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Letter from David Pendleton Oakerhater to Mrs Mary Burnham
February 1, 1880

Page 1 of letter from David Pendleton Oakerhater to Mrs. Mary Burnham dated 1 February 1880

Paris Hill
Feb 1, 1880

My Dear House Mother1

This is the
Sabbath day very Storm and
Snow blow Half past ten o'clock
I go to church I saw few people
in the Church Mr. Wicks preach
to people and we had a Good
Church all people eat lord supper
and also I have lord supper
after dinner Mr Wicks gone way down to Bridgewater

My dear
House Mother I Suppose you have
been sitting and good thinking and
good write to Indian boys
Mr Wicks come up stairs in my
School room Sit in chair reading

Page 2 of letter from DPO to Mrs. Mary Burnham dated 1 February 1880

Your letter I listen and
I think very good letter,
and Some day I am glad get
a letter from Mrs Gibbs She
Said want visit here Paris Hill
My dear House Mother very much
wish me more Stay
School one year Perhaps Two
years I would Stay school more
learn try hard read bible
this time I have been fixing
my Soldiers coat and I want
Some buttons for it I would
liked to know how much
15 large buttons like those
on my coat and 10 small
ones would cost

Yesterday in the evening Miss
Emma come back home
I am glad to See Miss Emma
She said very glad to see me
My dear House Mother you know my
soldiers coat I fixing Perhaps

Page 3 of letter from David Pendleton Oakerhater to Mrs. Mary Burnham dated 1 February 1880

all done I send My young
Brother way down to Indian
Territory I must Say Good Evening

your dear

David Pendleton

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