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Letter from David Pendleton Oakerhater to an Episcopal Bishop
January 31, 1882

Page 1 of letter from DPO to Bishop dated 13  January 1882

Cheyenne and Arapahoe
Agency Darlington I Territory
Jan 13th, 1882

Dear Bishop,

Almost a five months
has passed since your good
letter came to me My Dear
Bishop so neatly written
and full of kind good feeling
I was very glad to received
it and to hear from you
and thank to you very
much. I have been so busy
since my return that I have
had no time to write only
my thoughts have been
much with you all the
time I hope you will often
think of the poor red
people and prayers great
deal. Our dear Mr Wicks
and myself are very well

Page 2 of letter from David Pendleton Oakerhater to Bishop dated 13 January 1882

Page 2

I know god likes to hear
little children pray to him
for it was of these the
Savior said, of such is the
Kingdom of heaven and
very often visit the sick
almost every day. I tell about
my heathen people
I will tell about that he is the son
of God. Some old mens
to me he say how you know this is the Son
of God in heaven. I study
I find this Bible Say So.
How you know for got
good hearts but I say
that Holy Bible Said repent
Believe and obey. What it means repent he say but
I say I repent believe and
obey because I am Baptized and Confirmed and eat Lord

Page 3 of letter from David Pendleton Oakerhater to Bishop dated 13 January 1882

Page 3

Supper. again I say to them
I am an Indian. but my eyes
have been opened to see
the light I love and go to
the Holy house on the Holy
day. I love to hear the Holy
Book. The Great Spirit words.
I have been washed in the
water. I have eaten the Bread
and drunk the wine of the
Holy fellowship I love all
the ways of the Great Spirits
laws. I do not know much
yet but I will go on to
know. Perhaps I will grow up in
his knowledge as the tall
tree grows up, and up, and up.
the white mens who have
come to teach us are wise.
The sacred men work with
their own hands as well as
learn and teach from Book

Page 4 of letter from DPO to Bishop dated 13 January 1882

Page 4

So they are strong and wise
and excellent that the
Indian people all very
much surprised to hear me
they think that very good
History of Jesus and God
that is all I say to you
and hope you will please
write to me please give my kind regard to all your
loving family

Good bye
Dear Bishop from your loving boy and friend


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