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Letter from David Pendleton Oakerhater to Mrs. Mary Burnham
April 8, 1881

Page 1 of letter from David Pendleton Oakerhater to Mrs. Mary Burnham dated 8 April 1881

Paris Hill N.Y. April 8th, 1881

My Dear House Mother,

To day quite warm
pleasant day I go to School but there
take walk Just little way also Mr. Cooke
horse give water and feed give hay and
meal I go up stairs and sitting by the
table I write to you I am very glad
to hear Mr Wicks talk about Indian Territory
what Shall to do right and preach the
gospel that to do so them I am glad
and half I am very sorry for him My
boy great thinking about him Perhaps
this morning to hear that my Dear boy
again left me and the earth may be
not may be next day1 It is very hard

Page 2 of letter from David Pendleton Oakerhater to Mrs. Mary Burnham dated 8 April 1881

Page 2

that time I through I would have ask
Some thing about you My Dear House Mother
if you can much pray and ask God
what I want ever so much I wish very
much come visit with me My loving
cousin Indian Girl stay at Carlisle Barracks
few day Stay here and to see him my boy
also Show us Nomie when Burial I think
very glad to come here visit see other very
handsome country and hoping you will
please read your Bible and pray and
I know he will hear you and help you
and I thank you to day how got long
in your health well. please give my kind
regard to them all your family if you
can Soon write and tell me about what
you think I must say good bye

from your friend

David Pendleton

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