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David Wayne Lollis

David and Sue Lollis at award presentation

David Lollis received a 1994 award from the Oklahoma Academy of Science in recognition of his service to the public schools and education community of Oklahoma. He retired from public school science education in 1993 and is now a Century 21 Real Estate Associate in Norman, OK.

David was born 28 July 1939 in Weleetka, OK. The University of Central Oklahoma awarded him a B.S. in biology/education (chemistry/physics) in 1962. His M.S. and Ph.D., both in zoology, were awarded by the University of Oklahoma in 1967 and 1971. The M.S. thesis was on "The Life History of the Thread-legged Bug Emesaya B. brevipennis (Hemiptera, Reduvioidea, Poliariide)." His dissertation was entitled "The Auditory (ultrasonic) Reception and Behavior of Two Stored Products Pests: The Almond Moth, Cadra cautells, and the Indian Meal Moth, Plodia interpunctella, (Lepidoptera, Pyralididae)."

On 12 August 1960 he married Sue E. Brown and they have two children: Blake David, born 24 December 1962, and Brent Darryl, born 28 April 1965. There are four grandchildren: Kate, 16; Beth, 14; Brian, 4; and Bridget, 2. Sue has taught English and humanities at Rose State College.

David's teaching career included: instructor of physical and biological science, Jackson Junior High School, Oklahoma City, 1962-67; instructor, Department of Zoology, University of Oklahoma, 1971; instructor of science, Star-Spencer High School, Oklahoma City, 1971-72; supervisor of introductory laboratories, Department of Zoology, University of Oklahoma, 1972-74; assistant professor of biology, Oklahoma Baptist University, Shawnee, 1976-79; and instructor of science, Midwest City High School, Midwest City, 1979-93. His education involvement continues as a science education consultant. He retired in 1993 after 21 years' public school service.

He was given a Teacher's Teacher award in 1985 and received the Oklahoma Medal for Excellence in Teaching in 1991. David emphasized the "basics" in the classroom. The keys to his method are 1) hard work and 2) genuine concern for students (showing students that you care for them as individuals). His love of science is contagious and he admits to "taking parts of every teacher that he had – even non-science teachers – and putting them together" in his own style.

He has published four papers; the first was in POAS 43, 88-90 (1963). His recorded service to the Oklahoma Academy of Science was Science section chairperson 1988 (co), 1992, and 1994. He was cochairperson-elect in 1987. For the period, 1978-91 he was vice director of the Oklahoma Junior Academy of Science. David was often called upon for organizing field trips (local, national, and one in Germany). He directed five OAS Fall Field Trips.

David's memberships include: Oklahoma Academy of Science, National Science Teachers' Association, Sigma Xi, Phi Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, National Association of Realtors, Oklahoma Association of Realtors, and Norman Board of Realtors.

Outside interests include: construction of their home (a five-acre botanist's equivalent to Noah's Ark – two of each), marine ecology, foreign travel, public health, hiking, fishing, leadership, photography, school reform, and development of arboreta.