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Letter from David Pendleton Oakerhater to Mrs. Mary Burnham
May 31, 1878

Page 1 of letter from David Pendleton Oakerhater to Mrs Mary Burnham dated 31 May 1878

May 31 1878

My dear Mrs Burnham

     I received your
very nice letter. I am glad Mr Wicks
is very kindly me. I am so glad my
good teach him to learn and read
and write and sing every day I study
hard Bible Prayer Book pray for a
good Heart a while and then I go
out to walk and can see all the
many fine trees. I make bow and
arrows Mr Wicks your old man father
show Making Medicine1 how to plant
corn and beans I brought milk
in House Mr Wicks wife good woman
so kind me I love her days and good
Breakfast and good Dinner and good
supper no hungry Enough every day
I am Happy my dear brother Mr Frank W Burnham

Page 2 of letter from David Pendleton Oakerhater to Mrs Mary Burnham dated 31 May 1878

Page 2

My dear sister Miss Mabel D Burnham all good
friends good shake hands I am glad he
is good Mr Wicks good to me I love him
every morning I pray a good Heart dear
Jesus afraid know lie I love Jesus
no sick every day I am very well I like
it very Much you My dear Bishop I Talk
I like to be a good man you can write
a nice letter and I thank you for
it and I hope you will will again.
Mr Russel Came to day bought bow
and arrows2 one Dollar give me
I thank you

Your friend

Making Medicine

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