Page 1 of letter from R H Pratt to Mary Burnham dated 22 February 1879

Hampton Inst., Feby. 22, [18]79

My dear friend–

At this date it is not
easy to solve the little problem we had
before us about the boys going out to farms
for work and instruction. I shall
certainly, if placed on duty at Carlisle,
want leaves for the very large lump
I have to deal with for a number of
months. And now that I am to go
away Gen. A. is not so ready to part
with all of his conservative force. He
thinks six or seven will do for his
purpose and that I can have the
others (10 or 11). It may be that I
will only need them during the first
two or three months of starting, and
it may be that I will not need all.
I can easily determine when the
instructions are given, so I can form
clear judgements. I can see the great

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need of the parcelling out process and
shall want to carry it out at the very
earliest moment practicable. I do
feel so grateful to you and dear Bishop
Huntington for all your efforts and
concern in this matter. That it will
prove the entering wedge to a redemption
of a tribe or tribes of our most manly and
gallant nomadic Indns I firmly believe.

I will let you know at the earliest
practicable moment the conclusion, in
all that we labor for.

Information from Fort Sill and Cheyenne
Agency, since my return here, gives a
better condition of the returned Indians
than I had expected. I doubt if white
men under like circumstances could have
done better.

Eleven of the boys here have their
names presented for baptism and church
membership tomorrow, in the school
church. While five, I think, will be

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taken into Mr. Gravatto (Episcopal Ch.) soon.

The lofty earnest aspirations of these for the better life
evidences the best prospect for the future. The necessity
for more, and both sexes under like training becomes
more apparent daily. Humbly submitting to the guiding
hand of Him who maketh even the wrath of man
to praise him, and constantly seeking His support
and direction, I am, in our joint efforts in behalf
of His people and our brothers,

Cordially and faithfully yours

RH. Pratt

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