Page 1 of letter from R H Pratt to Mary Burnham dated 9 May 1878

On Cars May 9 [1878]

My dear sister–
In God's work & Love

How beautiful and
bright the face of nature and of
hearts in God's Love and fellow-
ship. My heart has grown not
a little today, and I feel to
Praise Him for the favors I have
enjoyed. Your House and its
bright faces. The contentment in
the faces of those whose interests we
have made our own all combine
to make me feel very happy.

One thing I had intended to
speak of in connexion with the
name of the good Bishop and
forgot which was that in making
up my report. I said of your four
that they were in Syracuse N.Y. under
his auspices. This was best, and
I have no doubt will be acceptable to

Page 2 of letter from R H Pratt to Mary Burnham dated 9 May 1878

Page 2


Of those at Hampton I said
they were under the care of
Gen. Armstrong. Altho' the funds
have all passed through my hands.

I am so glad you
see all the points so well and
do not fail in vigilance tho' there seems
to be so little necessity for it.

Strong men are weak and weak
men are strong. If mishap should
come, (and I see nothing to color an appre-
hension with so far) you can see that
strength may come from it.

Heaven Bless You
Yours faithfully

RH Pratt

The friends at Mrs Jones' are probably
Mr & Mrs Beach of Lafayette, Indn,
whom I was to meet in Syracuse
or else a sister of my brother-in-law
who said he would write his sister to
meet and take care of me. If you will
explain my haste, in either case it
will greatly oblige me.

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