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Volume 80—2000

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Thomas L. Warren

Department of English, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma 74078

New Editor

As many of you already know, this volume of the Proceedings is the last that I will edit. The Academy's Executive Council has appointed Dr. Clark Ovrebo, of the University of Central Oklahoma, as your new editor. I congratulate him on this appointment and wish him well. Please send all materials for future volumes to him at—

Dr. Clark Ovrebo
Department of Biology
University of Central Oklahoma
100 North University Drive
Edmond, OK 73034
telephone: 405-974-5783
fax: 405-974-3824

Changes During the Past Four Years During my term, we streamlined each volume of POAS by providing a briefer version of the "Instructions for Authors" that contains the essentials that you need to know in order to submit manuscripts. Dr. Robert Freeman and I then produced a booklet that contains the full version of the "Instructions." This new booklet is available for authors who have had their papers accepted by POAS (contact Clark to obtain a copy). Soon, the booklet will be available on the OAS web site (

Two other innovations appear in this volume. We have two papers from the Junior Academy and we have a "Letter to the Editor." I hope that pre-college students seeing these papers will be encouraged to submit the results of their research as well. It is important to note that these two papers were refereed using the same procedures and referees from the same database of reviewers that I used for the other papers appearing in the volume. I also hope that readers will respond to Reports and Notes by writing letters (see the "Instructions" for details about submitting "Letters to the Editor").

In another, significant change for POAS, it is now possible to search the contents of back issues electronically. When the staff of OSU's Edmon Low Library proposed making the contents of POAS available on the web, the Academy's Council immediately accepted. This project means that more people will have access to the science that the Academy's members produce. It also means that you can now easily find the specific information that you need for your own research or teaching. I am pleased to report that the entire contents of volumes 66-79 (1986-1999) are available on line. The Table of Contents for volumes 1-65 (1910-1985) are now being digitized and made available. Eventually their papers will be available as well. POAS can be found at or via a link from the OAS web site.

Improving the Quality of the Writing

I believe that the writing style of the articles in POAS has improved substantially during my term as editor, mainly because of the work that Carrie McDowell did as our author's editor. Having her edit the manuscripts for style meant that the authors had help in achieving clear communications, and that helped us fulfill our main obligation as editors: To make you, the authors, look good and help you, the readers, more easily understand the material.

And Finally . . .

I have enjoyed my term as editor, and thank all the authors and reviewers for helping me with the job. I especially appreciate the help and support given me by the Council and its Executive Secretary-Treasurer Ed Nelson. If it had not been for the work of previous editors, none of this excellence would have been possible.

I want to close with special thanks to . . .

the late Dr. Otis Dermer, for his work as Copy Editor;

Dr. Ron Tyrl for stepping in to help as the Copy Editor;

Dr. Robert Freeman for his excellent work as POAS's Production Editor for many years;

Suzanne Spears for taking over as POAS's Production Editor; and

Carrie McDowell for all her excellent work as the journal's author's editor.