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Volume 81—2001

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From the Editor . . .

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This volume is the first to be completed with me serving as the Academy's editor. I arrived to find the journal in fine shape because of the excellent work done by two individuals: Tom Warren, my predecessor, and Ron Tyrl, copy editor. Both have been a tremendous help during this transition period, and I have learned a great deal from them both. Ron will be stepping down as copy editor with the completion of this volume. I have not yet decided whether to replace him or take on the duties of copy editor myself.

You will notice that Volume 81 is a bit thinner than recent volumes. Only nine reports and notes are in this issue. This is disappointing in a way, but at the same time it has made it easier for me as I ease into the position of editor. The journal continues to contain abstracts of papers presented at the Academy's technical meeting, and this year also includes abstracts of papers given at a joint meeting of the Oklahoma Native Plant Society, the Oklahoma Section of the Society for Range Management, the Oklahoma Chapter of The Wildlife Society, and the Oklahoma Ornithological Society, titled The Changing Ecology of Oklahoma. Is your society holding a technical meeting and needing a place to publish the abstracts? If the information presented is of interest to the scientists and citizens of Oklahoma, please consider the Proceedings as a way to disseminate it.

In this volume, we also recognize three individuals, Bruce A. Smith, an outstanding educator, who is this year's recipient of The Jimmie Pigg Memorial Award for Outstanding Science Teaching; Edward N. Nelson, who retired last year after 11 years of outstanding service as the Academy's Executive-Secretary Treasurer; and Jerry M. Merz, the Academy's webmaster, who has pushed and pulled our organization into the electronic century.

This volume has a computer science paper. Perusing the last five volumes, I noted that we have had no other papers in this field nor any in mathematics. I welcome additional manuscripts in these disciplines as well as the other areas in which we publish few papers: geology, social sciences, science education, engineering science, biochemistry and biophysics, and microscopy. Please consider the Proceedings when looking for a place to publish.

Finally, I will always be looking for ways to improve the quality and content of the journal. Have an idea or suggestion? Please pass them on to me.