Page 1 of Order from R. H. Pratt  dated 10 January 1881

United State Indian Service,
Carlisle, Pa.,January 10, 1881


A Council of Justice is hereby instituted to meet at
2 o'clock on Monday the 10th Instant to inquire into
the allegations of misconduct on the part of Henry Pratt
Taawayite, a student at this school.

The Council will take into consideration all the con-
duct of the said Taawayite in realtion to conformity to the
rules of the school and will hear his defence in the matter,
fix the quantity of guilt and recommend such punishment
or action as they deem necessary.

The following employees of the school will form the
Council. Messrs. A. J. Standing, G. W. Gates and
Burnett G Reynolds.

The ordinary course of military courts martial will
serve to guide and a careful record of the proceedings will
be kept by the last named member and forwarded with
the action of the Council to the Office.

RH. Pratt
1st Lieut. 10th Cavy. Incharge

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