Page 1 of letter from R H Pratt to Mary Burnham dated 17 August 1879

Hampton Inst. Va.
Aug. 17 1879

My dear friend,

The news from
John Robb is sad enough.
He can live only a few
days longer. This is a sad
sad blow. Our Father's ways
are truly past finding out.

I have authority from
the Secretary to take all the
sickly ones home.

I am to write a letter
about No Wee's expenses when
I know what they are, and
explain the case, and
recommend the reimbursement
of the amount, when it
will be done.

The Carlisle School with 100

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Page 2

students is, so far as I can
see, to be established this
fall. I went to Harrisburg
Saturday and saw Gen'l
Biddle who promised to secure
an expression favorable to it
from the citizens of Carlisle.
This the Sec'y of War thought
essential as they had on a
former occasion protested
against soldiers being there.

This paper will probably go
to Washington today. The
official application from the Interior
Dept. went over to the War Office
yesterday. Both Secretaries
and the Com[mission]n want to press
Educational work.

Losses like Johnnie's make
the heart very sore.

The western trip can hardly
begin before Sept.

I am inclined to

Page 3 of letter from R H Pratt to Mary Burnham dated 17 August 1879

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push Hampton girls on some one else.
I think General A. ought to go to the
field himself. You must go with me
to the Indn. Ty. [Indian Territory, i.e. modern-day Oklahoma] and if Dakota too for
Carlisle pupils. Why not then?

With much love to the Doctor &
Mrs. Inville, including the "ten little injuns."

Cordially & faithfully yours

RH. Pratt

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