Page 1 of letter from R H Pratt to Mary Burnham dated 28 August 1879

On Cars near
New York August 28th [1879]

Dear Mrs Burnham

I am en route to
Wash[ington] to see Com[missioner].

In transmitting Gen. Armstrong's
message from Stockbridge, the
telegraph operators changed it
from "Commisioner Hoyt wants
to see you" to Commissioner
here wants to see you." There is need
of promptness, for buildings
have to be put up, so I
go on without stop. My
plans meet with favor. The
Com[missioner] writes Gen'l Armstrong
favoring my detail. Says he
will ask it of the War Dept.
Things look most favorable

Page 2 of letter from R H Pratt to Mary Burnham dated 28 August 1879

Page 2

but a soldier of 16 years
can build better when he
actually has his orders
than before. I am in
strong hopes I can telegraph
you definitely Friday.

When you get this let
me know your address
(telegraph) by a telegram to
care of Ebbitt House

If M. M. [Making Medicine, a/k/a David Pendleton Oakerhater] goes it will
be quite important his wardrobe
is good.

If all works right my
present plan is to go at once
for E-tah-dle-uh, then come
to Paris Hill and then
go west. Rather expect to
take Mrs. Pratt to look after
the girls.

Yours sincerely

RH Pratt

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