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Letter from David Pendleton Oakerhater to Mrs Mary Burnham
December 15, 1881

Page 1 of letter from David Pendleton Oakerhater to Mrs Mary Burnham dated 15 December 1881

Cheyenne and Arapahoe
Agency Darlington Indian Territory
Dec 15th 1881

My Dear House Mother

      I am very
glad to get your good dispatch
last Tuesday Dec 13 also I am
so thankful to get money you
Send to me I feel and I Say
thank you my kind white
mother Mrs Mary D Burnham
when I received your Epistles
the Same day I depart down
when live my folks and read
it to my friends They were
glad to hear it this time
all My people to heard about
you will come at the West some
time visit with them and So
all very anxious to See you
and Send their love to you

Page 2 of letter from David Pendleton Oakerhater to Mrs Mary Burnham dated 15 December 1881

Page 2

we are all talk about you
They Say how Tall your loving
white Mother how large but
I Say not very Tall Short woman
not So very big very good woman
and So that all think about
you very Tall and very large woman
all spoke to me They Say will
very glad to See you some time
and Shake hand with you
also I want to See you very much
and So I would have write to
you this Evening I am very
glad to see every evening So many
Indian Children Sing and pray
our lord but we have male and
female about one hundred twenty
this Cheyenne School do not yet Snow
I wish Snow flake for Christmas
I must close write and hoping you
will Soon write to me Good bye

Dear Good Mother please give my love
all your loving family from Your friend and


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