Page 1 of Transcript of hearing of Henry Taawaite written by B. S. Reynolds,  dated 10 January 1881

Carlisle Barracks, Carlisle, Penna
Monday Jan 10th. 1881.

The Council of Justice, Ordered by Lieut. R. H. Pratt,
officer in charge of the Indian Training School of this
place, met in the chapel at 2 o'c Monday P.M., pursuant to
directions, for the trial of Henry Pratt Taawaite.

Charges and specifications having been read to the
prisoner he plead guilty to the same.

Examined by the court.
Q.     What have you to say in your defence?
A.     I don't understand.

The court explained by asking Taawaite if he under-
stood what had been read in the specifications, and
if so, he must tell the reason of such bad conduct.

H. Taawaite:
Now I understand. Now I tell "why." I put it all
away now. I feel very sorry. Capt. Pratt, Mr.
Standing, Mr. Gates talk to me, I am like little
child. I am very sorry. In New York my teacher
too kind to me, make me just like little boy.
All here are my friends, I not feel bad, Now I
work. What give me work – that is it, I work.

Q. Is that all.     A. Yes.
Q. You say now that you are willing to do whatever
Capt. Pratt wants you to do?
A. Yes. I leave it all for him to tell me.

The president of the court told Taawaite
that his example had been bad for a long time, and
that Capt. Pratt and all others here are his friends
and want him to do that which is right.

His reply to the question made in Comanche:

Page 2 of Transcipt of hearing of Henry Taawaite written by B. S. Reynolds,  dated 10 January 1881

Page 2

by the President, as to whether he understood the
charges made against him, and if they were correct and
just, was as follows,

The reason of his bad feeling was because it was so
long since he had seen any of his friends, his own
people. His brother and friends with whom he
used to travel over the country he had not seen for so
long time that his heart was unsettled and doubleminded,
and crying. That he could not sleep at night for think-
ing of his friends, and his anxiety to see them was very
great. It was five years since he had seen any of them.
But he would now take Capt. Pratt's advice and do
what was required of him.


After mature deliberation, the Court recommends
that the sentence be as follows.
That Henry Taawaite make a public confession
before the School; That his past conduct has been
bad, but that he will endeavor to do his best in
the future.

A. J. Standing
Geo. Gates
B. S. Reynolds
Members of Court

Page 3 of Transcipt of hearing of Henry Taawaite written by B. S. Reynolds,  dated 10 January 1881: Statement of Henry Pratt Taawaite

Page 3

[Confession of Henry Taawaite]

Nearly six years ago I left my home in the
Indian Territory. I was not a good boy then,
but I found good friends who wanted to help me,
and I tried to learn, and I felt glad that my friends
wanted to help me in a good way.
Over two years I went to school at Paris Hill, then
I have good friends, but they are too kind to me.
They do not make me work hard, and do not make me
remember that I must earn my own living.
They amke me just like a little child.
Then I come here to this Carlisle School to learn how
to work and to make wagons, but when I try to
work my heart is not strong that way.
And all the time I think about the good friends
at Paris Hill and the good time I have there.
Then too, I have been away from my home over five
years, and I want very much to see my people,
So by thinking this way my heart got very bad, and
I would not do what Capt. Pratt wanted me to.
This was not right
Capt. Pratt only wants to help me to be a man, and
help myself, so that, when I go back to my people, I
can do something for myself and help them.

I am very sorry that I did not do right and now
I will try every day, and I will do what Capt. Pratt
and my teachers want me to.

Henry Pratt Taawaite

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