Page 1 of letter from R H Pratt to Mary Burnham dated 1 May 1878


Jamestown May 1 [1878]

Dear Sister

I have yours of the
29th just now. I am not
sure as I can get away
Monday. My friends want me
to stay until Thursday next on
account of my boy's confirmation
and it looks hard to go away
before. I can hardly decide
not to carry out my plans, but
may. My ticket takes me
by Niagara which I very much
desire to see, never having had
that privilege before. Our friends
have planned a trout fishing spree
in the Mts. for me, tomorrow &
the day after, and then I must
go up the beautiful Lake of
which they are so proud so I

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Page 2

am strongly tempted to stay.

Good for the boys! I
glory in their good behavior,
success and industry.

I knew Mrs. Pendleton
would do all she could. If
she can see the boys and
find everything prosperous
she will do more.

Our good leader B[isho]p. Whipple
writes of continued bad
health. The mightiness of
spirit flags not and he
shoulders a heavy load like
Sampson the gates of Gaza.

I made a few indifferent
remarks in a large prayer
meeting in Indianapolis, and
touched many warm hearts.

I made (as I thot [thought?]) a much
better effort to a like meeting
at Logansport Ind. and only

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two brothers stopped to shake
hands even. No sympathy with
Indians or any efforts for their
elevation. After they were
gone, I wished I had them
back that I might have given
them a few 20 inch solid
shot. So it goes! "If God
be for us who can be against
us!" We are as Elisha's servant.

Gen. Sherman & the Sec.
of War have been at Hampton.
The former was opposed until
he saw the boys actually at
work when he admitted that
"something might be done
with those particular ones."

I will let you know of
the time of my arrival and
will come at once to your

Yours faithfully

RH. Pratt

he is only to be
in the city
a few hours.

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