Page 1 of letter from R H Pratt to Mary Burnham dated 21 August 1879

Aug. 21st. 1879

Dear Mrs. Burnham

Carlisle is ours, and
the enemy routed. A part have
surrendered, and the remainder are
in full retreat.

(Sub-rosa [secretly] Gen'l Sherman who has
pooh-poohed it, comes down with a
handsome little approval, provided
both sexes are included. Gen'l
Hancock says it is not only a good
thing, but that Carlisle is the best
place in the country for it.)

But aside from all these and
far, far above, is the consciousness
that it is approved on High.

Your kind, quiet, persistent endorsement
all through has given me unlimited strength.

Consider yourself a foundation stone.
To yourself, the good doctor and

Page 2 of letter from R H Pratt to Mary Burnham dated 21 August 1879

Page 2

Mrs Saville I extend a most hearty
happy grip, such as the silent stamp
on this sheet perpetuates. Peace and
friendship forever.

Faithfully & Cordially Yours

RH. Pratt

[NOTE: it is unclear whether this was added by Pratt or by another writer]

As I sat by my dear lovely
sister in the night she became
very restless. I said to her, – "I
want you to go to sleep now: –
He giveth His beloved sleep." Almost
instantly she lay quiet, & was
soon in a pleasant slumber.

Her life has been utterly
unselfish. St. Anthony was a
gourmand & a miser in the
comparison. She thinks of everybody
rather than herself. It seems
probable that, having watched
over father & mother & brothers
& sisters to the last, & handed

Page 2 of letter from R H Pratt to Mary Burnham dated 21 August 1879

Page 3

them over to the Great Rest, she will now
herself soon pass on, in the arms of
her Lord, out of all pain &
weariness, into Everlasting Peace.
The trouble seems to be gastric.
Possibly she may recover. We may be
kept here longer than we expected.

I wrote you yesterday –

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