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Volume 771997

{Page 141}

Oklahoma Academy of Science
Officers   1997

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Constance E.S. Taylor
Ronald J. Tyrl
Editor, Proceedings
Thomas L. Warren
Immediate Past President
Jack D. Tyler
Executive Secretary-Treasurer
Edward N. Nelson
Recording Secretary
Charles M. Mather


Section Chairman Vice-Chairman
A Biological Sciences Clark L. Overebo Michael Bay
B Geology John P. Hogan Leroy Hemish
C Physical Sciences James S. Meyer Dwight Meyers
D Social Sciences Lois E. Albert Don Wyckoff
E Science Education Patrick A. Lennon Danita Hundley
F Geography Rebecca W. Scott vacant
G Fish & Wildlife Conservation Bryon K. Clark vacant
H Microbiology Jeff A Hadwiger Riaz Ahmad
I Engineering Sciences Sarah L. Kimball vacant
J Biochemistry & Biophysics James B. Blair Robert Steinberg
K Microscopy Wanda L. Edwards Phoebe Doss
L Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics Scott P. Randby Karla Oty
M Environmental Sciences and Planning Charles L. Lieder John R. Ritter
N Biomedical Sciences George M. Brenner John Dmytryk


Collegiate Academy of Science Director Nicholas J. Cheper
Junior Academy of Science Director Joe D. Ferguson
OAS Technical Meeting, Fall, '97 Coordinator Larry K. McGrath

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