Page 1 of letter from R H Pratt to Mary Burnham dated 4 April 1878

St. Aug Apr 4th 1878

My dear Mrs. Burnham

Two letters from you
by one mail. Many thanks for
all the good encouragement. How
glad I am that you feel so sure of
your three. The Dr. & Mrs S— come to
(The Indians donate book time)
the Fort today and we talk to them
about it. I am not yet sure, but
it seems as though it will be best
to go back to your first Cheyenne
L. Chief. Mrs. Pendleton wants to
take two to Ohio, and mentions
especially M.[aking] Medicine [David Pendleton Oakerhater]. She has
been very kind to him for two years
back, writing him many letters
and sending him presents. Last
Spring she spoke of educating
him in a letter to me, and as she
wants to take two it will increase

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my list that many. I have now
more for Hampton than Gen. Armstrong
has accepted, though I have asked
him to accept more. A letter
from dear good B[isho]p Whipple yesterday
says to count on him for five if
there are any left over what others
want including his three which
he must have. His views are
for missionary work as also are
Mrs. Pendleton's. A dear old
Quaker Lady sends me $50.00 to
pay the way of Ah-ker north and
writes me so kindly that my heart
is full. She asks me to write to
a Quaker friend in Cincinnati
who is on the Board of a Manual
Labor School in Indiana which
she thinks would suit Ah-ker.

Your proposition is first and
my heart says is best for her. So
without you find you will be unable
to take her I shall consider the

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arrangements for her closed and
will send her on , with Dr. & Mrs C.
Praise the Lord for this perfect evidence of
his intention. She is very promising
and everything more reconciled
than when you left. I shall tell
her when we do the boys.

Felix R. Brunot is here and is
a fast friend already. He will
see the heads of Departments and the
President in our behalf in two
weeks, though what will be left
to do I can hardly see.

When I sat down to write my
head was aching, now it is gone.
I want to write much more but
must write to others for this mail.

Will see Dr. C. and write you
tomorrow of result. I know it
will be favorable & that Dr. will
see your party aboard the train
as you desire.

In the love of Christ

Page 4 of letter from R H Pratt to Mary Burnham dated 4 April 1878

Page 4

Your brother, friend,

RH. Pratt

Keep this — he may make use
of it.

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