Page 1 of Charges against Henry Taawaite written by George Gates, dated 10 January 1881

Indian Training School
Carlisle Barracks, Carlisle, Pa. January 10th 1881

Charges and Specifications preferred against Henry
Pratt Taawaite.
Disobedience of Orders

I.     In this, that he being a Student at the Indian
Training School and subject to its Rules and Disci-
pline; did disregard said Rules and willfully disobey
orders given to him by 1st Lieut. R. H. Pratt, the officer
in charge. This on or about Jan 8th, 1881.

Having been detailed to work in the Blacksmith Shop,
and told by the Disciplinarian to report to the Foreman,
did willfully disobey said order.
This on or about Jan 5th, 1881.

That he having been told several times by the Disciplin-
arian to Close Up, in marching to school or meals,
would treat the order with contempt, and go to suit
himself. This in the month of Dec. 1880 and Jan. 1881.

In that he being a student at this school, and subject to its rules
and orders, has shown no disposition to act in conformity with
these rules, but, on the contrary, has shown an independ-
ant spirit to act as he saw fit.

Signed, Geo. Gates

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