Page 1 of letter from R H Pratt to Mary Burnham dated 27 April 1878

Logansport, Ind. Apr 27 78

My dear sister friend–

Thanks for the letter
from good Mrs. Dabell. Please say to her
that the little Comanche girl's future is ever
before me, and that her views of my looking
after her accord with my own. We are
simply trying to do God's work, who doubtless
intends to accomplish his will by another
way than we had thought.

My heart is so in the effort we are
making that I find it very hard to

Your cares and family are so great
that I feel it will be an imposition to
add at all to them by accepting your kind
invitation, and as I shall only stop a
few hours, it will be better to take a room
in the City so I must pray you to excuse
me. We shall see and accomplish all that is

Page 2 of letter from R H Pratt to Mary Burnham dated 27 April 1878

Page 2

necessary just the same.

I do want quite a lot of the
Messengers for friends to our cause and
if you get in another letter it will be
just as well to send both together.

I send you a slip from the St. Aug.
Press. I suppose Mrs Caruthers has had
the speech printed as she tells me that
every word and idea was thought out by
Tsait-kope-ta, and as his delivery of it in
fair english was so opportune, it is a
most gratifying reminiscence of the labors
at the old fort. Please keep it for

I hope to arrive in Jamestown, N. Y.
next Wednesday, and will start for
Syracuse the following Monday.

It is most gratifying that you find the
boys so obedient. I hope the hours
outside of study are employed. To
have them so keeps trouble away.

Yours ever faithfully

RH. Pratt

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