
Du Tisne’s Expedition into Oklahoma, 1719 Anna Lewis 319
Minutes Joseph B. Thoburn 324

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