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Letter from David Pendleton Oakerhater to Mrs. Mary Burnham
April 9, 1880

Page 1 of letter from David Pendleton Oakerhater to Mrs Mary Burnham dated 9 April 1880

Paris Hill N.Y.
April 9th, 1880

My Dear House Mother

      To day weather
warm and very pleasant that
the road was very bad a great
deal of wet in the afternoon about
one oclock Mr John go way down to Clinton the same time Mr
Henry take long walk way down
to Mr Rouse house visit I did not
go visit I stay in my room
So much I have been sitting and
thinking very often about you
I am going write to you what
I want it very much Something
tell you Suppose you will Pleased
Send to Me My Money I want
new hat Black cape You know
now what I want for money

Page 2 of letter from David Pendleton Oakerhater to Mrs Mary Burnham dated 9 April 1880

Page 2

My Dear House Mother
I am very glad in my
heart next week You go way
down to Carlisle Barrack 1 visit
Perhaps very glad to See her
My little Cousin and My nephew at
Carlisle You will inquire
Captain Pratt all know this
Summer Someday pleasant oh
I wish very much to See her
my Cousin and My nephew and
I hope you will pleased tell all
Sisters I send kind regard
rememberances to you I must
say good bye to you all God
bless you.

Your Dear

David Pendleton

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