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Biological Sciences
Annotated Checklist of the Isopoda (Subphylum Crustacea: Class Malacostraca) of Arkansas and Oklahoma, with Emphasis Upon Subterranean Habitats
G. O. Graening, Michael E. Slay, Danté B. Fenolio and Henry W. Robison; 87 (2007); pp. 1-14
Dynamics of an Old-Growth Hardwood-Pinus Forest Over 98 Years
Ronald E. Masters, Scott D. Kreiter and Mark S. Gregory; 87 (2007); pp. 15-29
Lack of Population Genetic Structure in the Bat Fly (Trichobius major) in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas based on DNA Sequence Data for the Cytochrome Oxidase I (COI) and NADH Dehydrogenase 4 (ND4) Genes
Gregory M. Wilson, Kendra S. Byrd, William Caire, and Ronald A. Van Den Bussche; 87 (2007); pp. 31-36
Soil Water Signature of the 2005-2006 Drought Under Tallgrass Prairie at Fort Reno, Oklahoma
Jurgen D. Garbrecht, Jeanne M. Schneider and Glenn. O. Brown; 87 (2007); pp. 37-44
Spatial and Seasonal Variability in the Water Quality Characteristics of an Ephemeral Wetland
Chad J. Boeckman and Joseph R. Bidwell; 87 (2007); pp. 45-54
Diurnal Habitat Selection and Home-Range Size of Female Black Bears in the Ouachita Mountains of Oklahoma
Sara Bales Lyda, Eric C. Hellgren and David M. Leslie, Jr.; 87 (2007); pp. 55-64
First Report of the Nematode, Physaloptera squamatae (Spirurida: Physalopteridae) in Oklahoma, With a Summary of Hosts
Chris T. McAllister and Charles R. Bursey; 87 (2007); pp. 65-67
Monitoring of Total Coliform and Escherichia coli Levels in a Second Order Stream in West-Central Oklahoma
Steven W. O’Neal and David N. Hollrah; 87 (2007); pp. 69-75
Ecological Investigation of the Invasive White Perch in Kaw Lake, Oklahoma
Kurt E. Kuklinski; 87 (2007); pp. 77-84
Effects of Vegetation Structure on Foliage Dwelling Spider Assemblages in Native and Non-native Oklahoma Grassland Habitats
Brandon McDonald; 87 (2007); pp. 85-88
The Role of Habitat Type and Nutrient Quality on Invertebrate Dispersal and Diversity
Rüdiger Riesch, Jonathan Clifton, Jenna Fisher, Alexandra Forney, Emily Geurin, Amber Kuzmic, Dane Morris, Matthew Riley, Casey Shelley, Eellan Sivanesan, Taylor Sprague, Gina Washington, David Williams, Meimey Wong, and Daniel Spooner; 87 (2007); pp. 89-94
Mathematics and Computer Science
WHEELNET: A Hybrid Ring/Star Architecture For Local Area Networks
Debby Tice and Art Kazmierczak; 87 (2007); pp. 95-101
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Biological Sciences
A New Record of the Southern Flying Squirrel (Glaucomys volans) in Southern Oklahoma
Brandon K. McDonald, J. Alan Sparks and Michael S. Husak; 87 (2007); pp. 103-105
New Records of the Badger (Taxidea taxus) in Southeastern Oklahoma
Renn Tumlison and Robert Bastarache; 87 (2007); pp. 107-109
ABSTRACTS of papers presented at the 2007 Technical Meeting
87 (2007); pp. 111-116
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Officers and Section Chairs — 2007
87 (2007); p. 117
Financial Statements — 2006
87 (2007); pp. 118-121
Membership Application Form
87 (2007); p. 122
Editorial Policies and Practices
87 (2007); p. 123
Brief Instructions for Authors
87 (2007); pp. 124-129